Bernies Insiders Magazine (12/24/2001)

Here is the table of contents for the Bernies Insiders Magazine published on 12/17/01.

The fourth issue of Bernie's Insiders magazine was published on December 24, 2001. The Browns loss to Jacksonville was behind us on the calendar, but fresh in our memories as Bernie Kosar and Eddie Johnson both wrote about the angry fan reaction to a blown call which cost the Browns the game - as well as a possible shot at the playoffs.

Jeff Schudel covered the Browns loss to the Packers and David Carducci provided a profile of Quincy Morgan who was to emerge as key weapon in 2002. Reggie Langhorne contributed with his thoughts on the importance of off-season conditioning. 

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Author Article
  Cover: Kevin Johnson
Bernie Kosar My Thoughts on the Jacksonville Game
Jeff Schudel Cover Story
He's a Keeper
Strong Chemistry Between Couch and KJ
KJ Highlights
Chuck Murr Where are They Now? Brian Brennan
Reggie Langhorne Current Browns WRs Need a Lot of Work
  Poster: 1,000 Yard Receiving Club
Lane Adkins What We've Been Told
Dave Carducci Current Clips
Bottlegate Results in Near Riot
Full Beer Bottles are Dangerous
Dave Carducci Game Recap
Favre Leaves Browns Out in Cold
White Romps in Snow
Jackson's Season Over
Couch's Stats Take Nosedive
Frank Derry Warfield Ranks as All-Time Best
Dave Carducci Player Profile: Quincy Morgan
Jeff Schudel Game Preview: Browns vs. Steelers
  Scores and Schedules
Eddie Johnson No Comparison to Final Game in '95


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