Tuesday Mini-Camp Notes

David Carducci provides a look at various events at camp today, which focuses on lineup changes. Dave also talks to Kevin Bentley and brings us a note on intriguing offensive lineman Qasim Mitchell.

LINEUP UPDATES: Rookie center Jeff Faine worked with the first team offensive line.

"He is a smart kid," said Holcomb. "He already knows what is going on. That kid really brings something to us."

After starting the day working with the first unit, Faine wound up playing with the second and third units as well. "I don't know what I did to upset the coaches", the Browns first draft choice laughed, "Seriously, it's good for me. I can use all the extra work."

Last year's starters, Ross Verba (left tackle), Barry Stokes (left guard), Shaun O'Hara (right guard) and Ryan Tucker (right tackle) made up the rest of the No. 1 unit.      

The new-look linebacking corps included a first-team of Ben Taylor at weakside linebacker, Barry Gardner in the middle and Kevin Bentley on the strongside.

Bentley played only weakside as a rookie last season.

"Really, my duties haven't changed much," said Bentley. "I'm lining up on the tight-end side, but really they still call me a weakside linebacker.

"This group is young, but people shouldn't judge us until they've seen us play. We have a lot of speed, we fly to the ball, and we are all athletic."

With the defense's focus on speed, Bentley shed 15 pounds during the off-season.

"They want guys who can run around and make plays," said Bentley. "I wanted to lose some weight so I could move better."

Anthony Henry replaced the departed Corey Fuller, joining Daylon McCutcheon on the corner with the first team. Robert Griffith and Earl Little returned as the No. 1 safeties.

QASIM WATCH: Qasim Mitchell did a nice job at right guard. He showed great feet for a 380-pounder, pulling on a sweep by rookie running back Randy Bell in the morning, drawing shouts of praise from coach Butch Davis.

SIGNINGS: The Browns announced the signing of Aaron Shea to a three-year contract and Shaun O'Hara to a one-year deal. Shea said the Browns have said they will try to use him as a tight end after using him as a combination H-back-tight end in parts of the last two seasons.

HIGHLIGHT OF THE DAY: Kelly Holcomb lofted a perfectly-placed 40-yard bomb to Quincy Morgan late in the morning practice. Morgan was tightly covered by defensive backs Jason Moore and Raymond Walls as he sprinted down the left sideline for the end zone. He caught the ball in stride as it sailed just out of the reach of both defenders.

NUMBER CHANGES: Jamel White has gone back to wearing the number 23 on his uniform. He had switched from 30 to 23 during the preseason two years ago in memory of Errict Rhett after he was released. White then switched back to 30 when Devin Bush was signed as a free agent, allowing Bush the veteran safety to take his preferred number.

Alvin McKinley has switched from No. 70 to 97.

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