Flynn, McCoy Could Finally Become Teammates

The collegiate paths of Colt McCoy and Matt Flynn nearly crossed at LSU years ago. Heading toward the 2012 season, McCoy and Flynn could be headed toward meeting at the Browns QB position.

In Les Miles' first season as coach of the LSU Tigers, he knew he needed to land the big-time recruits. Ryan Perriloux was coming off one of Louisiana's best high school careers in history. At Reserve (La.) East St. John High School, Perriloux collected 12,705 yards — 9,024 passing; 3,680 rushing.

In 2005, he was considered the top prospect at that position along with Mark Sanchez.

Miles knew he had to get Perriloux to sign with LSU. He couldn't have the state's best high school quarterback go to a school outside of LSU.

But Miles had a problem. He was also recruiting Colt McCoy, out of Tuscola (Texas) Jim Ned High School.

"Perriloux committed to Texas and Les knew McCoy when Les was at Oklahoma State," said Randy Rosetta, who covers LSU for's Tiger Sports Digest. "From all indications and every thing we heard, Colt was coming to LSU. But Miles knew it would look bad if he did not land the best quarterback recruit from his own state."

Miles went after Perriloux and got him to commit to LSU. That caused McCoy to choose Texas.

In the end, it worked out for both programs, especially for LSU, which won a national title with Flynn.

"Les, who is a die-hard Browns fan from Elyria, loves Matt Flynn," Rosetta said. "Those two will always be connected for what they did together."

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