Q and A with Kalvin Pearson

Cleveland Browns CB Kalvin Pearson has been a major part of the Frankfurt Galaxy's defensive success in NFL Europe. As the Galaxy prepare to face off against the Rhein Fire in the 2003 World Bowl, our man in Scotland, George Pate, got a few minutes with Pearson to discuss the upcoming game and his time in Europe.

Kalvin Pearson , a cornerback out of Grambling was allocated by the Browns to Frankfurt Galaxy in NFLE. In the regular season he had four starts at cornerback while fighting injury, he has 37 tackles (4th on the team), 1 sack, 5 passes defended and 4 special teams tackles.

Q: How did you decide to come over to NFL Europe?
KP: Mostly it was down to the coaches at the Browns, they felt I needed to polish my skills to be able to get the job done in the NFL

Q: Did you get a chance to speak to any ex-NFL Europe players before coming across?
KP: I spoke to a couple of guys, mainly Mark Word who was across here as a Rams allocate in 2001. He had a great NFLE season with the Rhein Fire, he said that he had enjoyed it  a lot and it had been a big help when he went back to the NFL.

Q: How have you enjoyed your time in Europe?
KP: I certainly have, Germany is a lovely country and I have been with a great bunch of guys.

Q: What parts of your game has improved in Europe?
KP: Well I feel my technique has got  a lot better, I can read the 3 step drop a lot faster and read the offensive scheme better.

Q: Have you had any feedback from the Browns?
KP: I had to go back for a check up and they said I've just to finish the season strong and keep doing what I'm doing.

Q: Where do you see as your role  with the Browns next season?
KP: I see myself having a big impact on special teams and coming on as a nickel and dime player.

Q: What are the strengths of your game?
KP: Speed and strength

Q: You played safety at college and are now playing corner, which is your favorite position?
KP: I prefer corner because it's more of a challenge.  At safety you can sometimes take a play off, but at corner it's a challenge every play.

Q: Have you played in any other Bowl games?
KP: At Grambling I played in two SWACC championship teams

Q: What are the strengths of the Rhein Fire offense that you are playing against on Saturday?
KP: They have a great running back in Autry Denson who has NFL experience with the Dolphins, Bears and Colts and he is running behind a great offensive line. They also have a good receiving corps but they don't use them a lot.  So the running game is their strength, but the receivers will hurt us if we don't close them down.

Q: What changes did the Galaxy defense make to stop Rhein Fire in the second regular season game?
KP: Basically we stuck to our game plan. The first time we played them, we had too many missed assignments and missed opportunities. In the second game we cut out those mental errors. We have been practising hard this week to eliminate the mental errors for the World Bowl.

Q:  Did you get a chance to catch up with fellow Brown's allocates Chad Mustard and Jay Taylor after the regular season games?
KP: We had a chance to chat after each of the games, they're both great guys and we have a good relationship back at the Browns. I wish the best for them when they play on Saturday and hope they wish the same for me.

Q:  Who are the favorites for the World Bowl?
KP: I wouldn't want to say, after all we tied the regular season 1-1, but whoever wins, it's guaranteed to be a great game.

Q: I understand you have a famous cousin who played for the Browns?
KP: Antonio Langham, who was drafted by the Browns in the first round of the 1994 draft, is my cousin. He's retired now and running a real estate business in Alabama.

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