What We've Been Told: Free Agency

Maybe the days of Phil Savage spending money as if he were playing Monopoly has passed this organization, but free agency is right around the corner and the Browns could use a few solid player signings.

With free agency a few days away and the Browns in need of talent and depth, names will surface as the speculation swirls.

So, let's cut to the chase.

- The Browns are not going to be players in the Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne free agency tour. Yes, the Browns could certainly use the talents of a Manning and Wayne, but the Browns organization appears ready to sit curb-side.

- Now, the Browns appear to be on the verge of looking into QB Matt Flynn of the Packers, as soon as the first day of free agency. The Browns are more than willing to get into discussions with a FA QB, but the belief is the organization is not going to break the bank on a QB, from the list of available free agent players available.

- With Peyton Manning being available, we've been told no less than ten-teams have inquired in varying degrees of interest. Interestingly and as speculated throughout the early off-season, the Arizona Cardinals have made an immediate push toward Manning. While the Miami Dolphins appear to be the front-runner to gain the services of the future Hall of Fame QB, teams such as the Cardinals, Jets, Seahawks, Redskins and 49ers may be enticing to the veteran signal-caller.

- And yes, if Manning were to land in Arizona, the Browns would have interest in QB Kevin Kolb of the Cardinals.

- RB Peyton Hillis appears a lock to gain free agency status on March 13th. At the time of this writing the Browns and Hillis do not have anything substantial in place, though parameters are thought to be known.

- As the Browns work through the Hillis situation, the available players at the position do not intrigue the Browns. Michael Bush and BenJarvis Green-Ellis are a couple RB's that could get a call from the Browns, if the Hillis talks show no promise.

- While the Browns would like to land a prominent talent at the WR position in free agency, they may be left at the altar. Unless the Browns offer a significant deal to a Marques Colston, the Browns may be looking at the third level type WR's, such as Robert Meachem, Pierre Garcon or Danny Amendola. The Browns will not be pursuing Vincent Jackson and Mike Wallace.

- There has been speculation the Browns were likely to be a match with TE John Carlson of the Seattle Seahawks. Carlson, an effective TE in the WCO was in Seattle during the end of the Mike Holmgren era and is expected to depart the far West. The Browns have plenty of TE's on the present roster, but we've have been told a couple moves could be in the offing at the position.

- We've been told the Browns, who happen to need a right tackle may sniff around Cincinnati offensive tackle Anthony Collins.

- With the uncertainty surrounding the health and return of OG Eric Steinbach (this column has been told he is in great shape following back surgery); there has been some quiet rumblings the Browns may take a look at Philadelphia Eagles OG Evan Mathis.

- There has been a buzz within the past ten days or so that the Browns may look at a defensive back or starting caliber cornerback. With Joe Haden at one CB and Sheldon Brown starting opposite, the timing is somewhat puzzling, unless the Browns may look to move Brown to safety, which has been speculated about for the past two years.

Until a starting caliber CB is added, the speculation will continue.

Just to add, the Browns really like LSU CB Morris Claiborne.

Until next time.


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