Mock Draft Muncher: 2012 Edition

Now munching two rounds! Get the consensus view of all the mock drafts with the new and improved Mock Draft Muncher for 2012. Two rounds! iPad-compatible graphics! Advanced technology for strange purposes!

Curious as to what NFL mock drafts are saying, but don't have time to surf all over the internet for them? 

We're here to help. With the Mock Draft Muncher, we store versions of most of the major mock drafts in a database, crunch them all together, and tell you about the related consensus and trends. We purify mock drafts down to the very essence of insight.

And then we give that to you. All in one spot, all for free.

Using the Mock Draft Muncher, you can see who draft experts are predicting your team will take at each position, which players are rising or falling, and what the trends are at each position in the draft. 

New in the 2012 edition: 
-- Now evaluates two rounds rather than one
-- iPad and iPhone compatible charts and graphs. 
-- Improved draft simulation (fewer players sliding down the draft)
-- Recoded from top to bottom for greater speed

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