Rumors, Tidbits and More Rumors

We like rumors. We like tidbits. We like more rumors and there are plenty with the NFL Draft two weeks away.

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, below are the latest rumors as told to Lane Adkins and staff of theOBR.

Brandon Weeden

Enough of the speculation, theOBR has learned the Browns have legitimate interest in QB Brandon Weeden.

Granted an opportunity to gain some true perception about the quarterback and the thoughts of the Browns provide a great sense as to what the thought process us.

Weeden is said to easily make all the throws, has exceptional pocket presence and his maturity level isn't rivaled in this draft.

He is looked at as a player that can come in immediately and compete and would not come as a surprise to get on the playing field early.

Now, the Browns are not looking at Weeden with the No. 4 pick, but there is a growing sentiment a couple teams are looking at Weeden in the lower end of the first round to early second round.

More on Weeden

In noting some within the Browns organization have gushed over QB Ryan Tannehill, it's time to discuss a quarterback that the organization simply believes is going to be a player, that player is Weeden.

General manager Tom Heckert oozes of excitement when Weeden's name comes up. Heckert has watched every throw Weeden has made at the collegiate level, as has his staff and head coach Pat Shurmur, offensive coordinator Brad Childress and quarterback coach Mark Whipple.

Weeden passes the Browns' test with overwhelming success.

Team president Mike Holmgren says his arm strength, attitude and his natural 'gets it' factor reminds him of a quarterback he once coached.

The deeper we get in this quarterback situation, the more I am of the belief Weeden is going to be targeted by the Browns.

Weeden vs. Tannehill

An AFC personnel executive tells theOBR the belief in many team circles is the Browns will either select Ryan Tannehill with the fourth selection or Brandon Weeden in a trade-up, back into the first round.

The belief is the Browns are selecting a wide receiver or right tackle at No. 22.


Where there is smoke, there is fire.

The Ryan Tannehill-to-Cleveland talk continues to be solid and comes from numerous high profile guys in the know around the game.

We have been provided information that Holmgren gushes over the young man and Heckert, Childress and Whipple are excited and intrigued by the young man.

I sense the Browns' two-plus day visit with Tannehill scheduled for late Saturday into Monday will ultimately be the turning point as to whether the Browns lock-in on the quarterback, or decide on RB Trent Richardson.

Running Back

The Browns like Richardson the player, the Browns are not fond of the running back position with the No. 4 selection in the draft.

The Browns continue to evaluate and weigh the options, with the draft being less than three weeks away.

The organization has basically determined they cannot fill every hole at once, but do acknowledge the necessity to improve the talent at the running back, wide receiver, offensive tackle and quarterback spots.

Wide Receivers

While not visiting with the Browns, the organization has looked at wide receivers' Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma and LaVon Brazill of Ohio University at length.


The visit WR Justin Blackmon of Oklahoma State had with the Browns went well. The team and the player discussed different offensive roles, responsibilities, etc.

The wide receiver has been told he is under consideration at No. 4.

Draft Day Agenda

An NFL team executive theOBR discusses with often has his view on the Browns' early draft agenda.

From what the executive has heard, the Browns have quietly sought angles to move slightly down from No. 4 and to move up from number No. 22 and potentially No. 37.

The executive informs theOBR the Browns have not excluded Tannehill from early consideration and have expressed some strong desire in Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd and Miami RB Lamar Miller.

The executive notes to theOBR, that if the Browns hold at No. 4, Richardson appears to be the selection, but there is plenty of discussion regarding the pick.

More Draft Day Agenda

As theOBR noted, there is some heavy speculation brewing that the Browns are looking to strike it rich in the first round of the draft.

To further what we have heard, beside the Browns keeping the fourth selection and dealing back into the early portion of the first round, the Browns could be posturing to move further.

In dealing back into the early first round, the Browns would likely relinquish the Nos. 22 and 37 and another selection.

TheOBR has learned the Browns have had discussions about jumping back into the early second round, using multiple selections from the 2012 draft and potentially the 2013 draft.

With two weeks until the draft, teams appear to be engaging quicker with increased seriousness as ever before.

Will the Browns be successful? It's all up in the air, but the chatter is out there.

Offensive Draft

TheOBR has learned the Browns could easily unitize their first four selections on the offensive side of the ball.

Potential starting right tackle candidates in the draft are tightly grouped into the early third round, thus leading theOBR of the impression the Browns do not believe OT Matt Kalil is a necessity, if on the board.

The Browns are conducting visits in a methodical mode in viewing the top-end of each realistic draft necessity the team currently has.

TheOBR has been told the Browns have yet to determine which player they intend on selecting, if the draft plays out as they anticipate, which theOBR has been told appears to the Browns as: Luck, Griffin III, Kalil  and "...."


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