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Being a Browns fan doesn't come easy, but today is the first day of the 2012 NFL Draft. Rumors run wild, fans discuss at length who the organization should select and the debate grows louder with each passing hour.

Imagine the Browns are 0-0 and have a chance to make some positive noise off the gridiron.

Draft after draft, the Browns appear poised to make moves to enhance the roster with difference-making talent, only to watch the organization head in yet another direction.

Consistency and continuity haven't been the strength of this organization since returning to the field in 1999. Poor draft selections and a lack of patience have left the once proud organization seeking anything positive to keep a rabid fan-base believing this year, next year, some year the possible time to rejoice.

In the NFL, teams have retooled the team and have surpassed the Browns, fell to the bottom rungs of the league and again surpassed the Browns.

You don't have to look any further than in Cincinnati, Ohio to get the message.

But, today is a new day, a new season of hope and just another reason to believe this time the Browns can get it right.

Get it right they may……………..

Now with points of reference have been laid out about the poor development of the team, we'll get onto what is important heading into the draft:

What we know and believe starts now…………

- The Browns will not select QB Ryan Tannehill with the fourth selection in the draft. It is unlikely the Browns will select CB Morris Claiborne and OT Matt Kalil should be off the board.

- Now, this is where it gets good. Despite general manager stating in his pre-draft press conference the team felt they would get one of their top-two rated players in the draft and there are no ties regarding the talent ranking. Well, as all that sounds great and promising, the Browns just may not have solidly determined their ultimate selection. As of Wednesday afternoon the Browns are believed to not be 100% behind any specific selection, including trading the pick. They are believed to be very close, just a hop, skip and a jump from being all in.

- WR Justin Blackmon is a stronger candidate than most believe according to mock draft and reports. The Browns always come back to Blackmon's ability to beat defenders and his YAC potential.

- RB Trent Richardson is not a slam dunk at number-four, as the vast majority within the media, local and national believes.

- A thought which passed through the decision makers in the Browns front office was taking an offer similar to the 2011 draft day trade with the Atlanta Falcons or sit tight and select a potential difference-maker at number-four. While not cast in stone, the belief is the Browns are going for the difference-maker, unless they are simply blown away with an offer………which has not been presented as of the time of this writing.

- The Browns sought to trade up in the draft for Robert Griffin III and were rebuffed. The Browns state they believe QB Colt McCoy deserves the opportunity to show what he can do, with improved talent and coaching surrounding him. The Browns have been tied to QB's Ryan Tannehill and Brandon Weeden in the draft. If the right talent is available at the position, the Browns appear poised to find McCoy's replacement despite the vote of confidence in 2012.

- Many mock drafts have the Browns selecting Weeden with either the 22nd or 37th selection in the draft. We hear the odds of the Browns going after Weeden will be based on the flow of the draft and his selection has not been eliminated.

- Again, we hear the Browns could target the New England Patriots and their 27th selection in the first round as a trade up spot.

If OT Riley Reiff somehow falls to the 22nd pick in the draft, the Browns will be all over the opportunity.

- The Browns have not discounted using the 22nd or 37th selection on a RT, DE, LB or CB.

- The Browns have talked with the Minnesota Vikings, but nothing appears to be in the works.

- At least eight teams have taken CB Janoris Jenkins off their draft boards. The Browns have not from what we have been told.

- The Browns are believed to be one of the teams which believe Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd does not utilize his physical presence enough.

- The Browns had hoped OL Mitchell Schwartz wouldn't be graded as well by teams in the draft, as the Browns have him. Schwartz is considered a 2nd/3rd round grade.

- Alabama CB Dre Kirkpatrick appears to be dropping due to character concerns. Numerous teams have lowered his ranking; the Browns are an unknown at the present time.

- Pass rushing DE Chandler Jones from Syracuse has garnered the interest of no less than 10 teams in the mid-point of the first round on. The Browns are believed to be a team that has sat back with their evaluation of the player, not wanting to show their hand. The Browns could be a player in the middle of the first round.

- We hear the Browns like RB Lamar Miller of Miami.

- The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars have kicked the tires on potential draft day deals to move up in the first round. The Browns have yet to have lengthy discussions with those teams.

- LB Luke Kuechly is rated highly by every 4-3 defensive scheme team in the draft. Kuechly could make his way into the top-ten.

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