DK on the NFL: Pete Prisco's Top 100

It's that time of the year again. It's time to argue.

You already know how this works.  CBS Sports' Pete Prisco annually ranks what he thinks are his top 100 NFL players.

Reader outrage ensues.

Debate follows.

Real and actual tears are shed.

Eating for comfort erupts.  Although that's typical for Pittsburgh fans.

In other words, Prisco strikes mid-May gold with the least amount of words possible.

We can all learn from him.

CBS – Pete Prisco's Top 100 NFL Players

For what it's worth, here's my take. Post yours in the comments below.

1. You can argue with Prisco's specific rankings but not with the fact that NFL excellence is a temporary status. Just look at the changes from last year.

2. Quarterbacks, Receivers and Pass Rushers are important in today's NFL. Just look at top 16 players in Prisco's rankings. Or, just think about why the New York Giants are inexplicably winners of two Super Bowls.

3. Physically exceptional talents are ranked high – and should be ranked even higher. Physically, very few players can match up with Calvin Johnson, Rob Gronkowski and Andre Johnson.

4. Tackles are obviously ranked high (Duane Brown, Joe Thomas, etc.), but so are interior linemen. According to Prisco, there's a reason Carl Nicks recently signed a mega-free agent contract.

5. Safeties are not as important as cornerbacks. With all the recent rule changes (and the ones on the horizon), the position has become de-valued.

6. Running backs are not de-valued – at least if they are really good (Maurice Jones-Drew, Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice).

7. The following players are ranked way too high: Drew Brees, Johnathan Joseph, Geno Atkins, Phillip Rivers, Trent Cole, Jake Long, Brandon Flowers and Brian Urlacher among others.

8. The following are vastly underrated: Rob Gronkowski, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Thomas, Marshall Yanda, Von Miller and A.J. Green.

9. For fans of eternally struggling franchises, Prisco's list at least offers hope. For example, the Browns now have two Top 100 players in Thomas and Joe Haden. A few years ago, the same could be said for the Texans.

10. Give your take. Who's undeserving of their spot? Who's not?

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