Browns Player Quotes

RB Trent Richardson and QB Brandon Weeden discuss getting down to business as rookies in training camp.

Trent Richardson

(On how the first day in pads went) – "It felt good. We were out here in pads, everybody was getting their sea legs back, getting back into the groove of hitting, good thuds up and having good contact. It felt good getting a little contact. Football is a contact sport so if you don't love contact you're in the wrong sport."

(On if contact allows him to really shine and use his power) – "I think I can really do what I do best when I get to bounce off of guys or try to run guys over or break tackles or whatever. It's different when you're not in pads. I think when I get in the full pads it's a whole other me, not to be cocky or anything but that is just confidence in my game and that's just what I've been blessed with."

(On if the team's focus early on will be on him and the running game) – "I think our offense is going in a good direction as far as being more of a balanced team. As far as being focused on the running game, I think we are going to be strong. We have got a good running back corps, we have a good running back coach, we have a good offensive line coach and our offense is prepared for anything. When it comes to being just a running team, I don't think we're just going to be a running team, I think we are going to be a balanced team so we will be ready for whatever."

(On handling the pressure of being the focal point of the team) – "It's only pressure if you make it pressure. I just take one day at a time and try to do everything I can to get better that day and then get ready for the next day. Then as the games come, we will just see what happens. I will make sure I did everything I can to get ready for the game, for the first preseason game that we have going on and then get ready for Philly when we play them."

Brandon Weeden

(On his learning curve and his feel for practice) – "It's getting better every day. I know that sounds cliché, but even the first day back here you are still re-learning it and the speed of the game and getting used to the guys again, but today was really good. We threw the pads on and kind of competed and it was more like a game situation running the four-minute offense and stuff like that so it's getting better, getting a lot better."

(On the intensity of practice turning up with the pads on) – "Yeah, no doubt about it. I think especially for the defensive guys throwing the pads on, thudding up. They were in the locker room hungry to do that so everybody is intense. The offensive line is intense because they can stick their nose in there, the backs are wanting to get hit a little bit so it's definitely a step forward as far as intensity and the level of competition."

(On how he handles moving on when he makes a mistake) – "Playing this position, growing up or whatever lever you're at, we don't like to make them, but at this position you've got to have thick skin and be able to move onto the next play and some guys are better at it than others. I like to say that is one of my strengths is moving onto the next play if something does go wrong. I threw a pick today in 7-on-7. (Eric) Hagg made a great play. It really was the right read, he just made a heck of a play, but what can you do? You move on to the next play, make a big play the next play and show that they happen, but they're not fun."

(On some areas of his game that he has fixed through the first few days of camp) – "I think decision making and timing. I think day one my timing was just a little bit off with the guys. It's just getting back into it. I think after watching the tape and watching how they are route-adjusting and doing certain things, I made some mistake that I usually don't make, but if you watched yesterday's practice and today's practice the balls are getting there on time and they're more accurate and they are where my guys can make a play. I think that just comes from getting used to the guys and getting back on the flow of things and like coach said, not make the same mistake twice. That's when you know something is wrong, you make the same mistake more than once."

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