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Half of the practice was corrections from yesterday and half the practice was specific areas that the head coach wanted to work on in all three phases.

Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur Press Conference 8-17-12

(Opening statement)- "In terms of the game last night I don't have much to add. The guys came in today and we got through the tape. We got to look at it in great detail; offense, defense, special teams. Half of the practice was corrections from yesterday and half the practice was specific areas that we wanted to work on in all three phases. The guys handled it well. As you probably noticed, we got some guys back that hadn't been back in a while and there were a couple of guys who weren't out here that are sore from the game. I don't think there's much of a story there."

(On why Oniel Cousins did not practice today)- "He's sore from the game."

(On what he saw from Brandon Weeden after watching the tape)- "I think it was a combination of things. I talked to our guys, there were a few gimmes in the game or layups so to speak that we didn't take advantage of. The drops, there were a couple of progressions there that I think Brandon could be better with which would have even added to the success of our offensive day. Those are the things that you talk about today and some of the situations were the first time for Brandon, going through it, plays we've been running in practice as they related to a new defense. He'll be better with that the next time, but for the most part he led us on a touchdown drive and did some other things better than he did in the first game. As you work your way through the preseason, training camp and the games, you just want to see steady improvement and I think I saw that from him."

(On how Montario Hardesty responded from his early fumble)- "Individually I think he responded well, he ran very hard. There were some times when there wasn't much daylight and he got us four yards. ‘Okay, there's not much here,' so he kind of sliced it up in there. He had some good hard runs. He seemed like he handled the pounding pretty well. From a team standpoint, it was two bad plays. We got tackled inside the 20 and we came right out and fumbled then they came back and took two shots at the end zone. The first one they overthrew and the second one they completed on so it was kind of a team developed adversity and then beyond that point I think we kind of stopped the bleeding and just started to play football. From a team standpoint, I thought it was good."

(On the defense forcing six turnovers in two games)- "Number one, I think our defensive coaches have done a nice job of emphasizing when the ball is in the air, don't deflect it, pick it. I think they've done a good job with that. We recovered fumbles and there's nothing more devastating than obviously sacking the quarterback or turning the ball over. Those are real big boosts for a team and I think our defense has done an outstanding job of getting turnovers. Regardless of the type of game, preseason or regular season, when that shows up it shows me that the players are working on it."

(On Trevin Wade exiting the game last night on a cart)- "He was out here today. He was sore. He's okay."

(On how Brandon Weeden felt after taking a shot to the chest last night)- "He's alright, he's fine."

(On if that hit on Weeden was a penalty)- "Nah, I don't know. There was a lot of stuff that was going on that may or may not."

(On if he feels like his team is over the hump and if he's looking to the season opener yet)- "I don't feel like we're over the hump. I feel like we've got three work weeks left. I think there's a lot we need to get done. We've got to get a lot better in my opinion to be where we need to be. In terms of the hump, I think the training camp practices will change a little bit, but it's a steady amount of work, more than a hump."

(On where he feels the team improved the most last night)- "To be able to go into a storied football environment and win a game, it's a preseason game I get that, but that's an important thing. That's a great place to play, that's a fun place to play, but I saw a lot of young guys on the sideline that were playing fast and playing hard and enjoying the experience. I think that's important for the team. I saw individual players play a lot of plays and have some success. I think on our offense we had 40 plays in the first half which is great, you want that. Unfortunately, because of that you can't work in four quarterbacks when one takes half the game. I saw some of the young defensive players, there were three very young linebackers that showed up well. JMJ (James-Michael Johnson) showed up well, (Craig) Robertson showed up well, (L.J.) Fort showed up well, Ben Jacobs played well. Then our two young defensive tackles (John) Hughes and (Billy) Winn did a nice job, not to mention all the other guys I thought competed. I don't want to over evaluate that, but the fact that they competed and had fun doing it and had a little bit of success, I think is a good thing."

(On if the bulk of player evaluation done in regards to the roster)- "No, I think it's continual. That goes side by side with working on our schemes, our communication, how we function as a team, all that runs side by side. There are some spots still there to be won or lost in my opinion. Hopefully, we'll get this team to where we have a lot of tough decisions every year, where there's great competition at every spot."

(On how Mitchell Schwartz performed at Green Bay)- "I think he made improvements. We obviously were able to run the ball more and we did it by design, and I thought it helped us. I think he can be a fine run blocker, so that helped him. The pass-rush was a little different scheme than we saw against the Lions. The Lions scheme is somewhat similar to the Eagles, which we'll see here. Andy (Reid) might as well just leave the equipment here after the preseason game, because they'll be back. Leave the truck (joking). The style of defense was a little bit different, so I think he made improvements, but he got to see different things and that was good too."

(On Brad Smelley)- "He's somewhat multiple or can be. He can play on the line of scrimmage, he can play on the backfield. You saw him yesterday line-up at tight end as well as full back. That helps him, if he can be efficient doing it. When you go in there and ask him, I'm sure he's going to tell you that he could have played better. He did have a little bit of production, but again he's a young player that although he played at Alabama and it was big time football in front of big crowds, there is a little bit to get used to here in the NFL. I think he'll be the first one to tell you he's looking forward to getting out there against Philadelphia and improving."

(On if he told the official that Green Bay couldn't challenge after a turnover)- "We had a lot of conversations. In my opinion, they got that one right. That's a hard rule because as a coach you want to respond to something you see. I've been warned a few times. I tend to be a little bit impulsive. I've been warned a few times, don't do it. Listen, I'm not critical of anything another coach does, because I know sometimes how difficult it can be."

(On if the officials were aware of the rule and if he pointed it out to them)- "The officials did a nice job with that."

(On if he was talking about backup roster spots when he said there were still positions to be won or lost)- "When it comes down to just a pure 53 man roster, we have some decisions to be made. I'll kind of keep private what those are, but we've got more players at each position than we can keep. I think that goes without saying. It's one of those Captain Obvious comments, but I think there are some tight little battles in there that we've got to get sorted out in the next three weeks."

(On what has he seen from Brandon Weeden in regards when he is pressured)- "I think he sees the field well. I think he understands what he's looking at. I think the biggest thing for him is getting used to our progressions. We can provide a lot of different looks out here, whatever the route is that we call or whatever the protection scheme. We can provide a lot of looks in practice, but now when they match up against a different style of defense, different coverage, different part on the field where it's either bigger or smaller or condensed, that's where the experience of going through it helps him. I think he's learning and doing a good job."

(On John Hughes' first two preseason games)- "I think he's improving. I think he's having a very good camp. I saw a young guy out there playing hard and kind of enjoying the experience. I think he's getting better. We're seeing the things we saw when we drafted him."

(On if he will dial back play selection against Philadelphia)- "I think it will be more of a lack of scheme thing more than anything. In terms of the guys out there playing, our guys need work. It's the third preseason game so I'll withhold the details of that. We have it pretty much planned out based on who's so sore from this game they can't go on to next game."

Browns Player Quotes (Brandon Weeden) 8-17-12

(On if he had to tell the players to keep their heads up after a rough start in Green Bay)- "No, what I just told the guys was, ‘Hey, lets rebound. Lets go answer.' Obviously Montario (Hardesty) wants it back. Charles Woodson made a heck of a play right there, so I think guys were fine. The good thing is we had 59 minutes left in the game. There was a lot of football game left. Guy's heads weren't between their legs. We were still excited about what was ahead of us. Our sideline wasn't deflated by any means."

(On how he feels after the big hit he took)- "I feel good. I was surprised. I really felt fine after a play or two, I just lost my breath. I tried to call the next play in the huddle and I couldn't even spit out a word. I'd try to imitate it but I'd make a fool out of myself, it was bad. My offensive line was laughing at me. I actually called the wrong direction. I was hurting there for a second, but I feel good today. I feel a 100 percent healthy."

(On knowing that the hit was coming and still delivering the ball like he wants to)- "Jordan (Norwood) ran a great route and got open, so I knew I had a chance stick it on him for a first down. That was my main focus. You have to step into them like that the majority of the time even though he came untouched, he was hauling. He was coming at me pretty hard. That's just part of playing the position. You don't want to put yourself in that position, but every once in a while you're going to have to step into a throw like that and Jordan made a heck of a catch for a big time conversion for us. Like I said, we corrected the mistake, we fixed it today, and we'll move on."

(On if the coach's focus has switched to the season opener)- "No, I think we're still in training camp mode to be honest with you. I think we're still trying to get better at the fundamentals, the basics. Obviously, in the preseason you don't do a ton of game planning for the team you're going to play. You run the plays that you feel like you need to work on. I think I'm just speaking for me what I think, I think the coaches are still focused on getting better each practice on what we do fundamentally. The rest of the preseason will play out and on the 9th we'll open up with Philly. I don't think we're jumping ahead too far. I think we're taking it one step at a time."

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