Browns Post Game Player Quotes

Players within the roster see improvement since week one of the preseason, and believe they will be ready to face the Philadelphia Eagles again on September 9th.

RB Montario Hardesty

(On having a couple fumbles and where to go after this game)-"Just have to keep playing. We didn't play as well as we wanted to on offense. We had turnovers at the end of the first half and I had one of those turnovers. I just have to play better next time."

(On the fumbles)- "Just keep moving and keep going. Last week, I felt like I had a grip on the ball, but today, I couldn't find a grip on the ball. I have to hold onto the ball. I just have to make sure I don't put the ball on the ground."

(On scoring last week against the Green Bay Packers and what happened this evening)-"I feel like that was us tonight. We didn't come out as sharp as we have been. As a team on offense, we have been moving the ball. On the first series, we came out and we moved the ball, but we had a turnover. On the next series, we also had a turnover. So we just shot ourselves in the foot tonight. We just have to get back to doing what we do and get the ball into the end zone."

WR Josh Gordon

(On changes from the first preseason game)- "It's a big difference. I feel more comfortable with the plays and being able to pick out the defensive schemes."

(On working on the chemistry with QB Brandon Weeden)- "I'm trying to go out there and make the plays I can. The fact that we could connect a couple times, does help on the field."

(On first three catches becoming first downs)- "If I can bring that to the team that's fine, whether it's making a catch for one yard or ten yards, it doesn't matter to me. I'm just trying to catch the ball and see if I can make a play afterwards."

LB James-Michael Johnson

(On how the defense can improve)- "Being better on our assignments, being more gap sound, running to the ball, better tackling, and things of that nature. I feel like I can get better on a lot of ends of my game."

QB Colt McCoy

(On the progress he has made during the preseason and where the team is now compared to a year ago) "I feel really comfortable with where I'm at. My mindset is to be ready to go in when I am called upon. It's not about counting your reps; it's about making your reps count. Everyone made some nice plays tonight and I think we will be ready for week one."

(On the scoring drive, and how he led the offense down the field) "It was a pretty long drive, and I was just constantly encouraging the guys up front. The Eagles defensive line is very explosive and made their presence known tonight. I had to use my feet a couple times and get out of the pocket, but I was just glad to get the ball into the end zone."

(On facing the Eagles again in two weeks in week one of the regular season) "They look pretty good. No surprises to what we saw on tape all week. We will have to do some different things to get some better protection, and we will need to run the ball more effectively if we are going to be successful. However, no one is discouraged as we still have two more weeks of preparation and we will be ready. "

QB Brandon Weedon

(On ball security) "Obviously we talked about it after week one of the preseason. The first fumble was a screen play and I tried to get my eyes around, however, the defensive lineman was right on top of me to make the play. I will have to watch for that more carefully, because I didn't have good feel for what was going on during the play. The second turnover was my fault; I have to take care of the football. I understand the importance of ball security, it's a weakness of mine and I have to continue to work on it."

(On the positives of the game) "The Eagles defensive line is very quick and talented, so having good protection is key, so I get the ball down the field so we can have success. I was very accurate with the majority of my passes tonight. I was able to read the Eagles defensive scheme many times, however I wish I could have some of those throws back. Overall, (wide receivers) Mohamed (Massaquoi) and Greg (Little) and I just need to get on the same page."

(On if he is ready for week one, a real NFL game) "I still need time to get comfortable with the speed of the game. I need to better understand when to step up in the pocket and, if I feel pressure, when I step up then to have good ball security and not give in to the defense. I showed some areas tonight in which I need to improve upon, and fortunately, it is still the preseason and I have to do that."

(On Philadelphia's quickness) "The Eagles are very quick team, and that's how they play. It is a part of their game plan and they use it to their advantage. We saw a quick pass rush in Detroit a few weeks ago, so we knew what to expect tonight. We showed some positive improvement tonight as well as many areas of weakness. Our goal is to just be ready by Week One against Philadelphia."

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