our subscribers. Here's what's in the latest issue...."> our subscribers. Here's what's in the latest issue....">

2003 Training Camp Preview is Out!

The new <I>Bernies Insiders Magazine</I> (Issue 9 of Volume 2, for those of you keeping score at home) is in the gentle arms of the US Postal Service or already in the hands of <A HREF="https://secure.theinsiders.com/a.z?s=149&p=6">our subscribers<A>. Here's what's in the latest issue....

The latest Bernies Insiders Magazine takes a look at the Browns as they prepare to open their 2003 Training Camp. The new issue, released July 15th, features the battle at the Quarterback position between Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch.

Here are some highlights from the current issue:

  • Bernie Kosar talks what he feels Tim Couch should do to help the team, offering a bold move he feels Couch should make which would demonstrate that he's a team-oriented leader.
  • Jeff Schudel takes a look at both the offense and defense as the team enters camp. Jeff argues that there are a number of similarities with the Browns team of 1986 that emerged as a Super Bowl contender after losing in the early round of the 1985 playoffs.
  • Frank Derry examines the team's battle at the quarterback position, offering perspectives from both quarterbacks as they enter key phases in both of their careers.
  • Frank also offers his thoughts on less-publicized decisions that the team must make, suggesting that the quarterback selection may be the "least of Davis' concerns"
  • Qasim Mitchell, the intriguing undrafted offensive lineman, is the subject of this month's player profile.
  • Lane Adkins reports on the Browns preparations to sign draft picks, as well as on the development of the youngsters during the rookie camp and quarterback schools.
  • A new column, "dot.Commentary", provides a clear example of why "nude photos", rather than "nerd photos", are generally used to boost subscriptions. The nerd/commentator offers his opinions on why Head Coaches and Defensive Tackles should occasionally be careful what they say.
  • Another newcomer to the magazine, linebacker Robert Jackson, discusses how he learned very quickly as a rookie that it's not wise to criticize an opponent.
  • And lots more!!

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