The Coordinators and Rookies Speak

The coordinators discuss the Baltimore Ravens as well as what the Browns can improve upon. Rookie Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden talk about the start of the season and what they can do better.

Browns Offensive Coordinator Brad Childress Press Conference 9-25-12

(On if he wants to rip the replacement officials)- "I'm not going there."

(On how tough a test it is for the rookies to face the Ravens defense)- "Going on the road is its own dilemma. Tough defense, very hostile environment and I think coach Shurmur puts it the right way when he talks about everybody has seen RV's before, but what do RV's do? They go places and they plug into somebody else's electricity. I think that's what we'll be attempting to do as we head out to Baltimore."

(On what the biggest challenge is getting the running game going)- "Putting yourself in a situation where you feel like you can run the ball and run it for four yards or so per carry. I'm mindful of the fact that we threw the ball a good bit in the second half, but we felt like that was the best way to be able to move the football at that point in time, but just being able to be consistent with it so you can continue to go back to it."

(On if he could point to some things they left on the field that would have gave them a respectable amount of yardage last game)- "I think a couple of those go balls, certainly. Somewhere you've got to hit one of those or otherwise they go in the books as a long foul ball. We've had a couple opportunities up the field and we need to hit a couple of those things because those have a way of taking some people out of where you're playing."

(On the missed go routes)- "I think they need to be in play and they need to give the guy an opportunity to make a play."

(On if the routes were fine in both cases)- "Yeah, they were beat."

(On if he felt they had to pass in the second half against Buffalo because they were loading up the box and daring them to throw)- "I don't know so much to dare, everybody plays their version of an eight-man unit and there's not a defensive coordinator in this league that's going to step up and say, ‘I'll tell you what we're going to do is we're going to let them run it and defend the pass.' Everybody, whether it's the Baltimore Ravens or it's us or the Green Bay Packers - is going to see some version of if you've got six, they've got seven. If you've got seven, they've got an eight man box. If you've got eight, they've got a nine man box. I don't know that they were daring us to pass. That just happens to be the way they were playing and we weren't having great results in the run."

(On what he tells Weeden after he misses a receiver on a deep pass)- "‘Give the guy an opportunity to make a play.' That's what we always talk about. If it's a double route or something of that nature, we just talk about paying those guys a lot of money, you've got to give them an opportunity to compete for it."

(On the Ravens defense and what makes them go)- "There's numbers of guys that make it go. It all starts up front and of course (Haloti) Ngata is playing at a high level and (Ma'ake) Kemoeatu is playing at a high level in there. The young man from Utah, (Paul) Kruger that replaced the kid that went to San Diego is really playing, I feel like at a high level. They haven't missed (Terrell) Suggs, although Suggs is a rare talent. That's the one thing about defense, you can kind of swarm and play defense and the whole is greater than just the part."

(On Weeden facing Ed Reed and being aware of him at all times)- "You said it, aware. Do you scheme around him? You don't scheme around him because he's got a mind of his own. He and to me a guy like (Troy) Polamalu show up in places and they're very extremely instinctual and obviously have been tremendously productive."

(On if Weeden played well against Buffalo other than the interceptions)- "It's like our whole offense, it was a little bit of an uneven performance. That would probably be the best way for me to term it."

(On what they need to get better in the running game)- "We have to get Trent (Richardson) to the second level and get him past the line of scrimmage and not make him battle as much at the line of scrimmage. Obviously move it past the defensive line and on to the linebackers and second level because that's to me where he can end up doing most of his damage."

(On how the team accomplishes getting Richardson to the second level)- "You play better in the offensive front, you run the ball better, you scheme better. It starts with us as coaches."

(On how you prepare Weeden and Richardson for the intensity of facing Ray Lewis and the atmosphere in Baltimore)- "Some of those types of things that you're describing are on the job training. I mean you don't get it until one of those guys gets right in your grill and then you get it, but those guys have played at a couple of the best conferences in the United States. You're seeing a lot of SEC players playing professional football not unlike a (Marcell) Dareus that he played against last week. Ray himself, you've got to witness that to experience it."

(On how Travis Benjamin has been since he joined the team)- "Pretty steady. He stayed healthy which I think is no small feat. He's not a giant guy, but he's there taking the reps all the time and he's a smart guy, he's a quick study. We've kept him at one position, but he's been able to jump in at other positions. I think he's been pretty steady. He's a pretty smart kid, competes, caught it probably way better than we might have had a right to expect and made some moment of truth catches too where there's more people competing for the football than just him."

(On how Joe Thomas has played this season)- "Joe's playing okay. I just think we all have to play better on offense. I don't think there's any one guy that's playing lights out. I don't feel like there's anybody that's stinking the joint up either. It's really kind of nondescript right now, and we're going to have to build our personality as we go here."

(On what the offenses' personality is)- "I would leave that up do you guys to describe. I don't know that I would be great at putting words to that. I think it's a work in progress, I really do."

(On if he sees signs from Josh Gordon that says he can be a productive player)- "You see flashes, yeah. You see flashes in some of his play and what he does. He hasn't had a tremendous amount opportunities around the ball, at least as the regular season has started. He's been semi-productive when he has been around the ball. I would have liked to see him make that catch. It would have been a tough try that first third down. I would have liked to see a better throw. I would like to see us standing on the other side of the 50 with that conversion."

(On if we can expect to see Joshua Cribbs more involved in the offense)- "He's already playing maybe 24, 25, maybe even 30 plays in special teams. We're going to water drop him in there, but to tell you that he would have a leading role, I would be misleading anybody to say that. We're going to have plays for him in there that are his plays. Even though they're his plays, it doesn't mean the ball is going to be able go to him just by virtue of some of the progressions we have. We can look at him, if he's gloved or he's covered, then you can't go there. You could have the best intentions with Josh and still not be able to get him the football."

(On if Travis Benjamin will be getting more reps in the future)- "He's done a good job with the reps he's had. You want to see if a guy's productive with what he has, and then when a guy gives you a little production, does a couple things, then you have a tendency as a coach to say, ‘Well, maybe we could have him do this, or maybe we could have him try that.' Yeah, I think his reps will elevate as the year goes on. As far where his progress is right now, he's progressing just like everybody else. I wouldn't put him at an echelon higher than anybody else. Time and distance, it's what have you done for me lately. He did okay last week. Let's see how he does this week."

(On Jordan Cameron's performance against the Bills)- "I think it's probably the best outing of his career. I think he feels healthy right now. It's good to see a healthy Jordan Cameron out there being able to get out there and make plays because he has some play making ability. That's another guy, when you see him make plays, you're going to find more ways to get the ball in his hands."

(On the possibly playing without Mohamed Massaquoi and if he has to give Greg Little a ‘kick in the pants' sometimes)- "I'm not anticipating that with Mo. You have to kick all of them in the pants every now and then."

(On if they will have enough fire power to move the ball against the Ravens defense)- "I think we do. I think we'll have to be at our best. Our best should be good enough. We're good enough to play with anybody in this league."

(On his thoughts on playing a Thursday night game)- "It's a tough turnaround. From our standpoint, we have a lousy taste in our mouth. The faster we can get back and get out on the grass, yesterday, which is when we got back out there, the faster we can move on and set our sights on something else. Every team, if I'm not mistaken, is going to play in a Thursday night game this year. You can make an argument, that maybe it's better early in the season than it is late in the season, when it's a little bit more of a grind and t's a little tougher turn around on your body."

Browns Defensive Coordinator Dick Jauron Press Conference 9-25-12

(On the challenge of getting the young defensive tackles up to NFL speed)- "You're talking about Billy (Winn) and John (Hughes)? They've done a really good job. When we drafted both of them, we were anticipating that they would have to play, and that they would have to play early. At this stage, they've done better than we anticipated they would be able to do. We really believe they're just going to get better as we keep moving along. I'm really pleased with them. I think Pee Wee (Dwaine Board) obviously has a lot of experience with the defensive line, and he does a great job with those guys. We're really happy with them."

(On if he will further tweak the secondary for Thursday's game)- "As you well know, we have a lot of young players, and we're giving them all opportunities to play. We like them. We just would like to get a little more production out of that position especially, at the free safety position going into that game (last week). We made the move, Usama (Young), Tashaun (Gipson) and T.J. (Ward), they all played very well, which we anticipated that they would, but you never know, particularly with a younger player, a rookie when you put him out there. They all showed up and made plays. That was very encouraging for us."

(On f the secondary's struggles are a ripple effect from not having Joe Haden)- "You never want to be without your starting corner, obviously. Clearly it has some effect, but again, we like our guys. They're young and they're developing, but they play hard. The experience that they're gaining hopefully in the long run will serve us well. You don't ever want to be down any starter at any position. I wouldn't say corner is any more important than the defensive line or linebacker, but you definitely don't want to be down starters."

(On how you defend Joe Flacco)- "It's hard. He's got great speed now at the receiver positions. He's got a very, very strong arm so he can reach about anywhere on the field with the ball. If the play lasts longer than you anticipate, it's hard to defend it. It's hard. We would like to disrupt them coming off the line of scrimmage, we just have to try to change up what we do trying to do that. We like to press, pressing speed is a little bit scary, but you can't just let them run at you either. It's got to be a combination of everything. The pass rush has to put pressure on him so he's not comfortable, and can't measure every throw. Then we're going to have to be on top of people down the field because they can run and he can throw it a long ways."

(On how the Ravens no huddle offense affects the game plan with the young guys that haven't been exposed to it much)- "We definitely have to prepare for it and talk about it. We've tried to do that. We've been trying to do that, not just this week. As we got into it towards the end of preseason, we spent a lot more time moving fast in our periods, trying to get lined up and move fast, having the offense attack us. It never really simulates exactly what it's like on gameday, but at least it helps us and makes them aware that they've got to be ready."

(On if he's talking about this game or the season in general)- "Just getting ready for the season in general, and then obviously we knew we would face no huddle. A lot of teams will probably no huddle us before it's over. They just do work it in. This team has incorporated it as a major part."

(On him being in the league for 40 years and his take on the replacement officials)- "I really am not the one to respond to that question, except the 40 year part."

(On if there is anything different about the Ravens' no huddle)- "Obviously, they're executing it very well. They're a really talented football team. There are always similarities if the no huddle offense will try to snap the ball fast on you, it makes it really uncomfortable. Over the years, whenever anybody hears no huddle, they're going to think about Peyton (Manning) I believe. He'll do just about everything to you and keep you very off balance, including snap the ball really quickly. If you try to make any change in your defense, any personnel changes, they can get you for penalties, which is never a good thing. We'll just have to get a feel for how it goes. Anybody that no huddles, you just have to be careful defensively, in terms of substitutions."

(On him favoring the no huddle offense when he was the team coach in Buffalo)- "I did. I really like the no huddle concept. I thought it was difficult to play against. To some degree, it puts the defense on edge depending on how you run it. Also, if you have a highly conditioned team, it can take an effect on a team over the course of the game."

(On if he considers Joe Flacco to be an elite quarterback)- "I think so. I would say absolutely just by his record. His record alone I think should rank him as one of the elites in the league. The strength of his arm, the way he's handled the change, I think this year, the changes in their offense, with the addition of the no huddle or I think emphasizing it more. I'm sure they've had it in the past anyway. Yeah, I think he deserves to be ranked there."

(On how well prepared is the defense to battle out of an 0-3 hole)- "I know they'll battle. I know they're really a good group of guys. There's not going to be any quit those guys. They'll keep coming all the time no matter what. We've just got to get ready and play the best game we've played, and not give up any so called cheap touchdowns. I've always felt that the truth of what happens on gameday is what happened on gameday. You can't take a play or two back, it's done. We can't give up some of the things that we've been giving up because our opponents are good enough to do it. They're going to make plays. We just can't give them those extra plays, the extra yards. Our guys embrace that, they understand it. I've got to a better job getting them ready and a better job making calls for them."

(On their speed at linebacker)- "D'Qwell (Jackson) runs pretty well. Scott (Fujita) throughout his career has always run well. He's getting older so he's probably not as fast as he was, but he certainly makes up for that in experience, I believe. Then from there, Kaluka's (Maiava) plenty fast enough, I believe. He's a very tough guy. Our young guys all run really well. Speed is an integral part of it, there's no doubt about it, but maybe not the most important part."

(On T.J. Ward saying that there was some uncertainty on the field with the defense and if he sensed that)- "I did not, no. I didn't know T.J. had said that. I'm sure there was on the field then. That's not a good thing."

(On if the uncertainty is because of the lineup changes)- "It could be a lot of things. There are certain plays in every football game, where the communication is not ideal. Things happen fast, I might not get a call in fast enough for them, where they do feel uncomfortable, a little bit uncertain. It could be a lot of things there, but I thought T.J. played a good game."

(On his reaction to the Bills fans dominating the stadium at the end of the game)- "I wasn't aware of it. I'm not on the field. Maybe that was why. I really wasn't aware of it."

(On is it easy for young guys to overthink things and not just trust their instincts)- "I don't think that's happening, if that's the question. They're playing hard and they're playing fast. It's not like they're sitting back and waiting for things to happen around them. We've made errors, I've made errors. They've made us some errors on the field, made some technique errors, some decision errors. Those things will happen, but I don't see indecision in them. One of things I like about them is that they'll battle you all the way to the end."

(On the challenge of going against Ray Rice)- "He's really clearly one of the very best players in the league on the offensive side of the ball. He's an outstanding receiver, got great balance, he's got really good speed. He hits the hole fast, he finds the holes. They're good up front. It's a combination that really stresses a defense. He's just a tremendous player."

(On being upstairs during games this year and if he missed anything by not being on the field)- "It's a trade-off. On the field, you're so involved which is a great feeling. It's so much more emotional. You have all kinds of things going on on the field. Luckily, on the field, we have tremendous people with Timmy Hauk, Billy (Davis) and Pee Wee (Dwaine Board). It's working out fine. The communication has been good."

(On if Jabaal Sheard is a better player this year than last year)- "Jabaal is really good. He's very, very good. He's intense. He's a great teammate. I think he plays for the right reasons. I'm just really happy we have him. I just think he can get better and better every game, probably every year. I'm really glad he's here."

(On if teams are blocking Sheard differently because he doesn't have as good of stats this year)- "He gets more respect than he did a year ago. He was a second round pick, that's a pretty good player, even just by draft pick status. People were aware of him, but I don't think that they were aware that he was as good as is. Yeah, he's getting chipped more probably. The backs will chip him before they go out. It's a hard thing to deal with. I don't have any doubt that Jabaal will be fine. He'll be a really good player for this franchise for a long time."

(On if Phil Taylor would help the defense)- "Phil certainly would help us, there's no doubt about it. I believe that he was ready to start off where he ended last year because he was playing good football by the end of the year. He's worked awfully hard in his rehab. He's probably a little ahead of schedule. He's keeping himself in really good shape. His weight is right where he wants it and we want it. He would definitely help us, there's no doubt, but as we talked about earlier, we were really lucky and smart. Our organization did a great job of acquiring the two young guys because they are really filling in well."

(On what he's seen from the Ravens offense)- "They're a very talented offensive team. They've got speed outside. They've got experience outside and inside. They've got their tight ends that are very athletic. We haven't even talked about the running back, so they really can stretch you out and give you problems, matchup problems, and they do a good job doing it."

Browns Player Quotes (Richardson and Weeden) 9-25-12

Trent Richardson:

(On what has to happen for the running game to be effective this week) – "We have to get some movement up front. We have to stop them from penetrating and really just stick to the basics. We can't do anything all fancy. We have to go downhill."

(On facing the Ravens defense and going up against Ray Lewis) – "It's going to be an honor being on the same field as Ray Lewis. I've looked up to him for years and I still look up to him, especially his leadership and how he handles stuff. But, it's going to be like another game. I've got to play it like it's my last, go out there and give it all I can."

(On what being on a prime time national stage means to him) – "It is just another game to me. I just came from a place that had a lot of showcasing and a lot of media so that doesn't really bother me at all. I just can't wait to get out there Thursday and showcase every skill that I've got that God has blessed me with."

Brandon Weeden:

(On if playing Baltimore on a short week is as good a test as he can get) – "It is. It's a division game too. When you're trying to win division championships, you have to win division games. It's a tough test. You basically have two and a half days to prepare and then we are playing a football game. It's not a physically draining week, it's all mental. We have to really understand what we're doing offensively, without getting a rep over and over. You have to learn with basically one or no reps at all. You have to be on your "A" game and be ready to rock and roll."

(On what they are losing without Mohamed Massaquoi) – "Consistency. He's a guy that has been consistent all year. He has made a lot of great plays. He has made plays not only in the run game with his blocking and all those things. He's a guy that I have a lot of confidence in. I hope he comes back sooner rather than later. He's going to be missed. I think just consistency. He's a guy that doesn't make a bunch of mistakes. (He's a) competitor, great teammate and kind of a leader for the rest of those receivers."

(On the attitude on the team with being 0-3) – "I'm glad you asked that. There's so much negative vibe outside this locker room. It's everywhere. In this locker room, my goal and I think the rest of the guys' goal is to keep the positive vibe in here. It's good right now. Yeah, we're all frustrated, we all want to be 3-0, but any time you let all the outside frustrations come into this locker room, it starts breaking guys apart. That's a recipe for disaster. I think (we need to) keep these 53 guys focused, mentally positive and keep moving forward and building and keep growing. We're a young team, everybody knows that. For the veterans, to keep the young guys focused (and) veterans to keep the team to be leaders. I think that should be our main focus. Yeah, we're frustrated, there's no question about that. We want to keep all the positive vibes we can in this locker room. There's a lot of football left to be played the rest of the year."

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