Browns Post Game Quotes

"I'm happy. I'm holding it back so I don't appear sensitive. That's a joke. I really believe what I said. We play this game, and you put a bunch of men together to go out and play a game so that you can feel the joy of winning," Pat Shurmur said.

Cleveland Browns COACH PAT SHURMUR

(Opening statement)- "Let me just start with the injuries, I'm sure that's of note. Trent Richardson, his right side, his rib area, it's being evaluated. I don't have enough information right now to give you anything other than we're just evaluating it, so we'll see. That information will be made available if we know something definitive here in the next couple of days. (Jason) Pinkston, woke up this morning and he wasn't feeling great. He was in and out of the lineup, and he battled through it. For the most part, that's what we have injury wise. I told the team that gamedays never get old because at the end of the day you have a chance to win, and be greedy with that feeling you have from winning. Noticeably and obviously, we have a locker room full of excited, happy guys. It was a team victory. We can talk about a lot of the particulars, but we caused four turnovers. We got points off turnovers. We scored more points than we have in a while. Montario Hardesty steps in with Trent (Richardson) being in and out and was very productive. Joe Haden had an interception. Of course, Sheldon Brown's interception for a touchdown, Josh Cribbs in his returns, and then all the people that make that happen. I thought (Brandon) Weeden battled. Really we fell victim to some tipped balls, which we've had happen to us here. What I thought, in fact I was talking last night about how we wanted to play this game, I thought it was important that we keep the running back involved throughout. I thought if Brandon had completions to seven different receivers, then that's kind of how we would have had to play it. Well, eight guys caught balls, so that's good. Josh Cooper made his presence felt. I felt like Josh Gordon got better. As I'm bouncing around here on defense of course, I saw a lot of young guys playing with a lot of enthusiasm and being very productive. When you lose it's a team thing, and when you win, it's a team thing. I'm very proud of those guys. Again, like I mentioned, that's why you play the game, to have this feeling. Now we'll enjoy it here for a few hours, and then get back early and get ready to play the Colts."

(On if Randy Lerner was in the locker room today)- "I didn't see him if he was."

(On if he saw Jimmy Haslam after the game and what they talked about)- "Yeah, I did see him after the game. My conversations with him have been terrific to this point. It's interesting, he has a business model that works, and every time we finish a conversation, he keeps asking what can I do for you? The fact that he was in the locker room after our first victory this season says a lot. I think he was just genuinely happy that we won, much like the players and coaches, and everybody that was in there."

(On getting this win after being 0-5)- "I'm happy. I'm holding it back so I don't appear sensitive. That's a joke. I really believe what I said. We play this game, and you put a bunch of men together to go out and play a game so that you can feel the joy of winning, so when it happens, it's terrific. Not so much for me, but for my family, the players, really everybody who goes to work on Monday morning. Monday's feel better when you win a game."

(On the offense clicking in the second half after struggling)- "I think we were just battling through it. I think we started out, if you consider us then of course the Bengals, there were a lot of three and outs to start the third quarter. The teams went in, made adjustments and they were battling back and forth. I think some of the turnovers that we got helped generate a little spark and of course we found a way to move the ball."

(On there being a lot of talk on the third and one play last week and sticking with it this week)- "It's really interesting, you want to be in third and one. If you're going to have to deal with third downs, you want to be in third and one because the percentages say you've got a much better chance than third and 11 so you just battle them out. As I mentioned last week, we go into these situations with runs and passes called. Every situation in the game, we're ready to throw it and run it. There are times when you mix it up. There are times when you make it, and there are times when you don't. I think the critical thing is for our guys to keep battling. We had some success there I think."

(On the third and one pass to Jordan Cameron)- "We were in a running formation, it was obviously a heavy play-action throw, and it's a deep cross concept where the quarterback makes a decision, if it's open down the field take it, but otherwise we want to end the play with a first down, so there are check downs spaced out. Jordan (Cameron) actually, from what I heard, this is just off the headsets, I couldn't quite see it, but he fell down then got back up and made that play. It was a good job."

(On how big of a spark Joshua Cribbs' punt return was)- "His returns are a huge spark. God knows what's going to happen when Cribbs has the ball in his hand, especially on punt returns. We talk about whether he plays offense or not, but when he's out there and the field is wide and there's bodies all over the place he just has a unique ability to make plays. He did the same thing in coverage. His presence on the field on special teams is not undervalued in my mind and his punt returns, of course, his kick returns did give us a jump."

(On Joe Haden's performance)- "I thought Joe did a heck of a job. It's not easy. Even though he stayed in shape and he tried to stay into it mentally. I went into this thinking there might be some rough spots, that he hasn't played in a while and I thought for the most part he battled. He did a real nice job."

(On Montario Hardesty's performance after not having a carry all year)- "I'll tell you what, it's the next man up deal. We need a backup and I told him before you become a starter you have to learn how to be a backup and part of that process is being ready to go at all times. Montario to his credit has done that and he got in there and had a chance to be productive."

(On Hardesty having a burst today)- "He did a good job. I'm happy for him too because he had a significant contribution in this victory. I'm happy for him."

(On Brandon Weeden's performance and the team clicking in the fourth quarter)- "I think you just continue to battle when you're a quarterback. My emotions go up and down with very single play good and bad so I'm going like this with the quarterback and he just stayed just like this. He just keeps battling. I think there's something in that that's going to make him a good player in this league."

(On Sheldon Brown's performance)- "He battled. I saw a focused look in his eye and he did a really good job today."

(On if a game like this helps sell what he's doing to the guys in the locker room)- "There is no question. All along I've talked about how I've seen this team improve and we all know this is a winning business so now we can quantify how this improvement points to winning. So now once you've done something once then it's important that you repeat it. Now the effort that I'll put in will be about making sure that we continue the process and that work will be consistent. You try to recreate it all over and over and over. That sounds cliché, but that's the issue."

(On what winning does in terms of relieving pressure)- "I don't know. I think the joy of winning relieves whatever. I think that's what we're all searching for."

(On Cribbs holding the ball on kickoffs due to wind and if that changes the coverage)- "No, what happens is you kind of have to show your hand of who the safeties are. I think that's normal in football so then they are like, ‘This is the safety.' Depending on how you're trying to cover the kick. They had to do the same thing as well. It makes it a little bit easier defining who you're trying to block, but that's just the way we have to do it when it's windy like that."

(On Cincinnati's drive and what was going through his mind during the sack and then fumble recovery by Billy Winn)- "I thought we had battled back. We started out behind when they scored. I had full confidence. I was not thinking, ‘Okay, here we go.' That was not my thought process. I knew they had to make this many plays to beat us. I just kept reminding guys we have to do this, don't let them do this first, and the fact that we got pressure, the sack and the fumble I think that just goes to show you that we had guys out there because that's hard at that is to process because they had just done that for six or eight snaps. Billy Winn did a good job, stripped the ball and he handled it pretty well too. Defensive linemen are legendary to wanting to play offense. He wants to play fullback tight end, quarterback so when he runs with the ball I feel like he's auditioning (joking), but he did a nice job."

(On if it's more rewarding with a division win at home)- "Yeah, I think it's important. Number one, winning the division you've got to win the games. I think it's important that we try to establish a winning tradition here at home. We need to do that and it all runs parallel and of course winning the division games is the best way to start winning the division. As you're developing a team that can win consistently these are all steps in the process."

(On when he was aware of Trent Richardson's injury)- "Quicker than everybody. Yeah, early in the game. Trent was in and out and we're evaluating him. I get all of the information as it goes."

(On if the injury occurred early in the game)- "Earlier in the game, yes. First half."

(On if Richardson tried to go back in)- "Yeah, he wants to be in there and he tried to go. He's a warrior."


WR Josh Gordon

(On first win)- "It's great to finally have a win behind us, a win underneath our belts. Like I was saying before, the losses were definitely something that we needed to help build a lot of character and see where everybody's heads are at. Today everybody definitely battled back, fought the whole sixty minutes, the whole four quarters. We are glad to come out with a win."

(On beating guys deep for big touchdowns)- "It's really just scheming. We scheme in practice we work on it. If we see a mismatch we try and take advantage of it. In that case it was definitely happening and we took advantage of it."

(On second half and the four straight scoring possessions)- "It was huge, the offense needed something like that. We had a couple sparks here and not really as consistent as much as we needed to. So, today was a big day for us, came a long way I definitely think we are on the right track."

DL Jabaal Sheard

(On big day for Montario Hardesty and Brandon Weeden)- "Yes, it's great to see those guys step up, I know that they are hungry with Trent getting all the carries. They got their opportunity and that's when you show up."

DL Billy Winn

(On the late run by the Bengals before the forced fumble)- "We knew going into this game that we were going to finish and we were going to play the full sixty minutes. Give it everything we got and leave it on the field. I think we were able to get that done."

(Did you think you were going to go all the way?)- "I thought so, my legs were telling me keep going and then I felt the guy on my neck."

(On the amazing performance defensively without Ahtyba Rubin and Phil Taylor along with other injuries)- "We knew we were a little short on defense, but it comes down to carrying that flag. A guy goes down, it's a part of football, you just have to finish, you have to pick it up and get going.

CB Joe Haden

(On first win of the season)- "Oh my goodness, it was like a big weight off of everybody's shoulders. It felt like we won the Super Bowl, honestly. I mean, everybody's just excited. You know, once you get the first one out of the way, I feel like it becomes a lot easier and people want to get used to this feeling. I'm just so happy that it was the game that I came back and we just made it happen."

(On the defense in the second half)- "We feel like we have playmakers. You know what I'm saying, that everybody just feels like they have to step up and keep doing their job; keep getting ‘three and outs'. And even if, like coach always says, stop the bleeding. They're going to make a play that's going to be big for their team. So, once they make that play, we just have to make sure the next one is ours, and I feel like that's what we did."

(On Sheldon Brown ‘pick six') -"Man, I was so excited, I felt like I got it. I mean, Sheldon, he's one of the big leaders on the defense. Just a top-flight person, like a stand up guy. You always want the best for him. And for him to get the ‘pick six', it just was, it was icing on the cake."

(On the challenge vs A.J. Green) -"I felt comfortable, I felt good out there. I mean, A.J. is really, I feel like he's one of the most talented receivers I've ever played against. And of course, he's going to get his plays and we're going to go against each other. We'll go back and forth. And I just felt really comfortable out there and my boys helped me out, T.J. (Ward) and Usama (Young) and we were just communicating and we did it."

TE Jordan Cameron

(On Weeden adjusting plays) - "He did a good job, he kept me in his sights and didn't give up on the play and it was good."

(On first win of the season) -"I think it's great. You know, we finally get a taste for what it feels like to win and we have to build off of this and let this steamroll into something bigger."

(On what Coach Shurmur told the players) -"You have to embrace this win, you know, but we have to get back to next with the Colts. So, it's a process, you know. Obviously, we'll celebrate today and tomorrow but we'll look at the film and everything, but yeah I'm glad that we won."

QB Brandon Weeden

(On getting the first victory of the season)- "It feels good. We've been so close so many times and to actually get over the hump and close a game out, play the way we did in the second half, the defense played great and Sheldon (Brown) made a play. It feels good. If feels really good. It's a lot more fun coming out of that locker room with everybody excited. Going to work tomorrow is going to be a lot more fun than it has been in the last five weeks and that's why we play the game. We want to have fun, win games and we finally got that notch on our belt."

(On Montario Hardesty coming in off the bench and how important his contribution was)- "It was huge. I told him he's one of the players of the game. Just filling in for Trent (Richardson), Trent takes a large load of what we do, but for Montario to come off the bench with basically very few reps and to play the way he did and put us in the situations he did, I thought he played great. I was really excited for him and that's what we need, we need our guys that are backup guys. This league is so physical, injuries unfortunately happen and you need guys like that to step up and I was pumped for him. He played great."

(On the resiliency of the offense today and what sparked them in the fourth quarter)- "The play of the game without a doubt and I told him this on the sideline was Josh Cribbs' big return to flip the field position. We were backed up. We were back there inside our 20 over and over, that's tough and then we had penalties. We were second and 20 on the 20 (yard line). That's a pretty tough situation, but we were able to overcome it. Like I said, that play that Cribbs made was the biggest play of the game. It got us momentum one, but it also flipped the field and so that's the way this league is. That's a very, very good defense we just faced and we knew they were going to be a challenge for us, but our guys stepped up and made plays late in the game when we needed to."

(On if something special is developing between himself and Josh Gordon)- "It's all him. He's able to get on top of the secondary so fast because he's deceptively fast. He can fly and he's such a long strider, but that's all him. He's the one running wide open. I'm doing the easy past, I'm just throwing and he's running underneath and making a great play. He has come a long way and I told you guys this a while back, but the guy is making strides. You can start to tell he's getting more comfortable, he's getting more in tune with what we do and thank God because he's a heck of a football player."

(On Josh Cooper coming in and playing today)- "That's my boy, that's my boy. I was so pumped for him I could barely call the play in the huddle. I was so excited for him and he made a great catch. He made a good one. It's not the easiest catch in your NFL career. You usually want to catch a hitch or something like that, but he caught a back shoulder wheel route and it was a heck of a catch. It didn't surprise me, that guy can flat out play. I was spoiled at Oklahoma State with him, so whenever I heard he was getting an opportunity I was pumped for him personally, but I was also pumped for us. I think he's a guy that can make a lot of plays."

RB Trent Richardson

(On how he feels)- "I took a shot, but I'll be back. I'll be ready for next week. I was in and out of the game and I tried to do as much as I could while I was in the game. Coach (Shurmur) didn't want to take the risk of me being injured even more."

(On how it feels to get the win today)- "It's a big relief. Words cannot even explain how I feel right now. It's a big relief and just the fact that we know that we've been in every game and we should have been finishing strong like this, it just shows what the sky is for. The sky is the limit for us and it shows that we can accomplish a lot as long as we stick together and believe."

(On Montario Hardesty's performance)- "You've got to love it. Montario, he is a beast and the way he played ball, it's rare the way he plays ball. A lot of people think Montario is one of those guys that is not going to try to run you over or not going to be in there for the thick and thin, but Montario is one of those guys who is going to give everything he can on each and every play. Montario is out there working hard. He practiced hard all week. It doesn't matter to him whenever his name is called. If it's special teams he's in there."

(On the game plan focusing around him getting the ball today)- "Yeah, Coach (Shurmur) put me in different places where I could touch the ball. I think on the first four or five plays I touched the ball and we were moving the ball and moving the sticks and everybody came alive. That's why people just try to game plan for me. That's why we have Josh Cribbs on special teams, we've got Josh Gordon at receiver and we've got Montario Hardesty. We've got Chris Ogbonnaya, I call him OB, but we've got guys like that and we've got an incredible defense. They really just showed that as a whole that we can really just do this thing, we can turn this season around."

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