Senior Bowl Evaluations, Day Two

Here are some Senior Bowl evaluations from day two of practices in Mobile, Ala.

Mike Glennon (N.C. State) North
Of the six quarterbacks here Glennon had the best day on Tuesday. This is a kid with great size at 6-foot-6 and 232-pounds. He can make all the passes and throw with touch or velocity when needed. When he has a clean pocket and set and plant Glennon is an accurate passer. He throws with good anticipation and has a beautiful long ball. Mobility, of lack of, is his big liability.

Stafon Taylor (Stanford) South
At 5-foot-11 and 215-pounds, Taylor is a compact and tough runner with deceptive speed. He stood out on Monday and had an even better day two. Taylor has also been excellent catching the ball out of the backfield.

Aaron Dobson (Marshall) North
Dobson is one of a few wide receivers from the North squad that impressed on Tuesday. This kid has good size at 6-foot-2 and 206-pounds and runs well. He doesn't have elite speed but is fast enough. Dobson shows good body control, runs pretty good routes and can get behind the secondary.

Marquise Goodwin (Texas) North
Goodwin is the most explosive wide receiver on the North team. At 5-foot-9 and 180-pounds, he displays very good speed out of his breaks and the ability to plant and go after the catch. He looks like an ideal inside receiver.

Markus Wheaton (Oregon State) North
Like Goodwin mentioned above this is an explosive prospect that can really run. Wheaton doesn't have quite the burst that Goodwin has but he has very good top end speed. He caught the ball well today.

Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) North
Hands down this is the top prospect here in Mobile. Fisher is a mauler at 6-foot-7 and 305-pounds. He has great size and length and the frame to bulk up even more. At his size he can bend his knees and really move his feet. He gets off the ball very well. Fisher has been a dominant presence on the offensive line and looks like a prototype NFL left tackle.

Lane Johnson (Oklahoma) North
If Eric Fisher wasn't at practice today, it would have been Johnson that turned the most heads. He was as consistent as it gets up front, using a great base and good upper body strength to his advantage. He didn't get beat on a rep all day, from what we saw.

Justin Pugh (Syracuse) North
Pugh was feisty all day long and really rebounded after getting beat early in the day by long defensive ends. Once he could properly gauge his opponent, there weren't more than one or two offensive linemen more consistent as both a run and pass blocker than Pugh. He also showed the ability to get to the edge on screens, capping off those blocks with powerful finishes in space.

Hugh Thornton (Illinois) North
This strong drive-blocker also excelled against the pass rushers Tuesday, showing good balance to counter the various moves thrown at him by defenders. He can brawl with good run defenders or beat them with technique on any given play.

Alex Okafor (Texas) North
There wasn't a better player off the edge on Tuesday. Whether it was a spin move, bull-rush or a combination of multiple moves, the Texas Longhorn was in the backfield with ease more times than not. He was one of a small few to dominate during one-on-one drills as well as during the team sessions against both the run and the pass.

Sylvester Williams (North Carolina) North
The first thing you notice about the Tar Heel is his first step. When standing along the line of scrimmage, there's usually no contest as to who will be the first player off the ball. That explosion helped Williams against offensive lineman as well, picking up steam as the day progressed en route to disturbing plays in the team session.

Datone Jones (UCLA) North
Fisher got rave reviews from everyone in attendance, but the only player to beat the Central Michigan offensive lineman on multiple occasions was Jones. He got the better of him off the edge on one occasion, and used that to set up a victory with a counter move soon after. The two went at it similar all morning.

Sean Porter (Texas A&M) South
Porter has good size at 6-foot-3 and 230-pounds. What I really like about him is his aggression and the way he attacks, whether it's the ball carrier or going after the quarterback. Running backs Mike Gillislee and Stafon Taylor really struggled trying to block him in one-on-one drills. Coverage is not his strength but he's not bad either.

Jonathan Cyprien (Florida International) North
Cyprien has been one of the big surprises here. He brings a physical presence to the secondary and looks like an ideal strong safety. Don't let that fool you because he has made some plays in coverage as well.

Dwayne Gratz (UConn) North
Gratz is a physical cornerback that shined today for the North team. He had a few nice pass breakups and a caused fumble and fumble recovery on the same play.

Jamar Taylor (Boise State) North
Taylor is more of a pure cover guy that Gratz. He's 5-foot-11 and 196-pounds, with good speed. Taylor can turn and run with anyone out here and he breaks on the ball very well.

Desmond Trufant (Washington) North
Trufant is an instinctual player that's a good athlete. He has good size (6-0/186), speed and possesses good cover skills. He had some good battles today against some very good wide receivers on the North squad.

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