2013 NFL Draft Prospects

The options for the Browns are unlimited and here is a breakdown as to how the top prospects would fit in Cleveland.

1. Star Lotulelei, NT Utah - An absolute monster in the middle. Space eater with great hand play. Dominating upfront play. Versatile player who could slide over to the 5 tech.

Scheme Fit = 0 Tech in 34 Base

Comparable to: Haloti Ngata

Browns Fit? Yes, with it up in the air whether Rubin is a good fit for the 0 Tech & Phil Taylor looking to be a better fit as a 5 Tech, Lotulelei would no question be able to step in to the 0 Tech position & make the Browns no question the best 34 DLine in the league.

2, Luke Joeckel, LT Texas A&M - Has a quick kick out, long arms, strong upperbody strength, quick/nimble feet, which allows him to keep pass rushers outside not letting the pocket collapse. Good bend & balance, more of a finesse style blocker.

Scheme Fit = Zone Blocking

Comparable to: Ryan Clady

Browns Fit? No, more a fit for the Zone Scheme & the Browns have no need for a Top 5 Tackle.

3. Bjoern Werner, DE/OLB Florida State - Scouts, Coaches, & GMs are drooling over this young man. He is quick, has good size, has a high motor, & is an absolutely relentless pass rusher. I would have him at #1, but most his work has come off the right side & I wanted to see more of him vs a left tackle.

Scheme Fit = 3-4 Rush LB / Wide 9/ 43 base end

Comparable to: J.J. Watt standing up

Browns Fit? Most definitely. Watching more of Werner, I think he would be a perfect fit for Ray Horton's rush LB. Given the overall needs of the team, although Star Lotulelei is my #1 player, for the Browns, Werner would be my #1 because of a greater need for that Joker spot to be filled…. I think Rubin or Hughes could fill the 0 tech position if need be.

4. Eric Fisher, LT Central Michigan - Fisher still has good footwork & hand play but @ 6'7" doesn't play with a good bend, though he makes up for it with his upper/lower body strength. I want to see more of Fisher, but at this time he is a top tier LT. Very quick first step off the snap

Scheme Fit = Power O

Comparable: Tony Boselli

Browns Fit? Fit, yes. Need, No.

5. DeMarcus Milliner, CB Alabama - Completely opposite of my thoughts on Kirkpatrick, last seasons Bama top corner, Milliner has the ability to play all downs as a CB1/2 at the NFL level. Personally, I thought Kirkpatrick was frail & stated several times he would get often injured, which he did as a Frshman. Milliner has good DB size, is a very physical corner, & is extremely aggressive, sometimes to a fault. Has fluid hips, does well getting his head turned to the ball in closing, has good closing ability, & tackles extremely well. Timed speed isn't great but field speed is just fine!

Scheme Fit = Any, best in man though

Comparable to: Carey Williams, Baltimore/Joe Haden, Browns

Browns Fit? Definitely, I would say if we cannot take Werner, Milliner is definitely a 1a, especially with the amount of teams that are passing the ball at a rate of 60% or more per game.

6. Chance Warmack, OG Alabama - Warmack is an absolute mauler with the tools to play both G spots at a high level, Has a powerful punch, good footwork, good balance. Best part of Warmack is his ability to get out in space & make blocks at the 2nd level.

Scheme Fit = Power O

Comparable to: Mike Iupati

Browns Fit? Yes… But, I am not sure I would be as apt to taking him at 6 as others would be. I like Larry Warford a lot & not much less than I like Warmack. Warford could probably be taken in the 3rd & he isn't a far drop from Warmack. IMO, the biggest difference in the two is that Warmack was surrounded by a lot more talent whereas Warford had nothing around him to make him look as dominant.

7. Cordarelle Patterson, WR Tennessee - Patterson is a very smooth WR. Runs very good routes, has excellent size & speed, top end hands, & makes it all look so easy. Will be a top tier WR for years in the league.

Scheme Fit = Vertical Passing O

Comparable to: Larry Fitzgerald

Browns Fit? Certainly, I think the Browns could use a game breaker like Patterson. Most importantly though, the Browns need to figure out the QB position.

8. Dion Jordan, OLB Oregon - Best pure edge rusher in the draft as a 34 fit. Explosive off the edge, top end pass rush moves, can drop back into coverage, a knack for being around the ball. The best fit for the base 34 Joker position. Good bend & smooth in the hips, will be hard to handle.

Scheme Fit = 34 Base

Comparable to: Lamar Woodley

Browns Fit? Looking at the rest of the field, Werner, Lotulelei, & Milliner are probably off the board at 6. Do we take Jordan or Patterson at 6? I think Jordan could make the most instant impact from Game 1, thus I would take him first.

9. Damontre Moore, DE Texas A&M - I don't see Moore as the "obvious" rush LB in the 34 like others are projecting, limiting him to the 43. Good off the edge with his hand down, good speed, a bit too stiff for me to see him as that 34 edge option. With his speed, might be a better fit for the Eagles/Lions Wide 9.

Scheme Fit = 43 Base/Wide 9

Comparable to: Robert Quinn

Browns Fit = No, IMO Moore is not a fit for the 34 as an OLB or as a 5 Tech end, therefore I would not select him for the Browns.

10. Kenny Vaccarro, S Texas - Good CF who is not afraid to come up & hit an opponent. Good cover man, takes good angles, rarely gets beat, hard hitter, & very good tackler. Has good field vision & can play either S position as well as be a roaming option for more aggressive schemes. Very fluid hips & gets his head around on the ball, with good closing speed.

Scheme Fit = Any

Comparable to: Troy Polamalu

Browns Fit? Certainly, Vaccarro & Ward with Gipson/Bademosi backing up would be a good starting tandem & depth for the position for quite sometime, considering the youth of the 4 listed.

11. Jarvis Jones

12. Keenan Allen

13. Ezekial Ansah

14. Jonathon Banks

15. Geno Smith

16. Sheldon Richardson

17. John Jenkins

18. Alec Ogletree

19. Matt Elam

20. Lane Johnson

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