Rumors, Rumors and Rumors?

You're not going to get the re-tweet of a re-tweet of a re-tweet from those associated to the game through various outlets.

What you'll get from this column is information – what we know, been told, have heard and other scuttle which makes its way to theOBR.

You're not going to get the re-tweet of a re-tweet of a re-tweet from those associated to the game through various outlets.

We'll get right to the point…………….

* QB Brandon Weeden hasn't been jettisoned off the planet, just yet. Despite the wide-spread belief that pseudo-GM Mike Lombardi and super-CEO Joe Banner have sought any takers in the stratosphere to deposit the QB.

Head coach Rob Chudzinski and OC Norv Turner have told the dynamic duo that Weeden has tools which they (Chud and Turner) believe can be beneficial to the Browns offense.

Right now, Weeden stays – until a better option appears on the horizon.

* The offensive scheme itself is a basis for Weeden to gain the opportunity under the experience of Chudzinski and Turner. Both coaches like putting the QB in the shot-gun and their tendency has been to spread the field with each passing season.

As a collegiate QB, Weeden was utilized extensively in the shot-gun and spread offense, which is a system the QB is much more confident and comfortable.

Another factor in the equation could prove to be Chudzinski and Turner's desire to make a quick read and get the ball out, which again is similar to what Weeden had done at Oklahoma State.

* TheOBR is told the likelihood of QB Colt McCoy being on the Browns roster through training camp is less that 20%.

A lack of arm strength and timid tendencies are key aspects as to the why.

Enough said.

* That option does not appear to be San Francisco 49ers QB Alex Smith. As reported in the "Ask the Insiders" forum at theOBR, the Browns had an interest, but we have been told the organization never jumped in with both feet.

Speculation is the 49ers have a deal in place for the QB, at this time theOBR does not believe Cleveland is the final destination, if a deal is already in place, just waiting on the league season to begin on March 12th.

Now, in the coming days we hear the speculation of 2/24/2013 was false, the landscape could change – but we don't believe so.

* Speaking of QB's that will be available, theOBR keeps being led to former Browns QB Derek Anderson and Matt Moore of the Miami Dolphins.

Moore played in Carolina while Chudzinski was on staff with the Panthers and is a player the Browns head coach likes.

As for Anderson, he is another QB that was under Chudzinski that the new HC likes and believes can compete and fills a likely void.

What makes Moore intriguing to the Browns is his past relationship with Chudzinski, his familiarity with the base scheme and ability to move in and out of the pocket.

The noise on Moore will heat up as the countdown to free agency continues.

* As for their own FA's, theOBR has been told long-time Browns, KR/WR Josh Cribbs and PK Phil Dawson are highly unlikely to be retained by the organization.

On Cribbs, the organization believes WR Travis Benjamin and others are a much cheaper alternative at a position which does not demonstrate the same impact as in years prior to the kickoff rule changes.

As for Dawson, the Browns have no desire at this time to pay a PK in excess of 3.5 million dollars. Dawson has rejected multi-year deals over the past few seasons.

* Getting back to Lombardi, he has fit in well thus far in the Browns front office. Lombardi has led a charge in personnel which has developed into the most extensive and time consuming evaluation process of talent – on the roster, available in free agency and into the draft that this organization has ever conducted.

The personnel department has come together quickly, as the organization is adapting to similar ratings systems presently utilized by the New England Patriots, first implemented by head coach Bill Belichick while in Cleveland – with Lombardi on staff.

* Organization meetings prior to departing to Scouting Combine led to the direction the personnel department will take leading into the free agent player signing period, the draft and handling of contract offers to those within the present roster. (More coming from theOBR on this topic).

* TheOBR has been told the Browns will actively look at guards, defensive backs, wide receivers, tight-ends and a fullback immediately in free agency.

The organization seeks a starting quality cornerback, a starting quality guard, potentially a starting quality safety, wide receiver and tight-end – and a FB is likely due to the lack of productivity coming from the position in 2012.

Starting OG's Jason Pinkston and Shawn Lauvao just don't do it for the staff following film evaluations. Indications are competition is coming to Cleveland, which could led to them being replaced.

TheOBR has been told the Browns will add an OLB in FA.

Don't be surprised to see the Browns add a bruising inside linebacker via FA or the draft. Film study has raised a flag on veteran D'Qwell Jackson in the 3-4 base, as the LB simply has trouble getting off blocks in the scheme – but the concern hasn't been immediate due to the type of defensive linemen lining-up for the team now, a much more physical and athletic group which may help resolve some issue.

* Team owner Jimmy Haslam stated the Browns would not be making a major impact in free agency, but rather continuing the path of building through the draft.

TheOBR has heard otherwise.

See the above bullet-point.

* The Browns like the speed and quickness of FA WR Mike Wallace. His ability to stretch the field rivals any receiver in the game, which fits well into the Browns offensive scheme.

But, theOBR is told the Browns don't like the 10-million dollar a season price-tag rumored.

And they (Browns) anticipate the WR getting that type of offer and recognize they (Browns) need to put talent on the field to change the complexion of a game.

* WR Josh Gordon is going nowhere, but the Browns want to see him display maturity – in his personal life, within the team scope and especially within social media.

* The new regime in Cleveland has been impressed with the work ethic and determination displayed by WR Greg Little.

* RB Trent Richardson is healthy and the staff envisions the second year RB having a tremendous season in 2013. The new staff wants Richardson to be decisive and trust his game.

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