The Mirage

You want an identity? How about, "Kick everyone's butt."

The best way for the Cleveland Browns to improve is for them to use the sixth pick in the draft to take Chance Warmack, offensive guard from Alabama and begin to complete the best offensive line in the NFL.

When that happens, with a healthy Trent Richardson running behind that line, Brandon Weeden can be great. Or Colt McCoy. Or your grandmother, if she has a decent arm and half a brain.

If you give any NFL quarterback a great running game and a great offensive line, he will be successful. I am so confident in this that I will add this clause; even if he wears an orange helmet Lots of mediocre quarterbacks have had great seasons. It's a sweet formula, and if the quarterback has some success, he may actually become confident. Then, look out.. Heck, Derek Anderson did it.

You want an identity? How about, "Kick everyone's butt." You want touchdowns? Put Trent Richardson behind a mashing athletic left guard who is playing between a Pro Bowl Center and a Pro Bowl left tackle.

I say this formula begins finally to teach children how to be Cleveland Browns fans. Take a chance on Chance. He will most likely be available, as no one takes offensive guards that high. But the best ones are paid huge cash for a reason. If you build an offensive line, wins will come.

The jigsaw puzzle is almost complete. I know how tempting it is to give Ray Horton whatever he wants to build his attacking defense, but the Cleveland Browns need three things – a quarterback, an identity, and points. A dominating offensive line does all that.

In fact, I am sure that offensive lines make quarterbacks more than the other way around, except for Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, and they are vulnerable too.

I want the Cleveland Browns to spend their free agent money on defense, and take a Chance in the draft. It's unconventional thinking given how every expert has them going for defense. But they are finally close to building a team with a power identity on the shores of Lake Erie.

This is the blueprint I remember from when things were rosy and the Cleveland Browns were always a good-to-great team. It's time to abandon the clown car version of football we have been watching for the past past decade and a half. To paraphrase Sam Wyche, Cleveland is not Cincinnati.

I don't care what the Browns do as long as they win every game next year. But until they make a decision, which then by default becomes my heartfelt opinion too, I believe the guy some call the most athletic guard to come out in years.

Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly are in the Hall of Fame. So in Gene Hickerson, who blocked for both of them. I love great coincidences. Take a Chance on another.

And if the team finishes 5-11 again next year because a knucklehead like me forgets that a dominating defense also helps, at least the next new coach and new quarterback will have an almost completed offensive line to work with until they get fired. So that's progress.

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