What We've Been Told

The major focus is the upcoming college player draft and the Browns have been diligent from what theOBR has been able to learn.

With the free agent player signing period shopping spree now solidly in its anti-climactic stages, the Browns still are dipping their toes into the talent pool.

But rather than being active participants, the Browns are all ears; potentially to gain another two or three short-term, low dollar deals for add depth to the roster.

The major focus is the upcoming college player draft and the Browns have been diligent from what theOBR has been able to learn.

Is it a QB? How about a pass-rusher? Could a CB or TE sneak into the picture at number-six?

Some topics have been posted in the Rumors forum at theOBR, some topics are exclusive to this version of…………

"What We've Been Told"…………….…

* There have been a few teams letting it be known they may be interested in moving up on the first round of the draft, with the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Dallas Cowboys, just to name a few.

As for the Browns, theOBR has learned trading down into the teens isn't out of the question for the Browns, as they attempt to regain a selection in the second round of the draft.

* TheOBR has learned the Browns could make a major surprise type selection, if they retain the sixth pick in the draft. A selection so surprising, this player has not been linked to the Browns as a potential selection.

* TheOBR has learned the Browns have not excluded the possibility of selecting an offensive lineman at number-six. Granted, this is the time of season which teams don't mind sending out misinformation, but we have been told with this specific, the organization hasn't come to a final decision.

* With the inability to secure a veteran, number-two option at CB opposite Joe Haden, speculation has run rampart that the Browns have been focused on the CB position with the sixth selection in the draft.

The consensus going in is, if the Browns hold onto the sixth pick, the selection has to be CB Dee Milliner of Alabama. He has received very good grades from the Browns scouts and GM Mike Lombardi has affection for talent coming out of long-time friend, Nick Saban's program.

From what we've been told, the Browns are wavering whether they want to select a CB at six and Xavier Rhodes from Florida State is another CB rated highly by the team – just not as the sixth pick in the draft.

* A couple interesting CB prospects the Browns have done heavy research on are Darius Slay from Mississippi State and Dwayne Gratz of Connecticut.

* Due to the Browns working out QB's Geno Smith of West Virginia and E.J. Manuel from Florida State, speculation circulating is the Browns are strongly considering one of the two players.

Information coming into theOBR is the Browns are doing their due diligence. At the time of this writing, theOBR does not believe Smith is in the Browns plans. As for the Manuel interest, only if he slips in the draft.

* With the signing of veteran QB Jason Campbell, the clock appears to be ticking on Colt McCoy's future in Cleveland. Much of the same could be said about Thaddeus Lewis, the number-four QB on the roster.

After Brandon Weeden and Campbell, the Browns number-three QB spot is wide-open.

And, the Browns have extensively evaluated Miami of Ohio QB Zac Dysert.

* The WR position is an area which the Browns could use a play-maker type to team with Josh Gordon on the outside and Greg Little in the slot.

That player could be Keenan Allen from California. The Browns love his ability to make things happen after getting the ball into his hands, and he has very deceptive speed and quickness.

* At TE, it's Tyler Eifert and the rest. But, Travis Kelce has shown well for himself as an option on day-two of the draft.

* As pass-rushers remain on the Browns radar despite the signings of Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant in free agency, from what we've been told the Browns have OLB-types Dion Jordan and Barkevious Mingo rated very similarly.

* A player of intrigue is BYU's Ezekiel ‘Ziggy' Ansah. The Browns love his raw potential and power. His quickness is impressive for a man his size and the Browns are one of many teams looking long and hard at him.

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