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The NFL draft is still a few weeks away, but that doesn't mean the Browns fans are limiting their talk to college kids. Here are the latest questions from Browns fans regarding anything and everything and the answers from TheOBR staff.

Are we trying to get a very high draft pick next year?

NBBrownsfan: Are we (by not using the abundant cap space we have) trying to put ourselves in a position to have a very high draft pick next year so we can pick a QB? You can see what the #1 pick did for the Colts and the #2 pick did for the Redskins.

Lane Adkins: They want to build through the draft, which I agree with.

My issue is not addressing a hole in the lineup.


DeSean Jackson-Tavon Austin

Skiperade: I looked back at some articles leading up to the 2008 draft. They describe Desean Jackson as a Steve Smith type. His size was/is 5'9", 175 with 4.3 speed. He has top return skills and great hands. Almost a clone of Tavon Austin. The Eagles loved his skill set enough to draft him in the 2nd round. Do the Browns have a similar or better rating on Austin? If better, is he truly an option at #6 or a better option if they trade back to the teens? Thanks.

LA: Comparable to a degree.

Austin is physically stronger than Jackson was at the same point in time. Both players are extremely explosive.

I'm not hearing the Browns at 6 on Austin, but they do consider him a potential difference maker.

I see Austin on the radar of many teams in the teens.


Tavon Austin vs. Travis Benjamin

5cota: Comparisons?


Would we still consider Austin with Benjamin and possibly signing Nelson?

SOBO: A misnomer regarding Benjamin is that he's a traditional slot receiver...which he isn't.

While Austin's and Benjamin's size/speed numbers are similar; Benjamin was far less polished and far more of a straight line speedster.

Austin is a much better route runner at this juncture. He is dynamic in the open field once he gets the ball. And he is dynamically quick at the top of his routes and in short areas.

And, no, the (potential) signing of Nelson doesn't preclude the Browns from taking Austin. Austin is the type of play maker you can place all over the field in a multitude of different roles. Plus, it would be a helluva way to build the cockpit around Weeden with the pass blocking the O-line gives and Richardson in the backfield.


So no WR David Nelson?

Flaktower2: Why? He would be a perfect addition. They sign a te who dropped passes left and right, but not sign a wr who can catch. I was excited 3 weeks ago, but now I'm wondering bout Banner etc. I am extremely worried that they'll screw up the draft! What do u guys think???

LA: They are talking


Oregon DE/LB Dion Jordan:

JMcCurry08: If he's there at 6, would we take him or are we planning on trading down

LA: Hard pressed not to select him.....and I anticipate multiple offers at 6


Negative on Ziggy Ansah?

Idrthrbncleve: I noticed you were not all that enthused about Ansah. Wondering what the reasoning is? He sure looks like he is dynamic with upside, although I guess there is an age issue.

SOBO: There are multiple negatives on Ziggy.

I'm not necessarily high on him as a prospect, because he'll be drafted high as a pass rusher. Unfortunately, he's not a great pass rusher. He doesn't have good bend. And he's more of a power player. I honestly project him as a 34 DE more so than OLB.

Right system -- like Detroit where he would be a wide 9 that allows him more of a straight line path to the QB -- he could be very good. But, overall, I question those things purely as a pass rusher.

Then factor in lack of experience, he's raw, hasn't played in space for 34 teams and whispers of age; it drops him out of my Top 15 altogether. Tremendous natural talent, tremendous risk.


Moving Down to Teens

Skaneff: If the browns move down to the early teens like 11-20 would they take E.J. Manuel and make him the franchise qb
Or would they take tavon Austin or Go defense also Russ lande from the national football post that Lombardi used to work for has the browns taking tavon Austin at 6 ! Any chance he had a heads up on who the browns want !

LA: I'd be beyond shocked if Lombardi and his group would disclose anything that specific.

Now, I am certain they like and have Austin rated highly, but at #6 I am skeptical.

I am not of the impression Manuel is rated as a top-20 prospect by the Browns.


LB: Rolando McClain

Jlacroix: any chance the Browns take a look at him?

LA: Heard not interested at this time.



Brownsouth: Didn't Haden step right up and fill his #1 CB spot? Why all the concern about FA CB's if they can find another Haden in the draft to start(with impact) immediately?

FredGreetham: Theres no guarantee that Milliner will be there at 6 and right now he is the CB rated as a top 10 pick. Haden was 7th overall and stepped in relatively quickly. There is depth at CB but don't know if you can assume a 3rd or 4th rd pick will step in and be a solid player.


Any early whispers from Offseason program?

RenoBrownsfan: Have you heard any coaching staff whispers/impressions from The offseason program yet? Or is it still too early?

FredGreetham: They're only lifting weights and talking in classrooms. There has been no on the field activity.

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