Looking At The QB's

The likelihood of the Browns selecting a QB with the 6th pick in the draft is remote, though the Browns have extensively evaluated the QB prospects and could look be in the market.

The Browns have conducted their due diligence on the QB prospects in the draft. With a varying degree of interest, the organization hasn't closed the door on selecting a signal-caller in the draft.

As the likelihood of the Browns selecting a QB with the 6th overall selection in the draft is unlikely, there is plenty of intrigue surrounding a number of the available talents at the position.

From E.J. Manuel to Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Ryan Nassib, Zac Dysert and Matt Scott, the Browns have extensively reviewed and evaluated the QB prospects.

Despite the claim the organization was heading forward with Brandon Weeden as the starter, with veteran Jason Campbell competing, the draft could ultimately tell a different story for the Browns looking toward the future.

In many ways, E.J. Manuel (Florida State) impressed the Browns brass, theOBR has learned. 

Citing his athleticism, mental make-up and demeanor, Manuel came off impressively during the process with Browns personnel evaluators previously. 

Manuel could be an interesting prospect in a trade-down situation, if the Browns can obtain a second round draft selection.

The Florida State University product is not viewed as an immediate starter, but a very intriguing prospect with tremendous upside.

Manuel won't go to Cleveland with the 6th selection in the draft, but could be targeted later.

The Browns are most curious to see how well Manuel has developed with the specified training and coaching he has been receiving. Down-field accuracy and his throwing motion rank at the top of the list for the Browns.

As intriguing as Manuel may be, Geno Smith from West Virginia supplies plenty of promise. 

The reality is, there isn't a throw Smith isn't capable of making. He possesses the arm strength, speed and athleticism teams of today seek in a QB and the young man is very bright and personable.

Some teams believe Smith is a franchise type QB, others don't view him in the same light. TheOBR has learned the Browns believe Smith possesses that 'franchise' type potential, but requires plenty of work.

Smith's ball-handling, placement when dropping back to pass, pocket awareness and footwork all have been questioned.

And, Smith isn't viewed as being on the same plane as Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, of a year ago.

The Browns like Smith, but the 6th pick in the draft doesn't appear to be a match.

On Saturday, the Browns had a scheduled workout with Smith, which the organization eagerly awaited to gauge whether their evaluation of the QB has any flaws.

This workout could sway the Browns thought process due to the instability at the QB position and the more than perceived notion the front office isn't keen on the starter.

A much-maligned QB prospect heading into the draft has been Matt Barkley of USC. A year ago, Barkley was a hot prospect and a likely top-ten draft talent.

Barkley decided to bypass the 2012 draft and the rest is history. A mediocre 2013 season couple by shoulder injury has led to his rapid draft stock decline.

When evaluating Barkley's 2012 and 2013 seasons while at USC, prior to injury, he was the same player physically - underrated arm strength, limited speed and quickness, decent pocket awareness and decent accuracy.

And, his long ball had a wobble. The basics remained the same.

With that, Browns offensive coordinator Norv Turner was intensely interested in Barkley's workout coming off the shoulder injury recently, and came away rather impressed.

TheOBR has learned Turner believes Barkley can make the necessary throws, can be decisive on the playing field and has enough arm strength to play in the Cleveland weather.

But, his feet, or lack of true agility are somewhat concerning.

If Barkley drops, the Browns could be sitting there waiting for a value selection, as discussions with those surrounding the Browns lead me to believe their interest is greater than most believe.

When evaluating Matt Scott and Ryan Nassib, there were similarities, as well as some vast differences which lends toward the Browns interest in Scott.

Nassib and Scott display solid ability to conduct a fast-paced offensive scheme. Both players move reasonably well in and out of the pocket. Both QB prospects display the ability to throw the ball on the move, with above average accuracy.

In Scott, theOBR learned, the Browns like the demeanor, athleticism, body-type to add additional bulk/strength, as well as his whip of an arm and fearless determination.

Scott may not be big in stature (6'3" 200 lbs)for a QB, but the young man has caught the eye of the Browns.

The Browns have looked at Miami of Ohio QB Zac Dysert on multiple occasions and have come away cautiously intrigued, theOBR has learned.

Some evaluators see a Ben Roethlisberger quality in Dysert. A MAC school QB of solid physical size and stature, leading his team to high quality play.

When watching his play you come away surprised with his quickness, escapability and accuracy. His pocket awareness is slow in developing at times, and from every account he is a leader on the playing field.

The true difference between the two QB's is Dysert isn't as physically big or strong as Roethlisberger and doesn't thrown the ball like the Pittsburgh Steelers QB.

Not to say Dysert doesn't have a future in the NFL, he has the skills to get into a camp and display his above average skill-set and leadership abilities.

Dysert could very well be one of those QB's that only needs a legitimate opportunity. 

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