2nd Round Speculation Continues -- UPDATED

Friday picks up where Thursday left off -- the Browns seeking a 2nd round draft pick - get the buzz coming into theOBR.

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TheOBR has learned the Browns have……..

------pick of McFadden was made after extensive study. Can can press man and zone - athletic, solid selection.,

-----the Browns inquiring about dealing to gain additional 3rd round selection. Hearing Browns looking at CB's and OG.

-----pending physical, WR Davone Bess is a Cleveland Brown.

----- the Browns have spoken with the Patriots about the 20th pick in the 2nd round -- not about QB Ryan Mallet.

----- Brrowns steadfast in not offering up future draft selections or current talent on roster.

-----the Browns are not finding success of yet in landing a 2nd round pick.

----- hearing Browns and Dolphins close on compensation for WR Davone Bess.

----- the Browns and Dolphins could be close to a deal for WR Davone Bess. Bess expected to take physical with a team -- speculation is to be Cleveland later this evening.

----- the Browns have been actively talking to teams about trading into the 2nd round.

----- the Browns would have traded out of the 6th pick if Mingo would have been off the board.

----- and the selection is B Mingo, pretty much what we were hearing -- pass rusher.

----- Mingo.

----- the Browns are talking to two teams as the draft starts.

----- a well placed source tells theOBR, "Isn't a just a little facinating that the Browns have not been tied to DT Star Lotulelei throughout all the draft discussions.

----- Mingo talk to Cleveland swirling.

----- with the Kansas City Chiefs appearing to be selecting OT Eric Fisher, the Jaguars with the second selection could be wavering. The Jaguars were expected to select Fisher, who they rated as the top LT in the draft. This move by the Chiefs could start the movement at DT or OLB.

----- there has been plenty of chatter about the Steelers and TE Tyler Eifert, if OLB Jarvis Jones is off the board.

- kept the pass rushers in the conversation with the 6th selection, as well as CB Dee Milliner. The wild card comes in a trade down or swaying but those within the draft committee to sway the tide toward a QB -- still hearing is highly unlikely at number-six.

------ it may mean nothing, but OLB Barkevious Mingo is in New York sporting a brown tie and orange pocket square.

- worked through the QB's of immediate note (Smith and Manuel) and a consensus on the position or player has not been reached. The Browns have legitimate interest, but with the 6th selection, the process of a committee approach appears to be working as intended.

- remained receptive to trade down talks. TheOBR keeps hearing today the Rams have intensified their interest in moving up.

- kept OLB's Dion Jordan and Barkevious Mingo in the conversation with the 6th selection in the first round.

- the impression DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah will be off the board prior to their selection at 6.

- had an increased amount of chatter surrounding OLB's Mingo and Jordan today. From what theOBR has been hearing, the Browns still leaning toward pass rusher -- unless a trade down materializes.

- remained in contact with the Dolphins and Jets today, nothing close to a deal just yet. Also, the Browns are fielding calls about the 6th pick, with the interest in the selection becoming significant.

- eluded to the possibility of dealing talent from the current roster, in the right deal, from what theOBR has been told, but not openly shopping players.

- initiated discussions about trading down in the draft, as securing a late first round selection appears highly unlikely without dealing 2014 selections.

- spoken with the San Francisco 49ers regarding the 6th selection in the draft, again the target is WR Tavon Austin.

- talked with the St. Louis Rams regarding the 6th selection the Browns currently possess. The target -- WR Tavon Austin.

- stepped away from trade discussions with the Oakland Raiders for the 3rd selection in the draft.

- as reported by theOBR in past weeks, the Browns indeed could be playing the field in multiple trade down discussions. The Browns seek value and additional picks.

- looked again at DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah and OLB Dion Jordan in recent days.

- discussed at length CB D.J. Hayden. The Browns do not appear to be scared off from his life-threatening heart/vein rupture, for which he is fully recovered. Hayden is not out of the question for the Browns early.

- discussed the 6th pick with an undisclosed team interested in WR Tavon Austin.

- rekindled talks with the Miami Dolphins for the 6th overall selection in the draft.

- discussed moving up with the Oakland Raiders. Conflicting information coming into theOBR the move would be to secure a pass rusher, while other sources tell theOBR the moves would be made to secure QB Geno Smith -- which theOBR believes is a long-shot due to our intel.

- continued to discuss the QB position, with the organization not reaching a consensus on Geno Smith and continued intrigue toward E.J. Manuel.

- not leaned away from selecting CB Dee Milliner with the 6th selection in the draft.

- not joined in discussions regarding New England Patriots backup QB Ryan Mallet.

- not informed any player of their thoughts in the first round. Despite this, OLB Dion Jordan and QB E.J. Manuel see Cleveland as destinations they could see transpiring.

- seriously deliberated their draft-board over the past week. Although set, the Browns draft committee has continued to evaluate best "fits" for this team now and into the future.

- continued to send mixed signals about their draft intentions. Various sources tell theOBR the Browns interest in moving up is minimal.

- begun to sway away from certain players as the draft approaches. Now, theOBR has learned the Browns appear poised to remove themselves from the DT Star Lotulelei equation.

- discussed with New York, where the Jets would land the 6th, 68th and 104th selections in the draft. The Browns in return sought the 9th, 39th and 72nd selections in the draft. The teams continue to have dialogue, but the Jets turned down the proposal.

- conducted discussions with the Miami Dolphins regarding the Browns sixth overall selection in the first round. Promising talks could be wavering as the Dolphins have been working toward a deal for Kansas City Chiefs LT Brandon Albert. With the 6th selection, the Dolphins were believed to be interested in an offensive tackle.

- had trade discussions with the Dolphins regarding veteran WR Davone Bess. TheOBR has learned through sources close to the player and the Browns that the Browns are willing to offer a 5th round draft selection. The Dolphins are believed to be talking to two other teams about Bess.

- had exploratory discussions with the Oakland Raiders regarding the 3rd overall selection in the draft. Speculation exists that the Browns had targeted OLB Dion Jordan or DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah.

- fielded plenty of feedback from DC Ray Horton regarding the 6th selection in the draft. Horton has persistent in his support for the team to select OLB Dion Jordan.

- continued to discuss QB's Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel well into the draft-board settling. TheOBR continues to hear the Browns are not going QB with the 6th selection in the draft – but the continued discussion/debate leaves the direction up for interpretation. TheOBR has been told a trade-down scenario kicks the door wide-open for the selection of a QB.

- removed OG Chance Warmack from consideration with the 6th pick, but remains an option in a trade-down scenario.

- removed OG/C Jonathan Cooper from consideration with the 6th pick, but remains an option in a trade-down scenario.

- evaluated thoroughly and believe Warmack and Cooper could become All-Pro's quickly, making their decision-making process increasingly difficult.

- removed WR Cordelle Patterson from consideration with the 6th pick.

- conducted draft scenarios which would place DT Star Lotulelei on the board at number-six. Presently, theOBR is of the impression the Browns are leaning in another direction.

- seriously considered OLB Barkevious Mingo and theOBR is of the impression Mingo remains a candidate.

- had lengthy dialogue within the ranks regarding CB Dee Milliner. TheOBR is of the impression the decision-makers aren't all on the same page regarding the standout CB.

- removed WR Tavon Austin from consideration with the 6th pick.

- strongly considered CB Jamar Taylor of Boise State in a later trade down scenario type selection.

And in other news……………..

- WR Tavon Austin is in conversations as being a top-five selection.

- A total of eight teams have already told WVU WR Tavon Austin they will select him if he's on the board -- including one Top 10 team (top-ten team is not Cleveland - It's actually the Jets. The Steelers and Ravens are two of the aforementioned teams.

- The San Francisco 49ers target in a potential trade up situation is Dee Milliner. SF "wants and salivating over" the cornerback.

- The Buffalo Bills are legitimately considering a QB in the Top 10. Exact target is in question (Nassib, Smith or Barkley).

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