What We've Been Told

Just what were the thoughts about and behind the 2013 Browns draft process?

What we've been told as to the thought process regarding the Browns 2013 draft selections.

On OLB/DE Barkevious Mingo, the Browns first round draft selection –

"He (Mingo) has such explosive physical qualities, many of which were not on full view last season at LSU. The obvious stat that people look at is sacks, from a pass rusher. In this case, the deeper analytical profile shows Mingo to be proficient at the collegiate level, which we intent to maximize his utilization in our scheme."

"This selection (Mingo) has as much with what we believe he can do now, as much as we believe he will be a special player in the future. Ray (Horton – defensive coordinator) can't wait to get his hands on him. We intend to pressure people and Mingo fits into that strategy."

"Right now we envision Mingo playing outside and DE in certain personnel packages."

On a trade opportunity in the first round –

"We won't discuss specifics, but we had a trade opportunity in place (with St. Louis as theOBR reported during the first round of the draft), if out guy (Mingo) wasn't on the board. "

"Our guy (Mingo) was on the board and we felt he was a better fit for us than trading down, both in value and quality. We are very pleased and excited with our selection."

On the inability to gain a second round draft pick in the draft –

"There were some teams looking to trade back or out of the second round, but the cost to us was too prohibitive. We didn't believe it would have been a solid decision to basically deal away a big portion of the 2013 draft opportunities, or a 2014 first or second round selection."

"With had a couple CB's we were hoping would fall to us, it was close, so not dealing our third round selection, along with some guys were selected later in the draft that we believe can contribute going forward."

On CB Leon McFadden, the Browns third round draft selection –

"(Leon) McFadden is a CB that we had rated as a potential starting caliber player. He has excellent coaching and production in his college background and has shown to be reliable."

"We wanted a CB that could be physical with good technique and athleticism. If you watch him on film, you'll see he (McFadden) knows how to get in position recognizes coverage and responsibility and gets in and out as fluidly as a WR."

"We expect him to come in and compete and we'll go from there."

On trading the fourth round selection to the Pittsburgh Steelers –

"We had an opportunity to provide us greater value and we took the offer. The trade was made with the future in mind and again we are looking for what we deem improved value, this trade nets us exactly that."

"A few players had come off the board that interested us, but in the end sitting in the fourth we weren't sold that remaining availability equaled value based on our board."

"We have plenty of youth and inexperience within the roster, there comes a point where you cannot overload the process and we're working through that this year."

On trading the fifth round selection to the Indianapolis Colts –

"Basically the same scenario as with the earlier trade, we had players on our board which we believed could have gotten later in the draft. We were not going to over-draft."

On the swapping of fourth and fifth round draft selections to acquire WR Davone Bess

"Quite a bit of back and forth to get this deal done and we are excited with not only what we gave up, but much more about getting Davone Bess. He (Bess) has been one of the most productive WR's over the past five years and especially on third-down, where this team has struggled."

"Bess provides the offense with a proven veteran that has been highly successful and in the prime of his career. This deal makes us a better team today and he is a great addition to the Cleveland Browns."

"The thing here is, he isn't just a slot receiver, he can spread out, he is an asset in the return game and is reliable."

On FS Jamoris Slaughter, the Browns sixth round draft selection –

"Prior to injury, we had a mid-round grade on Slaughter. With what we viewed of Slaughter in our evaluations, we felt he could come in and compete."

"In our defensive scheme, we like players that can play smart, aggressive football and make plays. If you watch Slaughter, he was good playing close to the line, he supports the run well, has good quickness and will put a helmet on a ball-carrier/receiver."

"At Notre Dame he (Slaughter played many roles. He was a FS, SS an LB in certain personnel packages. He wasn't a guy used in coverage all the time, so yes, we believe he can cover, but there will be a difference between him covering a TE in college and one in the NFL."

On DE/OLB Armonty Bryant, the Browns first of two seventh round draft selections –

"We extensively checked out Bryant's past issues. In talking with the player and those associated with him and about him, we felt he has committed and has been committed to growing as a person."

"On talent alone, (Armonty) Bryant could have been a second round draft selection, he is explosive, long and relentless."

"He'll (Bryant) will have to come in, work hard and show what he can do. Players are going to compete, and we believe Bryant has the physical tools and athleticism to make a name for himself – its really up to him."

On OG Garrett Gilkey, the Browns second of two seventh round draft selections –

"He (Gilkey) is physical, has pretty good feet and technique. He really performed well throughout his collegiate career and looked good at the Senior Bowl against top competition."

"Gilkey will be an OG, which we believe is a fit with his physical tools."

"Much like the Slaughter and Bryant selections, we look at it as high upside type picks, so if a player doesn't quite make it, the cost or impact is lessened, but we believe Gilkey has a chance."

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