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Notes and quotes gauging the progress of QB Brandon Weeden, RB Trent Richardson and WR Josh Gordon.

In the days and weeks leading up to training camp, theOBR will spotlight players within the roster as the Browns prepare for the 2013 NFL season, with insight from those in the know.

On QB Brandon Weeden :

"He has thrown the ball well, very well in some cases. He has worked hard to improve his ability to read and react quickly, but the biggest obstacle he is overcoming is his footwork. Where he is today compared to last year is night and day, he is doing a good job."

"What Brandon (Weeden) must do is improve his ability to slide in the pocket, finding seams and minimize mistakes. Some of the mistakes come from him being late or indecisive with his reads and him just not getting the ball out."

"When watching his work in OTA and the mini-camp sessions and comparing his tape from a season ago, you can easily identify the progress. He has looked more comfortable and deliberate in his approach and actions working with (OC) Norv Turner."

On RB Trent Richardson :

"He is having some lower leg issues, nothing significant despite what has been reported. We have every expectation and absolutely no reason to believe he will not be on the field as training camp starts in late July."

"He (Richardson) played last year with injuries that really hampered him, robbed him of quickness and elusiveness. The intention is to have him healthy and ready to go for the season."

"Trent (Richardson) works very hard, he pushes himself, his body to the last degree. We are working with him to ensure he doesn't over-work his body and we will see him a little lighter in camp, which we believe will improve his quickness, the shiftiness we know he possesses."

On WR Josh Gordon :

"He is having a very good off-season in the weight-room, film study and on the practice field. His physical development has been impressive and ongoing. Gordon has the physical qualities to become a very good player in this league, it's up to him."

"Many of these young guys need a presence around to help guide them, to learn from and to have an example in place. It's all about how you as a player conducts yourself, holds one self-accountable and matures in a high-profile environment."

"The suspension is unfortunate and hopefully is an eye-opening experience for him (Gordon). We (Browns) and the league do everything possible to inform players about what they shouldn't put in their bodies and how to ensure they don't make a mistake. In this day and age, it's pretty inexcusable, whether due to illness or ignorance."

"Going forward, the onus is on Gordon, an organization can only do so much monitoring and nurturing of a professional athlete."

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