Browns re-up with long snapper

The Cleveland Browns on Tuesday agreed to terms on a five-year contract with long snapper Christian Yount, the team announced.

You ever try to long snap a football between your legs? As the blood quickly rushes to your head, dizziness sets in. Instead of snapping the ball on a straight line, it just tumbles along for a few yards in the grass.

But, for the guys who do it for large sums of money, they are much, much better.

The Browns long snapper is Christian Yount. He has been with the Browns since the final five games of the 2011 season, and now he'll be here through the 2017 season after agreeing to terms on a five-year contract Aug. 6.

"Christian has proven that he's a reliable contributor," Browns coach Rob Chudzinski said in a press release. "He's an important cog at an often undervalued position. We're happy to have him on our team."

Yount is in his third season out of UCLA and a native of Laguna Beach, Calif.

Let's just say, his personality is befitting for a guy from southern California.

Why? He's worth a follow on Twitter, @TheYount. As of this writing, his latest tweet is a picture of him sitting next to Brandon Weeden at the cafeteria in Berea. The Browns' quarterback is talking to the NFL Network's Pam Oliver who is seated next to the man himself, Ed Hochuli. Hochuli's guns are just as impressive out of the zebra uniform.

Yount arrived in Cleveland in 2011 after the team released former 2003 fifth-round draft pick Ryan Pontbriand. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers originally signed Yount in 2011 as an undrafted free agent.

Now, how he doesn't get dizzy when he snaps remains a mystery. Same goes for why Butch Davis drafted a long snapper in the fifth round a decade ago.

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