Midway Madness

Two preseason games remain. This one is the most enjoyable with the starters going two-plus quarters. Still, we're all ready for football to start counting.

Although we are halfway home there are still two preseason games remaining. These games arrive so quickly and we are SO EXCITED to watch football, and then we remember this is just practice football. Our patience wears thin. Instant gratification, please! I WANT REAL FOOTBALL NOW!

Saturday's game at Indianapolis will be as real as we're going to get until Sept. 8. The Browns starters are expected to play into the third quarter and so far, the first-teamers have put together two solid outings.

Time to make it three.

There is no way of truly knowing how this team will play in 2013 based off preseason games, but we can't help get excited about what we've seen. Rushing touchdowns. Passing touchdowns. Punt returns for touchdowns. No turnovers. Speed. Limited penalties. Defense forcing turnovers and creating three-and-outs. I mean, it's like they are a REAL, HONEST-TO-GOODNESS professional football team.

Get your phones ready to call for playoff tickets, 1-800-HOL-GRUM and ask for Mike.

OK, OK, so perhaps that's a little too ambitious.

The goal for Saturday has to be to continue to make positive strides to continue to build this team's confidence, which could be a key intangible for this season.

In two games, Brandon Weeden has played, dare I say it, GOOD. He was named the starter Aug. 20, which really wasn't news to anyone but Rob Chudzinski. Still, Weeden looks like he knows what to do with the ball, his arm strength looks above average and he isn't making dumb mistakes. No doubt he'll make a mistake when the games count, but as long as he keeps building his confidence, he'll be able to overcome an interception here or a bad throw there.

The Weeden news wasn't the only bit of goings on for the Browns since their last game Aug. 15.

What a Week

In the week since the Browns last played a preseason game, the team traded for an offensive guard from the Seattle Seahawks, who went on to fail his physical. He is now a member of the Denver Broncos. Huh?

We learned the Browns top two wide receivers need to take some classes at Top Driver.

Speedy running back Dion Lewis is pretty much done for the season.

The timetable on the team's top draft pick to return to the field is unclear.

Scary Injuries Be Gone

Barkevious Mingo's lung issue he suffered during the Browns' second preseason game is nothing to screw around with. Last season, the Browns dealt with offensive lineman Jason Pinkston's hospitalization for a blood clot. Thankfully, aside from an ankle injury, Pinkston is healthy and back playing.

When Mingo can return is unclear and it definitely won't be Saturday night. Two weeks? Two months? We just have to wait and see. Apparently, coughing up blood is bad. Really bad. And doctors aren't messing around.

The last preseason game was devastating for some of the younger players on this team, who were expected to be core contributors. Until key players leave the playing field in Indianapolis on Saturday, Browns fans will be repeating this mantra, "Don't get hurt. Get up. Don't get hurt. Get up. Don't get hurt. Get up."

This is by far the most never-racking preseason game.

The Owen Marecic Watch

We are into week three of The Watch and Owen Marecic is still listed behind Chris Ogbonnaya for starting fullback of the Browns. It doesn't look good for the Browns' former starting fullback.

Cut down day is Tuesday, Aug. 27, as prior to 4 p.m. Eastern, teams must trim their rosters to 75 players on the Active List.

On Aug. 31, teams will reduce their roster to a regular-season ready 53 players on the Active/Inactive list.

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