Team Stands United

Most of the talk has been surrounding the interception he threw late in the game to seal the defeat as he flipped it underhand toward the sideline.

BEREA, Ohio -- There has been non-stop debate on talk radio, in newspapers and on social media since last Sunday's second half collapse against the Lions.

Most of it has been directed at the play of quarterback Brandon Weeden.

However, Weeden said he has found a way to deal with it.

"It's no different than any other week," Weeden said. "There's going to be negativity. It's part of playing this position in this league.

"I have very good earmuffs on and went out and bought the best ones I could," he said. "You can't listen to (the talk). All I care about is what goes on in this building. The guys, I have their back and it really doesn't' matter what others say. We're a football team here and I love to come to work with these guys every day."

Most of the talk has been surrounding the interception he threw late in the game to seal the defeat as he flipped it underhand toward the sideline.

"It's behind me," he said. "I didn't lose any sleep over it. It stung at the time and I'm sure it will sting if I watch it again. It all happened so fast. You have to move on. It can't happen (again and my mindset is) don't let it happen again."

Weeden said he and his wife, Melanie, have gotten rid of their Twitter accounts.

"The easy one is social media," he said. "I just watch movies with the wife and don't listen to it. I've been through ups and downs enough (that) I'd like to say I'm mature enough to not listen to a seven-year old kid telling me how to play quarterback."

Weeden says he's looking ahead.

"You never want to lose, but once we get in here (on Wednesday), it's all behind us," he said. "It's on to Green Bay and we're not looking back. No loss is easy, but you have to have a short memory and move on."

Rob Chudzinski, once again defended Weeden, and is confident he will bounce back this week.

"He has and he understands from the other day in the film session he stopped by (Tuesday) and we talked more," he said. "I like his attitude and he's taking responsibility and accountability as we all are. It's not about one player, it's the team and as coaches we're going to do a better job. I'm excited about this weekend and Sunday. Every week is a new week."

Weeden says, for him, it's about being consistent.

"There was obviously some good to build off of and obviously, there were some areas that I need to improve," he said. "I think just being consistent for four quarters and if we can piece four quarters together, I like our chances on Sunday."

Weeden doesn't know why the offense has played so poorly in the second half.

"I can't put a finger on it," he said. "It looks difficult because we haven't played well in the second half, at times. I just think we came out and didn't execute and this game is all about execution. The energy was there."

Weeden said he thinks the Browns will be better prepared for this week.

"I think Chud has a couple of things up his sleeve in even how he sets up practice," he said. "He's good at that. It's all a mindset. We have to make the adjustments and go out and execute them."

Chudzinski was asked what the coaches can do to help him play well, but that doesn't mean cutting back on the passing game.

"We''ll do some things from a scheme point to accentuate what he does really well," he said. "We'll adjust some of the things we're doing. I believe in the balance you want to have between running the football and throwing the football. I think when you get one dimensional it's not going to be in our best interest or give us the best chance to win."

He said that Weeden has been responding positively.

"His mindset has been good and I think what you try to do as a coach anytime you're talking with guys and working with guys you accentuate the positives and the good things and we had a chance to do that," Chudzinski said. "We had meetings and had a chance to go through it and he did some good things in the game, particularly in the first half.

"He was getting the ball out and was efficient and managing the game well, so you really focus on those and you correct the things that he didn't do so well," he said. "We've gone through and talked about some of those decisions and that's the process that you do in coaching and we're going to do everything we can to put him in the best possible situation to succeed."

Weeden knows he has to play better, but knows it's all about the team playing together.

"It takes eleven guys playing for four quarters," he said. "We could all do something different. My (interception), obviously, was glaring because it was at the end of the game. We all wish we could've done something different. I wish I could have made a throw. I think everybody here has each other's back and it's no different with me."

Besides Chudzinski, the players in the locker room are standing by Weeden, including captains Joe Thomas and D'Qwell Jackson.

"Nobody in this locker room is discouraged," Thomas said. "Everybody in the locker room is behind (Weeden). A couple plays (different) and he's the hero."

Jackson agreed.

"He's the guy," he said. "We're behind him and we're going to try to Lambeau and get a win."

Willis McGahee has just been with the team a few weeks but has taken on a leadership role.

"It's not Brandon's fault," he said. "It's everyone's."

Chudzinski was asked if he talked to some of the players about having lost faith in Weeden.

"(I've not had) to ask that specific question, because it's apparent to me with out having to ask that," he said. "There is no question the team has rallied behind Brandon and will. He's played well, at times and has embraced the coaching and is working hard with (offensive coordinator) Norv (Turner) and is doing everything he can to improve and i expect that to happen and i except him to play well."

Thomas re-iterated that it takes the whole team to perform well.

"It's a team game and it really comes down to how the team plays."

Weeden agrees that it's all about the offense coming together.

"We started the (Lions) game going three-and-out and we finally got some rhythm," Weeden said. "If you look at the drives that we went down and scored touchdowns, we had some big plays. We had first downs and we got chunk yardage. In the second half, we didn't. It was a matter of not having eleven guys on the same page. That's what it takes to be successful."


Sheard Should Play: It appeared that LB Jabaal Sheard (knee) was going to return to the field last week against the Lions, but he was held out. He is expected to play this week against the Packers.

"He was close this last game," Chudzinski said. "We felt a few more days and he'd be ready to roll."

DL Billy Winn (quad) and WR Charles Johnson (undisclosed) were the only two players not on the practice field.

Chudzinski said that Winn has started to run is getting closer to returning.

Pinkston Returns: OL Jason Pinkston returned to practice for the first time since training camp. He suffered a high ankle sprain in the preseason and was placed on short term injured reserve.

"He can start practicing and we have two weeks to make a decision."

Pinkston is eligible to return after the eighth game.

Chud Praises Campbell: QB Jason Campbell has been bypassed as the backup quarterback this season and de-activated as the backup quarterback in another game. However, Chudzinski said he has admired how Campbell has responded.

"He's a true pro," he said. "He's been great. He's a great guy in the locker room. I know he's ready if needed. His approach has been outstanding."

Chudzinski cited that Campbell stayed after practice and worked with some of the young players on the two-minute drill last week.

Chudzinski said it has been totally his decision to stick with Weeden and he is pleased with the way Jason Campbell has handled the situation.

Worth Quoting: "On Monday, i felt 40. I was a little sore. (Now), I feel 20. My body feels great. Having the three in front of a zero is a little different I'm going to have to get used to it."--Weeden when asked about turning 30 on Monday.

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