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UPDATED 10:50 am EST -- With ample salary-cap space and holes to fill within the roster, the Browns appear poised to be busy in the early hours of free agency. Stay tuned, free agency kicks off at 4:00 EST on Tuesday.

UPDATE 10:50 am EST 3/11/14

The Browns are in the 'not right now' mode on Dexter McCluster, which we are told directly relates to the Browns interest in other slot receiver types continues.

Donte Whitner continues to appear to be locked into joining the Browns, as the organization continues to discuss deals with prospective players.

TheOBR has learned the Browns could land three to four free agents within the next 24-hours, including ILB Arthur Moats.

UPDATE 10:00 am EST 3/11/14

While everything continues to point to FA SS Donte Whitner joining the Browns later today, the Browns interest in slot receivers continues to grow.

The Browns have a great interest in New England potentially soon to be free agent WR Julian Edelman, as the Patriots continue to negotiate with the receiver.

The Browns interest in Edelman and Emmanuel Sanders (Pit)has left the Browns in a sketchy area with Dexter McCluster (KC), as the Browns want to secure a slot type receiver.

UPDATE 6:00 am EST 3/11/14

Barring an unexpected turn of events, FA SS Donte Whitner (SF) and FA KR/WR/RB Dexter McCluster (KC) are expected be joining the Cleveland Browns, upon the 4:00 pm EST start of free agency.

Additionally, FA FS Jarius Byrd (Buf) could decide where he will play in 2014 prior to the beginning of free agency. The Browns remain a contender.

- T.J Ward will test the FA market and his return to Cleveland is remote at best. Ward loves Cleveland, he wanted to return, but the Browns have only placed underwhelming parameters in front of the safety.

- Alex Mack is set to see what is out there in FA and his agent truly believes his client will be playing elsewhere in 2014. Scuttle gaining steam is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be readying an offer for the transition tagged center. The St. Louis Rams also are believed to be interested.

- Interestingly, the Browns have been in contact with the Buccaneers about All-World CB Darrelle Revis. Could the Browns and Bucs make a Revis for Mack deal happen? We will soon see.

- Outside of the Revis/Mack speculation, the Browns await a contract forwarded to Mack.

- The Browns have been in discussions with numerous agents over the past couple days, contrary to media reports early that the Browns had been quiet, as reported by theOBR.

- The Browns have had lengthy talks with the agent for SS Donte Whitner and the Browns are considered very strong players for the local-native.

- The Browns have had lengthy talks with the agent for WR/RB/KR Dexter McCluster. The Browns view McCluster as a multi-dimensional weapon and are considered very strong players for McCluster.

- As previously reported, barring a last minute issue, the Browns are out on NE FA WR Julian Edelman.

- The Browns have shown interest in Pittsburgh WR Emmanuel Sanders, it is unknown whether the McCluster interest removes Sanders from the Browns equation.

- As of Monday afternoon, theOBR has been told the Browns had not discussed FA RB's Ben Tate (Hou) and Donald Brown (Indy), with their respective agents. I'd be interested in inking Tate to a one-year deal.

- The Browns have been in contact with the agent for FA ILB Karlos Dansby. Speculation is mounting that the Browns are willing to offer a third-season, with more dollars included to offset the two-year, 10-12 million dollar offer Dansby has received from the Cardinals.

- From what theOBR has heard, FA ILB Arthur Moats is a candidate for the Browns, especially if Dansby signs elsewhere. At the present, Moats and the Browns are in play.

- The Browns have had some communication regarding FA FS Jairus Byrd. Presently, theOBR has learned Byrd has not committed to any team and the Browns remain a strong candidate. The Redskins are believed to be making a push for Byrd's services.

- TheOBR has been unable to gain knowledge of the CB and two offensive linemen the Browns have shown interest in during the pre-FA discussion period.

- As reported by theOBR weeks ago, the Browns will have an interest in QB's Rex Grossman and Matt Schaub. With Grossman, the FA QB is familiar with OC Kyle Shanahan's scheme and would be an inexpensive signing. In Schaub, the Browns would be interested if the player is released by the Houston Texans.

And thanks to all you guys out there that have pointed out to us how many players that were listed DAYS ago by theOBR have shown up on lists provided by other media entities as players of interest for the Browns.

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