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Here is the latest TheOBR's Lane Adkins is hearing regarding the Browns' draft plans.

The latest in The Fast Lane:

- Continue to hear heavy doses of offensive linemen Greg Robinson of Auburn and Jake Matthews of Texas A&M. The Browns have a very high opinion of each player and believe the offensive linemen will be cornerstone type players for years to come. The Browns also believe each lineman can play the tackle spots as well as guard.

- Offensive tackle Jack Mewhort and centers that also can play guard like Marcus Martin of USC and Weston Richburg of Colorado State have received plenty of attention from the Browns.

- Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack remains in the picture for the Browns. Head coach Mike Pettine loves Mack and believes he can be moved around throughout the defensive scheme and be a disruptive presence.

- I am told the Browns are interested in inside linebacker Chris Borland of Wisconsin, as reported months ago, as well as Yawin Smallwood (Connecticut), Preston Brown (Louisville) and Christian Jones (Florida State).

- I am told Darqueze Dennard (Michigan State) and Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech) are the top-two rated cornerbacks on the Browns' draft board.

- While the Browns believe Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins can be a dynamic at the next level, I am hearing the Browns are leaning away from him at No. 4and may be seeking a bigger type wide receiver opposite Josh Gordon. I keep hearing Mike Evans (Texas A&M), Allen Robinson (Penn State), Jordan Matthews (Vanderbilt) and Odell Beckham (LSU).

- I have been told the Browns will look to add a running back in the mid- to later-portion of the draft. I am also told the Browns haven't been scared off of running back Isaiah Crowell of Alabama State, despite his past issues.

- The hot-bed of discussion surrounding the Browns is the quarterback position. Despite claims by the organization that they are "good going forward with Brian Hoyer," I am hearing the Browns are covering the bases in their pursuit of a quarterback.

As reported here by TheOBR approximately 60 days ago, we were told then and continue to believe Teddy Bridgewater is the type of quarterback GM Ray Farmer wants: very mature, athletic, calm and a student of the game. I am told Bridgewater's poor pro day workout changes nothing with the Browns and he will have a private workout with the team in mid- to late-April.

At the present, we continue to hear the Browns have not jumped into a quarterback at No. 4, some because of value, some because of uncertainty of the players available. Much more into the final decision will be determined in the private meetings with the quarterbacks and coaching staff -- especially offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan. The ability to process, adapt and grow will be a serious factor in the selection process and one that could open the door for a quarterback with the No. 4 pick.

- I am of the opinion Bridgewater will be the quarterback the Browns go after early. While I am skeptical of him at No. 4, I do know Farmer likes him very much and if he seeks to make a statement, he'll select him there. I also expect the Browns to select another quarterback later in the draft -- one of value.

- The Browns expect Blake Bortles (Central Florida) to be off the board prior to their selection at No. 4.

- Johnny Manziel (Texas A&M) intrigues the Browns, but there are serious reservations about his game. The Browns are interested to have him sit with Shanahan. Never say never, but right now I am of the strongest impression he isn't the guy.

More draft noise

The Browns may seek opportunities to land five selections within the top-50ish in the draft.

From what I have been told, the Browns are not locked in to remaining at Nos. 4, 26 and 35. The Browns have no desire to move far from No. 4 and are exploring options.

The quality and depth of this draft has the Browns' front office very excited.

More Manziel

The Browns are intrigued to a point and will know much more about Johnny Manziel — mentally — once he comes in for a workout and sit-down, especially with Shanahan.

As I have been noting, I am of the strongest impression Manziel is not in the discussion at No. 4, but No. 26 may be a different story upon their due diligence.

I'm not saying they won't select Manziel, but I am told there are obstacles.

Popular QB Names

During my discussions, the three quarterback names that keep finding their way to me are:

Derek Carr (Fresno State)
Zach Mettenberger (LSU)
Tom Savage (Pittsburgh)

More on top two O-linemen

Both Greg Robinson and Jake Matthews are players that are expected to penciled-in quality starters for the next decade and versatile to play anywhere along the line (other than center for Robinson).


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