JUNIOR DAY: Just Stellar for Gumbs

ELK GROVE, Calif. -- Chandler Gumbs and his TMP Elite team earned a ticket to Fullerton for the Passing Down Best of the West on Sunday, but he took some time to talk about his visit to Cal earlier in the weekend.

ELK GROVE, Calif. -- Since the end of football season, Hayward (Calif.) Stellar Prep's Chandler Gumbs has put on 13 pounds of muscle, and on Sunday at the Passing Down 7on7 Central California Regional, it showed. During his Saturday Junior Day visit to California, the Bears coaching staff said that they were looking for taller, stronger corners, and Gumbs has certainly become that.

"I'm in the weight room four or five days a week," Gumbs said at Passing Down. "The Cal corners are smaller than most corners, so they were saying that they're trying to recruit taller, stronger corners."

Gumbs was physical off the line, tough as nails in press and could keep up with every receiver he was matched up against. Beyond just the physical, Gumbs was set against several receivers who had a propensity for trash talk, and through several very intense games, Gumbs kept his cool, even when some of his teammates couldn't. Above all, Gumbs let his play do the talking.

But, on Saturday, he let the Cal coaches do the talking, and he liked what he heard.

"It was fun," Gumbs said of his Junior Day experience on the Berkeley campus. "I enjoyed the campus, the facilities, everything like that. Their practice was awesome. I liked their practice a lot, and I really enjoyed myself the entire day. I got a better feel for the practice. I also got to see that campus lifestyle, living on the campus and everything like that. It was great. It was live [during Cal Day]. I'd never seen so many people there. I was hanging out with the coaches, and it was nice."

Gumbs was particularly fond of how defensive backs coach Greg Burns ran his portion of practice.

"It was the tone, the way they hit – it's constant. It's back to back to back. I like practices like that – live practices," Gumbs said. "I talked with him a little bit, but in the practice, I didn't really get a chance to talk with him, because he was doing mostly coaching for the DBs. I like [his style]. He would like me at corner or safety. I can be versatile and do both. I prefer corner."

Saturday was Gumbs's third visit out to Cal, and on Tuesday, the Bears coaches will come out to Hawyard to check out Gumbs and teammate Darrell Adams.

"Cal's coming to our workout on Tuesday, and we're going to try to see if we can get some looks," Gumbs said. "Any Pac-12 offer is a gift, so I like all Pac-12 offers. Anything."

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