Draft Evaluation: Jimmy Garoppolo

Is Jimmy Garoppolo the next Tony Romo? This latest Eastern Illinois product is one of the most intriguing prospects in this year's quarterback draft class.

Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois

6' 3" 222 - Senior

2013 Accuracy Chart:

5 Games vs: Tennessee St / UT Martin / Eastern KY / Northern Illinois / Jacksonville St

Throw Type

Throws Left

Throws Middle

Throws Right

Passes 20+ yards

6 for 14 - 3 TD/2 INTs (4 drops)

5 for 7 - TD

5 for 14 - TD

(3 drops)

Passes 11-19 yards

7 for 9 - TD

8 for 11 - 3 TD's

1 INT (1 drop)

10 for 14 - 2 TD's

(1 drop)

Passes 0-10 yards

26 for 35

3 TD's


18 for 29

2 TD's

5 drops

24 for 37

3 Drops

Passes Behind the Line of Scrimmage

5 for 6

1 drop

3 for 3

5 for 5

Anticipation - Grade = 10

Garoppolo has done a masterful job with his anticipation skills by consistently throwing receivers open. He throws the ball as his target is in his break, allowing the ball to be on him as soon as he becomes open and in stride. He puts the ball in spots where only the target can make a play on it. His deep passes all have very good touch on them as well as accuracy. Throws a flawless Fade Route in the Red Zone, perfect for the Browns who have Cameron & Gordon.

Vision - Grade = 10

Seldomly makes an incorrect read. Does well, for the most part, keeping his eyes downfield and freezing the Safety. On some short routes, Garoppolo shows a tendency to lock onto a receiver. That usually happens on designed quick screens.

In addition, Garoppolo shows an understanding of defensive tendencies and consistently looks for ways to exploit opposing defenses. Hit 4 different WR's, LePak 51/723/8,

Gober 48/894/9, Drake 85/1305/13, & Lora 123/1544/19. Obviously was not a product of one great target.

Mechanics - Grade = 10

Good spin on his passes, compact throwing motion & follows through consistently, and drives through his passes. Very good velocity on his throws. Nice touch on most passes. Quick release, Quick footwork, and a Quick process through his progressions. Consistent release point allows him to be very accurate. Sometimes throws a ball high, rarely behind or under thrown unless intentional. Mechanics stay strong while on the run. Keeps strong velocity and accuracy when moving outside the pocket.

Leadership - Grade = 9

A 3 and a half year starter who led his team from misery to a 12-2 season in 2013. Garoppolo was able to lead his team through adversity several times and through several games, thus showing his ability to lead and the willingness of teammates to follow.

Decision Making - Grade = 10

Garoppolo's decision making is the kind you look for at the next level. Seldom does he try to force a throw into tight or double coverage. Nine times out of ten he has made the proper read within the designed play. Often, if a play is busted or tightly covered, Garoppolo will get outside the pocket and make the best read…. Throwing the ball away and not committing a turnover.

Mobility - Grade = 8

Johnny Manziel received a 10 of 10 in the mobility category. Manziel is heads above all in this category. Garoppolo and Bortles are second best out of the class. Has good escapability, picks up a good amount of yards on designed runs, and is very nimble on his feet when used on bootleg and rollout plays. In addition, Garoppolo loses very little velocity on the move and still has good accuracy and touch on his passes.

Clutch - Grade = 8

Garoppolo came up clutch in several instances in 2013. Over his career at Eastern Illinois, Garoppolo had moments of coming up big, yet too many factors kept him on the losing end of games, until the 13' season. Based on his overall performance throughout his time at EIU, I would be comfortable in stating that he will be a clutch performer at the next level.

Pocket Presence - Grade = 7

Garoppolo feels pressure well & generally does a good job of either stepping up/sliding in the pocket or getting outside the pocket to elude. There were some instances throughout film sessions where it was noticed that he would "Freeze" when he saw the pressure coming. Some seem to think it could be that Garoppolo is "Soft". To the contrary, I've seen too many instances of him getting out in front of plays to make key blocks down to him throwing a pick & actually putting a big hit on the returner, showing he is not "Soft" in the least bit. To me, he seems as if he is trying to bait the pass rusher to hold his rush angle and then escape at the last second, which in turn would "freeze" the pass rusher. Unfortunately for him, it just doesn't always work!

GRADE = 72 of 80



COMPARISON = Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles

SUMMARY: If you read some other reports, you'll see that Garoppolo has "questionable arm strength" & "lacks pocket presence". Not close to being the case, yet I believe his lack of competition causes many to exaggerate & look for things that really aren't there!

Regardless of his coming from a small school, Garoppolo will be a winner in the NFL!

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