Draft Evaluation: Zach Mettenberger

The breakdown of the LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, who is a draft-day wildcard.

Zach Mettenberger, LSU

6' 5" 235 - Senior

2013 Accuracy Chart:

5 Games vs: TCU/UAB/


Throw Type

Throws Left

Throws Middle

Throws Right

Passes 20+ yards

5/10**, 132 yards

2 TD, 0 INT

4/8*, 153 yards

1 TD, 0 INT

7/13**, 195 yards

3 TD, 0 INT

Passes 11-19 yards

9/13, 181 yards

2 TD, 0 INT

7/9, 161 yards

1 TD, 0 INT

6/11**, 100 yards

1 TD, 0 INT

Passes 0-10 yards

12/16*, 128 yards

1 TD, 0 INT

10/13, 128 yards

2 TD, 0 INT

10/15*, 136 yards

0 TD, 1 INT

Passes Behind the Line of Scrimmage

7/7, 44 yards

0 TD, 0 INT

5/7**, 41 yards

0 TD, 0 INT

Anticipation - Grade = 9

Mettenberger is one of the better QB's in this Class that does a very good job anticipating a target coming open, throwing a receiver open, & getting the ball on them when they are coming out of their break.

Vision - Grade = 10

Extremely good at holding the Safety in the middle of the field and seeing the plays develop prior to the receivers hitting their breaks.

Mechanics - Grade = 10

Excellent mechanics. Has a strong & consistent release point, spins it better than anyone in the draft, follows through & gets great velocity on his throws too. Footwork is very good as well as his ability to step up in the pocket & slide in it too.

Leadership - Grade = 5

A few years back, while scouting QB's, I had given one young man a late 2/early 3 grade & another a late 1 / early 2, & was called a moron. The reasoning for me doing so, along with their qualities as passer's, was the visual evidence I saw on the field of them as leader's. With Mettenberger, I do not see the visual evidence of him being a leader. (The players mentioned are Dalton & Kaepernick)

Decision Making - Grade = 7

Mettenberger sees the field well, normally makes the proper read, & does a very nice job of moving the chains, scoring in the red zone, etc. But, he does have some instances in which he will try to force passes into double & even triple coverages or try to make a play under pressure. Needs to just get rid of the ball in those instances.

Mobility - Grade = 5

Mettenberger is a pure pocket passer. He lacks the mobility that most are thinking of, Johnny Manziel mobility. He does though, have mobility that you want in a pocket passer, moving in the pocket, sliding, stepping up, or getting outside the tackles when necessary.

Clutch - Grade = 10

Watch the 2013 Georgia game. Mettenberger is as clutch as they come!

Pocket Presence - Grade = 8

Pocket Presence improved over the season. If you watch the game vs. Georgia, you see a Tigers OL that broke down all too often, causing Zack to become a huge target. Following that, you see his awareness improve throughout the season, feeling pressure & getting rid of the ball quicker, moving in the pocket quicker, etc.

GRADE = 64 of 80

PROJECTION = 2nd Round



Very solid QB that is jumping up & down draft boards, much due to his coming off a torn ACL. If not for the injury, he could very well be the #1 QB on most boards right now, with all the shuffling going on with the top 3 QBs. Definitely will have a good NFL Career if put in the right position. Has excellent QB qualities, instincts, & the ability to make all the throws necessary. Though projected as a Rd 2 selection, I anticipate him going in the late 1st round of the draft!

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