Draft Evaluation: Derek Carr

Rumors are Browns love this guy. Is he the team's franchise QB?

Derek Carr

6' 2" 215 lb- Senior

2013 Accuracy Chart:

5 Games vs: USC/Utah St/Boise St/San Jose State/San Diego State

Throw Type

Throws Left

Throws Middle

Throws Right

Passes 20+ yards

6 for 19

3 TD's


5 for 13


5 for 13

3 TD's

2 INT's

Passes 11-19 yards

12 for 20

2 TD's


2 for 4

6 for 15

Passes 0-10 yards

38 for 54

3 TDs

2 drops

21 for 27


2 drops

29 for 45

4 TDs

3 Drops

Passes Behind the Line of Scrimmage

26 for 29

8 for 10

27 for 30


Anticipation - Grade =6

Anticipation with Carr is a bit scattered. He tries, but due to his inconsistencies in the accuracy department, he has issues throwing receivers open. After watching him closely, much of his mid range and deep success must be credited to his WR's, especially Davante Adams & Aaron Peck. He overshoots & under throw's quite often on his deep passes. At times, he will make a brilliant back shoulder throw on a sideline route, hitting the receiver in stride. He may hit a masterful high point throw to Davante Adams for 40+, or even hit a perfect fade in the endzone, dropping the ball right into that 1 yd invisible square in the back of the endzone.. But, for the most part, he will overthrow his receiver, underthrow his target, miss high on the high point, or completely miss that invisible box on the sideline or in the endzone.

Vision - Grade = 6

Does not always make the proper read on their deep throws. Seems to target Adams first rather than just simply scan through his progressions. Doesn't always keep his head downfield & has a tendency to tip off the Safety with his eyes or the direction of his head. Rather than scanning the field, Carr often scans the target & will follow him through the route.

Mechanics - Grade = 7

While Mechanics are still a work in progress, overall he isn't terrible here. Footwork will need refined, as he is coming out of primarily a long shotgun formation. Will need to learn to go under center and do deep drops. Overall, a pretty quick release, but the throwing motion is a bit long. Good velocity on passes Behind the LOS through about 15 yards. Tends to get too much air under the ball on passes over 15, thus giving defenders time to recover & make a play on the ball. Does not always spin it well. Some passes tend to come out a bit wobbly, which could affect him in windy/cold weather conditions.

Leadership - Grade = 10

Shows good leadership qualities. Commands the huddle well, does very good at directing his team where they need to be set up & redirecting them when he checks off at the line following a scenario where he's seen a look from the D that he doesn't like.

Decision Making - Grade = 8

Decision making is solid, for the most part. Only threw 23 INT's over his 3 year span as a Starter and this past season he cut his Sacks in half, only taking 11 total. Has the tendency to make bad decisions when under pressure, throwing off his back foot & into traffic.

Mobility - Grade = 7

Carr has deceptive mobile ability. Simply put, he rarely uses his ability to run, but he can by design or by necessity. While he can be mobile, he really isn't elusive & does not have much ability to escape a pass rush.

Clutch - Grade = 5

Considering the strength of their opponents, there weren't many scenarios where I was able to see much of a Clutch Performance. Versus actual good competition (USC), Carr had his worst game of the season & was very ineffective against the only competition he has really had this season.

Pocket Presence - Grade = 6

Pocket Presence is not a strong suit for Carr. Needs much better Footwork, learning how to properly slide and/or climb up the pocket, knowing a pass rush is coming. As previously stated, really doesn't know how to handle a pass rush, typically either tossing up a playable ball off his back foot & hoping it isn't picked.

Sometimes he has too long of a throwing motion & other times has a tendency to short arm throws, thus why you will see his passes frequently sailing over the WRs head.

GRADE = 54 of 80


SCHEME SPECIFIC = Vertical Passing

Summary: Sort of a puzzling characteristic, but Carr is more accurate in the 20+ range than he is in the 11-19 range, which I've never seen. To improve in a much more important range, the 11-19 has more designed play calls than 20+, Carr will need to improve his footwork and gain much more consistency in his release point.

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