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Below are some of the latest questions from fans and LA's answers:

Khalil Mack

QUESTION: Obviously there is a large need for ILB. There is also talk that Mack could be the pick at 4. Does pickign Mack at 4 either directly or indirectly address the need at ILB. If not, I would hate to use the high pick on a position that does not fill a need.

LANE ADKINS: If selected by the Browns, Mack would be utilized throughout the front-seven of the defensive scheme -- as will Mingo and to a degree Sheard.


Q: We know or at least believe that Karlos Dansby can play a pretty good ILB for the next two years. Does that mean, the Cleveland Browns have identified a higher need to draft a second starting ILB to grow into the system while playing next to Karlos Dansby? It would appear a priority for this team.

How key is it that they draft the right ILB? Does it mean a player ranked in the top 26, 35 or 50?

There had been rumors that some OLBs might have the ability to play all LB positions. This would increase a small sample of the better ILBs in this draft.

Do you have any ideas in this area?

LA:They believe securing a talent inside would be beneficial.

It's impossible to put a number on it, players fall from where they're projected, deals occur.

In essence, within the first three rounds is optimal, but may not be as necessary in this draft area due to the experienced Dansby -- where a talent but not polished player could come to speed quicker.


Would the Browns' draft Derek Carr at No. 4?

Q: Any chance that farmer surprises everyone and takes his qb he loves Derek Carr at 4 . Does this happen from what u know ! If he is the guy u want u don't wait or want to miss out on him ! Seems like farmer absolutely loves this kid arm strength is great and smart and intelligent Moves well in the pocket call audibles and plays at line of scrimmage what's not to like. If he is their guy they have to take him regardless of what everyone else thinks

LA: As I wrote in the Fast Lane and in other posts, Carr was in the conversation when discussing QB's and other players in draft meetings late in the week.

If not Carr at No. 4, what QB?

Q: Do they like bortles or manziel ? If u had to pick u clowney goes 1 and Robinson or Matthews goes 2 and Khalil Mack goes 3 to Jacksonville with manziel on the board at 4 do the browns pull the triggering take manziel or do they take bortles or Carr or Evans ! What's ur gut tell u and what are u hearing !

LA: StL at #2 could shake this thing up -- Detroit and Buffalo have been sniffing around.

Right now, we could see Clowney, Robinson/Matthews and Mack/Manziel going 1,2,3.

Manziel to JAX is picking up steam.


Browns' plan to optimize their draft?

Q: Ray Farmer joked about his 51st mock draft. It would seem they might have done more than that many mock drafts to determine the potential optimized plan to get the best value, being the right combination of players for their needed positions.

Have they decided to go a straight 4, 26, 35, 71, 83 & 106, to complete the necessary positions of QB, WR, RB, OL, CB & ILB? I did not put those positions in the priority rank, but, could a straight draft yield the right combination to satisfy their objectives of an optimal draft?

Considering the depth of this draft is suppose to be the best in 10 years and they don't see the best set of players as indicated above, does their objective of 5 players in the top 50 really become their priority? Is it possible, without giving up any of next year picks?

LA: What they do will be determined once the draft starts, there is going to be significant discussions Thursday night -- and the groundwork has begun.

If they choose to simply roll with their selections, the opportunity to use each selection to improve quality and depth is possible.

Trade down?

Q: Obviously it's been discussed that the Browns could entertain offers in which they would be trading down. Do you know where the Browns cutoff or threshold would be? Could they potentially entertain an offer that drops them, to say, pick 15?

LA: I believe that area would be the outer-reach, I do know Dallas at #16 has been sniffing around the five.


Right tackle

Q: Lane, you said a couple months ago that this staff was not enamored of Schwartz. Now they say they're not concerned about him there and that RT is not a need.

Pre-draft BS? Or have their minds been changed by mini-camps and a more comprehensive view of Fragel and Faulk as well as Schwartz in this scheme?

LA: Not enamored with him, see him as average, but also have learned he had an issue or two a season ago which didn't help his play.

As far as what Schwartz's issue(s) were -- it was put to me that it is personal and wouldn't relay the problem.

They also have been intrigued by the work of Schwartz, as well as Faulk and Fragel.

They'd love to get their hands on a Robinson or Matthews - but I am hearing that they are concerned about paying huge dollars to three players across the line.


Browns' draft strategies

Q: The was a study done by Pat Kirwan, recently published on CBS., listing his top 249 players by position summary, not name. He group them in top 100 (1-3) and the rest (4-7). He indicated shortages at C, ILB and TE could cause GMs to over draft those positions in the top 100 selections. With the exception of ILB, this is good for the Cleveland Browns, since it could push better players further down the listing and make them available to Cleveland.

Have you determined the Cleveland Browns approach to this year's draft?

They say it is a "WIN NOW" approach, which could be interrupted as a one year program.

The normal program is 3 years, but, since their two highest paid free agents this year are limited in time, it actually might be win now.

LA: Getting close, more coming.


Bishop Sankey

Q: Just saw a segment featuring him and his former youth football coach on ESPN. To say that his former youth coach was a Browns fan would have been an understatement.

Has there been any interest in the Browns taking him in the 2-4 rounds?

LA: He is on their board -- hearing third round area.

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