It's Draft Day: theOBR Has You Covered

IT'S TIME! Will it be Johnny Manziel, will it be Greg Robinson, or could it be Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans or Khalil Mack -- or will the Browns pull off a stunner?

The big-day is upon us, the 2014 NFL Draft kicks-off Thursday evening at 8:00 p.m. EST from New York.

TheOBR will reintroduce our OBR chat-room at 12:00 p.m. EST.

Matt Cloud will be talking about anything and everything Browns and NFL draft related in the hours leading up to the draft. Other OBR personalities, past and present are expected to pop in the chat during the hours leading up to the draft.

At theOBR, the draft has been in the works for weeks and we will kick-off the day with a new and extensive "Fast Lane" article on theOBR front-page as well as an "Ask the Insiders" recap soon to follow.

Throughout the day, check into the "Fast Lane" and "Ask the Insiders" for the latest premium news, notes and rumors surrounding the Browns and the draft.

If it's a wealth of college player specific information you seek, the "Draft Brew" is an excellent spot to visit prior to and throughout the draft.

The "TAP Room" will house premium discussion on the latest Browns happenings, while the "WaterCooler" and "Pure Football" forums are open to discuss the team in a non-premium subscriber setting.

It's draft-day and theOBR has you covered!

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