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Why not Bridgewater at No. 4?

QUESTION: If this really is accurate, why not make sure you get the QB you need?!?!

The Browns reportedly conducted an "expensive and thorough analytics study" before the draft that "ultimately pointed to" Teddy Bridgewater showing the "best success rate" in the 2014 quarterback class.

Per CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora, the $100,000 study was spearheaded by club president Alec Scheiner. The team commissioned "decades of successful NFL quarterbacks" and took into consideration "all sorts of variables," while incorporating both "film review and advanced metrics." La Canfora reports analytics are "taken very seriously within the Browns' organization," and believes Bridgewater could be in play for Cleveland at the Nos. 26 and 35 overall picks.

LANE ADKINS: I've been saying to months Bridgewater was a Farmer guy -- and not simply due to the study.

You never know, Farmer may ultimately do it -- especially if he feels another team is on the same path, which would not be a surprise as I am told the media is way off on what teams think about him.

Knowing what I do on Farmer and the Bridgewater situation, I believe the Browns will attempt to nab him.

Is Johnny Manziel the next Steve Young?

Q: This was a point made by Mike Mayock tonight. I was just curious if you saw that has his possible upside? We only can imagine the downside.

LA: Yes, I see the upside and potential.

What continues to bother me about Manziel is on the real film how he consistently misses receivers, reads, etc.

It's something that eats away at me despite all the flair and play-making ability he displays at the collegiate level.

Is Johnny Manziel the next Colt McCoy?

Q: Forgive me if this has been asked before....Colt was a pretty good improvisor and got a lot of success by extending plays with his mobility and agility. Once the teams got a good read on him, he was pretty well shut down.

Question - isn't Manziel somewhat the same? I know they say he has arm strength, but all of his long balls have a lot of LOFT on them.


LA: The young man is athletically gifted and is an enormous competitor. He is a football player without a doubt.

He is unique, can he be special is the question.

I see amazing things when he's on the field and I see concerning things when viewing his film.

He is one of those players that is either going to explode on the scene or fade away.

Tom Savage

Q: 2nd round? Seriously say it ain't so!

LA: I was surprised, but wasn't when it was told to me.

I don't see it happening, there is going to be some talent available they just can't pass on.

Will they even draft a QB in first two rounds?

Q: Lane do you believe they'll even draft a QB in the first two rounds? Would they be happy to go with what they've got and try to land Fales bottom of the 3rd or early 4th?

LA: I believe they will select a QB within the first two rounds.

I also believe they will select a QB Thursday night, unless the draft falls where talent remains on the board that they believe shouldn't be there.

As for Fales, I like the kid, think he has the make-up, not the strongest of arms but do believe he can produce in an offense such as the Browns will run.

No surprises tonight?

Q: Can we at least confirm that if the Browns go ahead and use there #4 pick, that it will either be one of the 4 QB's, 2 OT's, 2 WR's, or Clowney/Mack?I.E. One of those 10 players are assured to be a Brown this time tomorrow barring a trade, and we won't be left blind sided by a cb, safety, or, say, tight end if the pick is in and Goodell is about to announce?

LA: I know with certainty that the Browns continue to listen to potential trade down opportunities.

If that occurs and to what spot, a WR, CB, QB or even Donald could come into play.

Tennessee a good trade partner?

Q: It seems like the Titans would be a good partner for the Browns to trade up. Pick 11 for 26 and 35 actually works out perfectly on the old draft value chart. And I hear TEN wants to trade back. That would make even more sense if the Browns can trade back from 4. Have you heard anything? Thoughts?

LA: Nothing specific, but am of the impression they do not want to deal both #26 and #35.

Texas A&M Two-Step

Q: Tony Pauline had an item today about the Browns possibly drafting Evans at 4 and then trading up for Manziel if he falls. Have you heard anything similar?

LA: I've been talking about how much they like they call -- a big receiver that can go after the ball -- quite a bit the past week or so.

So, yes I can see the interest.

I can also see them interested if Manziel were available in the second-half of round-one.

Carlos Hyde at No. 35?

Q: Is this really who is on their shortlist for that spot if they dont trade back into the first, as the great MKC keeps peddling? Seems like a poor use of resources given the depth in the draft and on our roster.

LA: OSU people tell me the Browns have been close to Hyde, like his down-hill running style which fits this offense.

Have been told by others I know and trust that the Browns have scrutinized the RB's heavily and believe there is talent later, which doesn't force them into a RB early.

The flow of the draft and what occurs on the first may dictate the course.

Zach Mettenberger

Q: With the stories of him having a possible back issue as well as the drug testing stuff, have you heard of any significant movement down the draft boards?

LA: Down yes, how far I do not know.

A couple teams I have good friends with tell me he has either dropped significantly or removed from their equation.

Justin Gilbert

Q: Do you know ifthe Browns are high on him? I hear from a couple different people that he would be a very big target if they were able to move down to 9-10 with Buffalo or Detroit? Just curious if any fact to that or not. Thanks

LA: Yes, he is high on their board -- near or at the top at CB.

I have heard a little on him being a target in a trade down -- some noise coming from Buffalo and TB of late.

Offensive tackles

Q: Lane, there's a lot of talk about the browns going OT at 4 however I was curious if the recent minicamps may have swayed them to not go OT at 4?

Do they think Schwartz could bounce back or see starter potential in Faulk or Fragel?

LA: They see Faulk and Fragel as young types with potential, but until you get them on the field, you just don't know.

The belief is Schwartz is better than what he showed in the first-half of the season.

There are some high potential tackles in this draft.

If Browns take a tackle at No. 4…

Q: Would we have the most expensive Oline in the league? Would it be worth it?

LA: Despite all the talk about the OT's and I know they really hold them in high regard in this draft -- I am skeptical they will jump into another big-dollar investment on the offensive line.

But, I know they really like a couple and they fit the physical, tough type team they seek.

Pettine sincere about Schwartz?

Q: When Pettine stated that he liked what he saw from Schwartz and Tackle isn't viewed as a need, was he smoke screening or being sincere about it? and if he is being sincere is it safe to say that OT is not in play at 4?

LA: Let's put it this way.............

If I were Schwartz, I wouldn't pencil myself in as a starter in CLE just yet.

They see him as 'ok', they see Matthews and Robinson, as well as Lewan as players that can be special.

Also, they have done extensive work on Morgan Moses and I am told they believe he can be very good.


Q: With all the talk of tackles, Lane, do guards creep into the FO's thinking? And I'll add my appreciation for your sorting through the chaff. This is the first site I visit when I turn on the computer.

LA: Yes, I fully anticipate them selecting an OG that can step-in and compete very quickly.

Phil Savage mock; Clowney

Q: Scenario went:
1. Texans- Mack
2. Rams -Robinsom
3. Jags-Clowney

If Mack goes number 1 and the Rams want Robinson but aren't willing to risk losing him dropping to 6 in a trade with Atl, what would you be willing to give up to get Clowney? Or would you give up anything? I think it creates a little bidding war with Jax. Rams could trade to Jax or Browns and still get the player they want.

Would you give up a 3 at that point to get Clowney and leap Jax? I would. Clowney isn't even viewed as a possibility for us but what if he was? Guy is going to be dominant. I like Watkins, but there will be a stud WR at 26 and 35 likely.

LA: It would depend on the price, I'm not willing to pay a king's ransom though, though I believe he CAN be a dominant talent in this league.

I like the idea of no less than three selections within the first 35 picks too much.

Thoughts on…

Q: What are the Browns thoughts on these players:

Aaron Donald
Odell Beckham
Kyle Fuller
Ryan Shazier
Jordan Matthews
Lamarcus Joyner
Chris Borland
Jaylen Watkins
Jack Mewhort
Marcus Martin

LA: 1. Believe Donald is the best interior defensive lineman in the draft and can be a stud at the nest level.

2. Beckham can be a plus WR at the next level. Excellent speed and quickness and will go after a ball.

3. Fuller viewed as an excellent cover type CB, would like to see him in CLE.

4. Shazier has excellent speed and quickness which translates well to the NFL. Some slight reservations about his disappearing on the field and having issues getting off bodies.

5. In year-one Matthews will be so-so, he could be as productive as any WR in the draft.

6. Don't like Joyner's size, doesn't fit what this team is looking to do opposite Haden.

7. Borland is a football player. Short arms a little concern, more questioning his ability to be a three down LB, but not entirely necessary in this defensive scheme.

8. Really like Jaylen Watkins, excellent skills, speed, quickness and improved awareness. Wouldn't hesitate to draft him.

9. Mewhort will be a right-side lineman, not agile enough to play the left-side. A lunch-pail typle player that will likely play for a decade.

10. Martin is a nice fit for a team such as CLE, can play C or G and wouldn't hesitate selecting him.

Aaron Donald

Q: I was surprised by this especially considering the browns just picked up Taylor's fifth year.

LA: Like I have been saying here for some time, this new regime is all about competition and what these guys can do on the field.

This is another guy that can step in and play and another area which the team is covered as the proposed starter is a soon to be FA.

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