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Lane Adkins is just crushing it once more in our subscriber forum...

Lane Adkins is just crushing it in Ask the Insiders again. Here are a few the questions and answered between Lane and OBR subscribers.

jlacroix: There are some rumors floating around that the Browns may have interest in Jimmy Graham. What are you hearing?

Lane: I am hearing those are just that, rumors, and the Browns have not shown interest in the receiver as of this writing.

jlacroix: Gordon... Lane, what are you hearing on him?

Lane: Been told there has been plenty of back and forth between the league and his agent.

vdubble: I haven't heard a word about Leon McFadden in OTAs or even in the camp battles that are to ensue this offseason. There was quite a bit of excitement about his drafting but was this simply another miss by the previous front office?

Lane: At this point the staff is expecting McFadden to compete. Not much is being said about him, nor is he flashing in the OTA setting.

JMcCurry08: Crowell/Jones/Snead... How have they looked so far?

Lane: Browns have been impressed with each. Jones and Snead have flashed at times, each needs refined. Crowell looks and acts the part and has been excellent.

NickPapa88: It seems there is quite a bit of debate over this and a lot stems from confusion. If I remember right MKC reported last June that Gordon was in Stage 3. However, after this latest failure came out there seemed to be a lot of debate over where he was technically at in the program. Some have even speculated that there are two fails you can hit in stage 2 before moving to stage 3. Then today PFT posted a "report" on how MKC noted again on a podcast that he's in stage 3.

So are we confident he's in stage 3 or is that what a lot of the appeal process is deciding due to his status when he entered the league?

Lane: is camp believes he should be in stage 2 and are fighting the league due to circumstances surrounding his past issues.

The league has him at stage 3.

Nasdaq: Lane, every fan has an opinion on Johnny Vegas. Do the players or coaches care?

Lane: They have told him to have fun, enjoy the moment and stay out of trouble. Believe this, the media is making MUCH more out of everything than the Browns are.

tbill09: Just to clarify, are you saying Gordon did not actually fail a test and he just missed it? What kind of defense can he possibly have?

Lane: Nothing definitive but.............

This was stated to me.....

"Not everything is as it appears and it will be cleared up if the league does the right thing."

Jlacroix: Are the browns considering any trades like Andre Johnson?

Lane: Nothing happening at this time.

Chidawg: Since RF attempted to trade up to #11 - where he was selected - it would appear that RF rated Lewan higher than #11. Also it would appear that RF believed Lewan would be the LT in waiting to trade up that high for him.

  • Did RF prefer Lewan to either Matthews or Robinson?
  • Would Lewan have been the choice if Gilbert were not available at 8 or if the Browns had not been able to trade up to #8?
  • Did RF believe that Lewan would be the long term replacement at LT to JT?

Lane: 3rd tackle, 4th overall lineman.


Heard no.

Would have been RT initially.

mcnicol21: Gordon's speeding - weed in vehicle... Any chance the Browns cut ties with him after this latest news?

Lane: They won't cut him over the speeding violation.

BryanK: Would (Gordon) still be subject to league drug testing during the suspension period?

Lane: Dependent on the deal they ultimately make, but when a player is removed from the league for an extended period (apply for reinstatement) they normally are not.

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