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The fans' offer their latest Browns' questions and The OBR insider Lane Adkins has his latest answers.

Q: Who do you see the Browns extending first Jordan Cameron or Jabaal Sheard? I know they have talked with Cameron but it seems like nothing is happening soon. Have they tried talking to Sheard or do you think it's something they will take care of after the season.

LANE ADKINS: Sheard will be easier to complete if both sides are serious to get it done, rather than the small talk.

Q: If Josh Gordon is suspended for the full year do the Browns keep his rights through 2015 and 2016? What if it is eight or 10 games? It seems almost unfair to the Browns if they do not get compensation in regard to his contract.

LA: A suspension of a year or more, the Browns retain the full length of actual unsuspended time.

Q: I thought Tashaun Gipson would be replaced this season. I was not happy with his 17 missed tackles last season. Any word on how the front office and coaches view him and the other options as his spot? Thanks.

LA: I haven't gotten a solid feel on his situation of yet, but do know the defensive coordinator (Jim O'Neil) likes what he sees of him and Donte Whitner thus far.

I hope to know more in the coming weeks now that players are off and the staff will have time to talk -- outside of the walls of Berea, but early indications are the staff believes they have plenty to work with in Gipson.

Q: Have you heard anything more on Cameron's extension?

LA: Slow motion, I sense the feet-dragging comes from the wait on what Jimmy Graham receives.

Q: Any insight into Sheard's quote - "The locker room is growing on me." He's been here a few years and that comment struck me as odd.

A: There has been endless change in the locker room and coaching staff since Sheard has been here. Rolesare endlessly changing and not always having FOOTBALL guys in place.

This staff and group of players are a bit different, maybe due to the manner that the staff deals with players along with the confidence and ability to communicate.

Q: There has been very little said about either Wallace or Pinkston, although reports from the OTAs and minicamp were that Wallace was subbing for Thomas when he was sitting out (except first week of OTAs when Fragel apparently subbed for Thomas). Does Wallace have a legitimate shot to make the roster as Thomas' backup? Was he just filling in because Fragel was dinged? Does the team have a true swing tackle that would backup both LT and RT? Or is the team more likely to have different backups for the two positions? Does it appear Pinkston is a long shot to make the team this year? Or in short, what's your thoughts on these two? Thanks.

A: Wallace and Fragel are competing for that role right now. Fragel is athletic and developing, while Wallace has grown in his year here and has done reasonably well in camp settings. The door is wide open for the backup tackle spots, with Paul McQ being in the mix for that swing lineman role.

Pinkston is not standing out and could be lost in the mix due to Bitinio, Gilkey and McQ.

Q: Given Farmer's connection cornerback Brandon Flowers do you think they take a flier on him? Can he play free safety?

A: I am hearing they don't plan on bringing him in right now and are focused on their guys -- the staff is evaluating the camp sessions and will determine whether they want to make such a move over the next few weeks.

Was told by a coach that Flowers' lack of size and physicality would be a concern at FS.

Q: Every regime change gets my hopes up, from the outside most of their ideas seems to have upside, even if I have my doubts.

You've been around through enough of these regime changes, does it feel different in a good way, or just different like all the rest of those guys?

A: I sense a difference, a confidence and this group is knowledgeable and FOOTBALL guys. To this point this staff and Farmer's group have been straight with this group of players.

The attitude and professionalism are definitely a breath of fresh air.

Q: Did Johnny Manziel stay in Berea or did he go somewhere to get drunk again? i don't see him being top notch quarterback anytime soon. He doesn't seem to be the kind to put serious time in to learn how to be a top-notch quarterback.

A: He left town.

He puts in serious time, you may want to stop reading the BS the media continues to spew on this topic.

If he doesn't develop into a top-notch player, it will be talent based.

Q: Does Gilkey have a legitimate chance at starting? I would love to see Gilkey and Bitonio as the starting guards.

A: Yes.

Bitinio had looked very good and should make an impact.

Gilkey is a player the Browns noted early as being more agile than anticipated and competes hard. He has done well and is in the mix.

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