Quotes on the Quarterbacks

The Browns quarterback situation is filled with intrigue. Lane Adkins has reached out to his sources within the Berea headquarters to find out the real perceptions and performances from the team's quarterbacks, as well as its new offensive coordinator and quarterback coach.

On Johnny Manziel,

"He's a young guy that is living in the moment. We were all young once, some people like to be in the spotlight. As long as he comes in here and works his ass off, which he has been and progress, which he has quite a bit, you let him be him."

More Manziel,

"The **** he's doing has gone on for decades. It's just not him, it's everywhere. This bull**** with Twitter and Instagram only exposes what people do and that is what sucks about social media. People cannot go out and have fun like they did without someone having a phone in your face."

And more Manziel,

"He needs to be careful. There are people out there that are just looking for the opportunity to take advantage of a young guy like him. I know that wad of money on his hand makes him feel good, but there are people that will create ways to get to him if he isn't careful. This world is about money and notoriety. He has both and people want that."

On Brian Hoyer,

"Hoyer is without a doubt the best quarterback in our house at this time and do not see a way he isn't the starter, unless something physically goes wrong -- I don't see that happening, unless due to a freak injury because of the way he has worked (physically and mentally) and really became a leader.

More Hoyer,

"You saw them both, Manziel is getting it, but Hoyer has gotten it. Everything Hoyer does, except for running is quicker and more decisive than Manziel. And believe me, I don't care who the quarterback is, as long as he gives us the best chance to win, right now that guy without a doubt is Hoyer."

On Connor Shaw,

"That kid (Shaw) has something about him that you cannot explain. He doesn't look like he really is a quarterback, doesn't act like one, but he has this thing about him -- he gets it and is a completely different player now than compared to when he got here. Honestly, he doesn't have the natural ability of Johnny (Manziel) or the experience of Hoyer, but he just keeps getting better and better. He is a sponge that never fills up."

On offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan,

"You can tell he likes Manziel, he has this little look about him when the rookie makes something happen. There is a ton of communication between them, which is a good thing -- he has to talk on the field far less to Hoyer. Coach Shanahan is pretty no nonsense both in film and on the field, he doesn't expect to see the same mistake often occur, or you hear about it. Without a doubt he (Shanahan) is the most precise offensive coach I have been around and we needed that here, especially after last year."

On quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains,

"He has worked a lot with the quarterbacks. From giving them tasks to challenging them on how they see a defense, Coach Loggains has been right there. He communicates with these guys, he tells them exactly what he sees, what they should be looking for/seeing and isn't afraid to tear into any of them when they **** up."

On comparing the quarterbacks,

"Manziel is more animated and needs to learn how to command the huddle, Hoyer is much more direct and confident in the way he handles the huddle, Shaw isn't as quiet as he was when he got here, he has raised his level and Thigpen has been around, but the other three are better.

Right now Hoyer throws a better ball, but Manziel is coming and Shaw isn't too bad himself. All three throw the short ball pretty well, maybe Hoyer is more consistent. Now downfield is where this thing has gotten good, Hoyer throws better now that he has been running around and throwing, while Manziel isn't afraid to let it rip and does. His deep-ball accuracy has improved greatly since his arrival and Shaw, he doesn't throw the deep ball as well as Hoyer, Manziel or Thigpen, but his accuracy and touch are improving -- I can see this kid getting stashed away for a year."

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