Something Good; Something Bad

The past few months have been quite the ride for Cleveland sports fans from the good to the bad and little in between.

So what's happening you ask?

It’s been an interesting few months for Cleveland sports to say the least. We have been punched in the gut and overwhelmed with excitement in the manic fashion that only northeast Ohioans can be accustomed to or even understand.

In Cleveland there has been “something good” occurring.

With the Browns, there has been “something bad” that appears to be all too common in Cleveland.

And with the Browns, there is a bit of both (thank you Peter Quill).

Something good:

Not sure if you heard about this one, but some guy from Akron is coming to play for the Cavs.

LeBron James not only returns in a sincere manner which cut loose an emotional roller-coaster for Cavs fans. LeBron’s return has made mothers hug their children, grown men cry and dyed in the wool Cleveland sports fans excited about the realistic chance of winning our first world championship since 1964.

In Cleveland, for Cleveland, this is something good and that itself may be the understatement of the year.

Many fans that were turned off by James’ decision to leave have come around to embrace the return of the finest athlete in the world returning home. James’ return is personal, coming home means a realistic goal has been set, an expectation of greatness to achieve is the goal.

OUR quest to finally get off the snide is in our sights. Despite all the noise, that's how he sold us, that he's one of us and he's here to get it right.

Man, I hope so.

Something Bad:

Josh Gordon is Cleveland's lost soul.

Gordon doesn't look for trouble, but it certainly knows where he is at all times. I believe he is arguably the most talented young non-QB on the offensive side of the ball in the entire league. He is literally what you call a game changer in every sense of the word.

But, Gordon is a hot mess.

We thought he may have learned his lesson last year. He sounded quite sincere when talking about his past and where he is headed, but low and behold he finds in the middle of a whirlwind of issues.

First, was he a victim of circumstances concerning what may or may not have occurred regarding an offseason league-mandated drug test? His agent (Drew Rosenhaus) has mounted a case that would make well-known trial lawyer Robert Shapiro smile.

Shortly after the news broke of the alleged violation of the league substance policy, Gordon gets clipped with a speeding ticket and marijuana (reportedly an friend of Gordon) was in the car over one holiday weekend. Ok, happens right?

And the next holiday weekend Gordon gets a DWI and now we have run out of excuses.

Gordon won't get cut, but I have resigned myself that he won't be playing in 2014 which is a huge blow to the team but maybe the best thing for him will be sitting out this season.

At the very least, the kid (Gordon) needs a serious amount of guidance. At the forefront, Gordon needs help controlling his behavior and possibly his substance issues that have been an issue in every season he has played of organized ball.

I hope Gordon gets the help and comes back to prove everyone wrong. He's too talented to become a 30 for 30 story on the four letter self-proclaimed sports authority network.

A Little of Both:

Johnny Manziel. Just saying his name invokes a debate.

Manziel is the new bad boy of Cleveland sports. I have to admit I see both sides of the debate on señor football. For starters I think he's talented and it's hard to argue that point.

I am really excited about the prospect of him being our quarterback of the future. But I find his off the field activities troublesome in the sense he lacks maturity and common sense. He is not as polarizing in the sense that you have to pick a side.

He needs to put a lid on the off the field stuff and YES Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler and countless others had the best of both worlds. But that was a while ago, in an age when such things as he’s doing were easily accepted.

Ever seen Mad Men?

High balls for breakfast and ashtrays on desks? It was perfectly acceptable then.


Bit off putting right? I think once he is permanently entrenched in an NFL locker room with men things will get better and will likely grow up fast off the field. You think his team mates will want to be Instagram fodder?

No way, the veterans will do the work.

But Manziel the player?

I am drinking the kool-aid. His arm is better than advertised; he seems to be a much better student of the game than I was aware of, but he does need to brush up on some mechanics.

This is perfect situation.

QB Brian Hoyer will allow the browns to play Johnny when he is ready. I do like the edge to the kid, something about the "I don't give a damn" attitude but then he pulls the rug on me with rocking with the Beibs and getting all Kardashian on us fans.

In the end he may be the eventual answer to our franchises quarterback dry spell.

You have every right to disagree with how he has handled himself publicly, but the endless questioning has become what seems to be an offseason long pilot being filmed for the E Network known as his life.

Like all things in Cleveland all three of these situations require one thing.


I really do feel we are at the crossroads of Cleveland Sports right now where when they discuss this town in the near future it won't be ending with a punchline anymore.

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