Hoyer Training Camp Transcript

Hoyer feels the same way about the starting job as he has since the spring - It’s his job and until somebody tells him otherwise, he's worked hard to prepare himself for this training camp.

On if he feels like he has a tighter grip on the starting quarterback job than he did when he left last season:

“I think I feel the same way about it as I did when I left. It’s my job and until somebody tells me otherwise that’s how I feel about it. So I’ve worked hard to prepare myself for this training camp. Now that we’re here, I’m just excited to get going, to see some of these faces back in the locker room. I was here with the early report group and we had two days of good work. Now, it’s time to really go. I’m excited for tomorrow morning.”

On how much time he’s spent at the facility since minicamp:

“What I would do is come Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and then I took a week to vacation with my family in Florida and came back. Towards the end of last week, I took some time off to just try and get another five, six days of solid rest before coming in on Wednesday. I was here quite a bit.”

On if he’s healthy and ready to go:

“To my knowledge, yes, I feel ready to go so that’s the plan.”

On stories involving QB Johnny Manziel in the offseason:

“I don’t concern myself with that. I focus on myself. What people do when they leave this building is up to them. We’re all adults. For me, it’s none of my concern.”

On his determination to be the starting quarterback:

“Obviously, the competition will bring out the best player in me, but I also think the thing that drives me the most is my goal of being the starting quarterback for this team. Obviously, there’s a competition, but I think for the most part I’m competing with myself. That’s the way I look at it. That’s what drives me every day to be the best player that I can. To have just a taste of it last year and to have it ripped away, it makes you realize how much you love the game and how much it means to you to have something taken away from you like that, especially when you’ve waited for an opportunity for a long time. It drove me for the past nine months, and it will continue to drive me, but like I said, I think the thing that drives me most is my willingness to try to be the best, and I strive for that every day.

On Head Coach Mike Pettine having him work with the first string to start camp:

“I think that’s kind of what I expected. I think, like I said, the limitations in spring kind of held me back and now it’s time to go. I’m excited to be out there with those guys. I know you guys talked to me in the spring, and I just wanted to be in the huddle. I didn’t care if it was a run play, a pass play; I wanted to be in there with those guys and be a part of this team. That’s what I missed most, and now to get this opportunity, especially with the guys that are going to be there, with that group, get out there and earn their respect and be the guy that leads them on the field.”

On if the pressure of competition is good for him:

“The pressure, you can thrive off of that, but like I said, what motivates me the most is to be the best quarterback for this team. Being a team player, you want the best people out there so whether that’s me or Johnny, I think that will be determined through the next couple weeks. For me, I want the best quarterback to play. I think all you can ask for is an opportunity to be that guy and I’ve just got to take advantage of the opportunity that I have.”

On his confidence that he is the best option to start at quarterback:

“I am confident that I am that guy, but in the same sense, I know that if it comes down to the fact that Johnny does beat me out, I will have given everything I have and he will have totally earned it. That’s what you want, and like I said, for me, all you want is and opportunity and a chance to earn the job. That’s what I’ve been given, and for me, it’s about going out every day and proving that I can be that guy because I believe that I am.”

On reading into Coach Pettine playing him with the first string at the beginning of camp:

“No, I don’t. Like I said, that’s what I would expect for the situation that I’m in. I expect to be the starting quarterback so it’s not anything that changes my mentality. I always prepare like I am the starter whether I’m not or I am. Like I said, it’s an opportunity to go out there and take advantage of those reps with the guys in that huddle.”

On how much time he wants with the new wide receivers at training camp:

“Obviously it’s important, but I look back to my time playing last year. I barely practiced with any of those guys. Really when it gets down to it and you get to a week where you’re going over a game plan and you’re going over plays you’re going to play anyways, I think you get enough, but obviously the time that you can get in the offseason with OTA’s and training camp, it can definitely make a difference.”

On if he sees potential for a deep threat if WR Josh Gordon is out for the season:

“I’m really excited about all of our skill players. (WR) Miles (Austin) will be out here, (WR) Nate (Burleson), those guys. To get those guys back out, those guys as a group, there’s a lot of play makers in that group. I’m not really necessarily concerned about that. You talk about a deep threat. (WR) Anthony Armstrong, he really opened my eyes with what he did in this offseason. You talk about (WR) Travis Benjamin coming back. (WR) Charles Johnson is looking great. So I’m really excited about working will all those guys. Regardless of Josh’s situation, you’ve got to go forward. We have what we have so I think those guys can do more than enough to get the job done.”

On what excites him most about the playbook, compared to last year:

“The thing that is most comfortable to me is the verbiage. Last year I really liked – I hope people don’t get the wrong message when I talk about comparing things – I really like the plays (former Browns offensive coordinator) Norv (Turner) ran. It was just hard for me to pick up on the verbiage because it was a completely different system. This year, the verbiage is very similar to things that I’ve been used to so I’ve been able to pick it up really quickly. When you look at the system, you can attack so many ways – vertical passing lane, short passing lane, outside zone inside zone, play action – I think it really puts all facets of offensive football out on the field, and we have the guys to do it. There’s no doubt about that. You look at (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan’s) history, he’s had a team that led the league in rushing, he’s had a team that led the league in passing, and he’s had teams that have been really good at both. I think being a balanced football team is probably the best thing you can do, and I think we have the scheme and the players to do that.”

On if he’s talked to Gordon since he’s been back at the facility:

“I’ve reached out to him, and I’ll keep the interaction between him and me, but I’m here to support him and it’s a tough time that he’s going through. If there’s anything I could ever do, I’ve offered that up to him, but I’ve had a conversation. I’ll keep that between him and me.”

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