Austin and Mingo Speak From Scrimmage

Mingo on getting out of camp for a day: “It was good to change it up. We got to come out here and simulate what it’s going to be like in an actual stadium. We enjoyed it. We got to feed off the energy of the fans.

Miles Austin:

On how he would assess his performance today:
“It was good. It’s good to come out and just kind of play in a live situation in the stadium where the calls are coming through your helmet. You’re kind of going through the process. It’s good to get out here and do that. I think we got some good work in. Obviously, we have a long way to go. Like I talked to you guys the other day, it’s really the opening of training camp. We’ve got another whole week until our first preseason game. In training camp terms, that’s a long way to go. We definitely need to improve, but I think we did some good things, and we did some things we need to improve on.”

On if it was frustrating not getting into the end zone:
“Yeah, no doubt. Obviously, that’s the name of the game, and whether it was a penalty and a few miscues, you’ve just got to overcome some things and do what you have to do.”

On if it was hard getting into a flow with playing a series and then not going back out the next:
“Yeah, but that’s kind of like the game. You go in, you play a series and then your defense is out there. You don’t know if they’re going to be out there for three plays or 10. You’ve kind of got to stay in it, and the good thing of what we did today is it does simulate a game from that standpoint where you’re going out you’re playing and then you’re off the field and then you’re coming back on. You have to stay in it mentally.”

On if the play-calling process was frustrating:
“No, it was good. You’ve got to remember, this is probably our first time doing something like that where were out on the field and the coaches aren’t right behind us and we can’t double-check with them. We’re learning how (Browns offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) calls plays and how it sounds in a helmet, and he’s learning how we react to it too. It’s a learning process, and you just take it and build on it. Like I said, there are some good things. There are also some bad things, and you watch the film and correct them and hope you don’t make the same mistake twice.”

On if this gives him a taste of what the first preseason game will be like:
“Yeah, I think so. You’ve got to remember really…a scrimmage, I think it was more of a practice. It was unscripted practice. We didn’t have a call sheet. We didn’t talk things over. We kind of just went off the cuff of our sleeve. It’s just good to react. I think that’s the best thing is you want to see how people react in a situation where they haven’t study the script the night before. Did they know the play? Did they know how to run a route? Did they know what the block is? Same thing with our defense, were they good with their blitzes? I think the other thing is we always have to remember how good our defense is. It can be frustrating at times, but in the back of your mind you’ve got to know it’s good to have them on our side of the ball.”

On if he does self-evaluation after a practice like today:
“I think you’re always evaluating yourself, and you’re always trying to get better. Like I said, it’d be good to get back, watch the film, grade it out, see what I can improve on. The things we do good, we’ve got to keep doing them well. The things we’re not doing so well, we’ve really got to improve on.”

"Honestly, I think that's something that (offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan) would have a better understanding of but I can say that I know that we're not at our peak, obviously, and I think that we shouldn't be at our peak. We should be continually be getting better each day, each week leading up for the first game of the season and that's our goal."

On a particular play in which he found a crease in the route:

"No I didn't go too deep on that one it was just a void in the zone that they were playing. That one wasn't."

On being able to take better care of his hamstrings in avoiding injuries:

"The only thing is I do a better job stretching beforehand. I'm a lot more in tuned with what the reps are and what I need to be doing. I'm just ready to go at the start of practice."

On how he sees QB Johnny Manziel coming along with his progress:

Barkevious Mingo:

On getting out of camp for a day:

“It was good to change it up. We got to come out here and simulate what it’s going to be like in an actual stadium. We enjoyed it. We got to feed off the energy of the fans. I keep hitting on that because that’s important to us. We as a defense, as an offense, as a team, we love our fans and we love how they support us. I am not sure the number today but it was a great showing and we just like to play in front of them.”

On if he will get any reps at wide receiver:

“I will direct that question to Coach Pettine (joking).”

On what happened on his interception:

“One of our rookie d-linemen got a hand on the ball and I was fortunate enough to come down with it. Your first instinct is to take it to the house. There were some guys coming on angles, I got a spin in there. I got to work on my running back moves (joking), but eventually got tackled. Next time.”

On QB Brian Hoyer saying he would have tackled him:

“I would have dropped a shoulder (joking). It’s all fun and games.”

On if he feel like he is really making an impact:

“Honestly, the goal is just to get better at anything. I don’t know if you guys heard about the offseason camp where my hands were bricks. Just improving on that, improving on running drills, improving on anything that can do to help me be a better player so I can help this team win.”

On his thoughts on the defenses aggression:

“We had a pretty good mix of coming after them and sitting back and playing coverage. I love that about this defense, confusing the offense and kind of playing in our favor.”

On if this year’s defense will definitely be better than last years:

“We made upgrades at positions. We got a scheme that is going to allow us to play to our strengths. I am just looking forward to what this defense can do.”

On if he licks his chops when he sees Johnny Manziel running around and if he would love that have a shot at tackling a quarterback like him:

“That’s a two part answer. If he was a regular quarterback in this league you would be licking your chops, but it’s Johnny Manziel. He can plant, he can take it the other way, but we can’t hit him. You just never know what he is going to do.”

On how much he enjoys watching a quarterback like Manziel:

“I love it. Like I said, it’s Johnny Manziel (joking).”

On how much more comfortable he is this year than as a rookie:

“Coming in here I know what to expect. I know what my job describes. I know how to play my techniques. I am comfortable with the offense, what they are going to throw at us. I am comfortable with the defense, knowing what I am required to do. It’s year two and we’ve just to get after it.”

On his impressions of DL Jacobbi McDaniel:

“The guy is going to be a stud. He is wreaking havoc on the line. He is getting his hands on balls. What more can you ask for.”

On if the defense is that much better than the offense:

“Each side of the ball is going to have their ups and downs. We came out on top today. It’s just perspective I guess. They did some stuff that was really good and we did some stuff that was terrible. It’s perspective. We all have to correct our mistakes and work to get better.”

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