Ask The Insider: Gordon's Future, QB Battle

The fans' offer up their latest questions - mostly about wide receiver Josh Gordon and the quarterback battle - and Lane Adkins' issues his latest answers.

Josh Gordon

@DawgPressNet: Quote from respected #NFL insider "If Gordon hasn't been suspended for year by now, pretty good chance he won't be suspended for the year"

Also this @DawgPressNet: Source connected to NFL league office says "Gordon ruling will shock a lot of people" #Browns
@DawgPressNet: Josh Gordon’s hearing with the NFL will continue Monday #Cleveland Browns #Browns

Does this mean no suspension and he gets off scotch free ! Or maybe a 2 or 4 game suspension seems like he is owning up to this checkin into a rehab center ! What u hearing happens

LA: Considering what I have heard tonight and the hearing will continue on Monday, unless there is a deal reached, I am skeptical of any report that in-depth.

I have heard the NFLPA has had a big role in the proceedings thus far and things are going 'alright' .


Lane good news? Negotiating a deal or could he be getting out of it

LA: Have been told things are going 'alright' and the NFLPA has played a big part of the discussion thus far.

Have also been told there was additional discrepancy with league data pertaining to the drug/alcohol policy procedure process.


What are the odds that a decision is pretty much done, but, the PR machine that is the NFL is waiting until after BOF weekend?

LA: Maybe the league has their intent in mind, but the meeting will continue on Monday unless a deal is struck.


Sorry for yet another Gordon question, but I am curious. I keep hearing that the A sample was over the threshold, and the B sample was under the threshold. What if the two samples had been labeled differently? If B had been tested first and was under the threshold, would they have ever tested the other sample?

LA: From what I am hearing, the league testing protocol is inconsistent, so who really knows what they have done.


I can't recall where it was stated in here, but can you elaborate on the truth (if any) to Gordon being moved from Stage 2 to Stage 3 to get his last suspension reduced. This leaves me outraged and flabbergasted. How could the front office allow that to happen if that is indeed the case? The only motive I could see is that the agent didn't want to lose his cut of 2 game checks.

LA: I have no information on such occurring, but will check into it.


Lane what would you like to hear in terms of the decision with josh Gordon. The obvious would be to be able to play the whole season. Now that Gordon is ON the field practicing, and not clearing out his locker at this moment. Would u settle for 2, 4 6 8 games? What is ur gut telling u now?

LA: For his sake and the Browns, the shorter the better.

I feel the longer this drags along, the better his chances are for a reduced sentence.


Let me say first of all I can care less who wins the QB battle so long as he gives the team the best chance to win.

But some posters just can't comprehend Manziel is a good, smart QB with huge potential.

Yes, Hoyer has been more decisive and in command.

But with every rep, every practice Manziel tightens the gap.

Which is good because it pushes Hoyer.

But Some think just because they drafted Manziel, they are trying to save face.

I believe Pettine when he said best QB will start.

What do you think?

LA: I believe the Browns will start the QB that provides them to greatest opportunity to succeed.

Right now that is Hoyer. In three weeks that could be's all about how the situation develops.


The Akron Beacon-Journal reports Johnny Manziel has "narrowed the gap" on Brian Hoyer for the Browns' starting quarterback job.

Did I miss something during the scrimmage? I didn't think either QB looked that great. Hoyer was playing against the ones.. Manziel was playing against the twos, right?

LA: He has looked good at times and has looked terrible as well, Hoyer has had some poor moments, but not to the degree as Manziel. I am concerned about the INT's.

Personally, until I see Manziel with the first unit for a comparable period of time as Hoyer -- I can't find where the rookie is in a dead-heat with Hoyer.

I don't know if its the flash that Manziel shows at times that clouds the vision of some reporting.

I will also add, the Cleveland media is one of the worst when it comes to having personal preferences with their reporting swayed.


Per Fast Lane - and the comments regarding Manziel.

Do you feel Haslam had the ultimate say on the JFF pick? Do you think JFF could have been Farmer's guy all along...but was putting up one big smoke screen?

LA: No, I do not believe Manziel was Farmer's guy one bit.

Yes, I feel there was influence on the Manziel selection.


If you don't believe he's who Farmer wanted 1st, do you think/believe he's who the coaches wanted?

LA: There were some involved that wanted Manziel and I am under the impression that Shanahan felt he could get the most out of Manziel in his offensive scheme and I know Pettine was very intrigued due to Manziel's ability to make plays with his feet.

Being said, I do not believe there was a large separation between the QB's based on evaluation.


Tom Reed ?@treed1919 2m

As #Browns continue QB derby, #Steelers DC Dick LeBeau expects Johnny Manziel to start against them Week 1.

Tom Reed ?@treed1919

LeBeau says Manziel's game does translate to the NFL and adds the QB will be "a handful for all of us."

LA: Do you expect manziel to start week 1 ?

Cause Steelers do !

Put it this way, Manziel has allot of work to do.

See, Manziel getting reps with the 1st team is just part of the process, he needs the exposure.

He looks good when on the move, but it gets ugly when he is in the pocket.


How good can this defense be?

After draft and FA, I was starting to get really excited for this defense. I really feel this defense has sky's the limit type potential, especially if the next three things happen: 1. Mingo makes a leap and becomes an elite playmaker (not necessarily just at pass rusher). 2. Gilbert is as good as Pettine and Farmer thinks he is and plays well soon. 3. Kirksey is able to add the coverage this team severely needs from the MLB spot.

Early signs seem good on these happening. Question is, what are the chances that these three happen? Also, how good do you think this defense can/will be?

LA: I need to see more, later in camp will give me a good idea on specific players and the scheme.

Right now they look promising, but much more live action is needed to gain a true perspective.

Thus far, Mingo has looked much better than at any time a season ago, Gilbert will be a player, really needs to work on refraining to jump on the first move and Kirksey has been flashing, but needs to get off blocks consistently.


Phil Taylor

Laner- looks like a couple UDFAs are flashing & theres something up with PT from the conditioning issue.

Could we see Phil dealt for a pick or WR? The DL depth is deep. Big Ty & The Kitchen can man the nose and it seems as if we have a slew of better pass rush / more mobile 3-4 DT/DEs than Phil.

Is Taylor the surprise casualty of the new regime?

LA: I have reservations about Kitchen against the run, Rubin is solid, keep an ear to the ground on McDaniel and Barnett.

As for Taylor, I have heard nothing leading me to believe they will/want to move him. I will say that he needs to get on the practice field.


Travis Benjamin

Anything on Benjamin now that he’s practicing? Will he make the team solely based on his return ability?

LA: Benjamin has looked good at times, he is running well and has been shown in the backfield on occasion on specialty type plays.

His return ability is a dynamic the Browns need to maintain and he will make the team unless we see a receiver or two simply blow them away.


Charles Johnson

He got some national love today from an NFLN tweet saying he and James White are the big buzzes around the league as far as surprises. Is he really tearing it up? The measurables are nuts, but if he can run a route and catch, too... holy crap.

Add him and a healthy Austin to Gordon (please), Hawkins, and Cameron? That's nutty!!

LA: Johnson has looked good and not overwhelmed in the slightest.

It's early in camp and he has done well to get on the field after the ACL and display speed, quickness, good hands and most importantly -- he is running routes at an above average to good level.


Miles Austin

There are a lot of concerns regarding Austin and is oft injured hamstring(s). The other day, I heard Pat Kirwan say something like although it is a concern "they have all the latest technology for monitoring and helping him keep them healthy." I have often thought that hamstrings in particular and muscle pulls, strains etc, are mostly avoidable with proper warmup and conditioning. What "technology" or new methods are the Browns using in order to keep their people from being injured?

LA: Unsure of the technology aspect, but do know the Browns medical staff has spent a lot of time working his legs, specifically changing his stretching routine, while placing less focus on his quads and increased focus on his hips.


Justin Gilbert

I know it's extremely early, but most reports on him seem to be positive, even very positive.

Do you see him having more of an impact than Joe Haden did as a rookie?

Future all-pro potential?

LA: Need to see more of him -- he is having a good camp to date.

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