Manziel's camp quotes - Aug. 11

Browns' QB talks after first practice after preseason opener

On his first training camp practice with a wet ball:

“It was fine, just a little bit of a drizzle there for the first part of practice. I’m sure we need to get used to playing in a little bit different conditions. Can’t be perfect every day.”

On where he thinks he needs to improve moving forward after watching the tape from Saturday’s game against the Lions:

“Same thing as my initial thoughts after the game – saw some good things, saw some things I can improve on, but I felt like, for the most part, I went to the right spot with the ball, tried to get it to some check-downs and try and work through my progressions. I’m still getting better at. I thought it was a good starting point, and I took a lot away from the first game.”

On if the team will be installing new things this week in practice or refining what it has been doing:

“I think we’re continuing to go through the bulk of the playbook, continuing to go over, refine, get some new things in and just kind of go through our offense and continue to get better.”

On what the worst weather conditions were that he played in while in college:

“We had a couple rainy games. I know we had a game my first year in college. We played Arkansas. It rained pretty hard coming out of the second half. Then, we had a wet game against LSU this year. Other than that, we’ve gotten a little bit of cold. Nothing extremely serious when we went to Missouri, probably 40, but really other than that, I’ve had pretty good weather.”

On playing in Cleveland during December:

“It’ll be different. It’s an adjustment. I haven’t been in the North very much. I haven’t played a lot of football in the cold, but it’s part of adjusting to the game and learning how to throw in it and throwing the football and moving the ball down the field. That’s what it’s all about.”

On the northern most school he played at during college:

“Probably Missouri.”

On if he fights off anxiety because of not taking reps with the first team at this point in training camp:

“No, I’m continuing to get the reps that I’m given and go through those and make the most out of every opportunity that I have while I’m in there.”

On if he feels more comfortable taking first-team reps compared to reps with the second team, specifically the offensive line:

“The line obviously is a No. 1 line, but I think with the group that I’ve been in with the No. 2s have done an excellent job of keeping me off my butt and keeping me well protected. Obviously, you have a couple staple guys that are up front with the No. 1 line. I think they’re doing a great job when Brian was in there in the game too, just going through and watching the film. I think both of our offensive lines, No. 1 and No. 2, are both doing extremely well.”

On if expects to start this week against the Redskins with the way reps have been divided up to this point in camp:

“I don’t expect anything. I expect to come out and get the reps and get the teamwork that I’m told I’m going to get. From there, go out and make the best of the opportunity that I have.”

On if he hopes to start against the Redskins:

“I hope to do whatever the coaches tell me to do. That’s what I’m going to do, whatever they say, whether it’s No. 1’s, No. 2’s, whatever it is. I’m going to do what (Browns Head) Coach (Mike) Pettine and Coach (Browns offensive coordinator Kyle) Shanahan have in store for me.”

On Browns DB Donte Whitner’s comments stating that the locker room was equally divided on who should be the starting quarterback and if he perceives it that way:

“I don’t feel any rift like that or anything going on in the locker room. As far as my end, I think they see two guys coming out playing football and competing as well as everybody else out on the field competing. Quarterback is obviously just the position that gets a lot of flash and gets a lot of attention, but at the same time there are guys battling all around. I don’t really know if there’s an exact split like that. It’s not something I’m really aware of right now. I know two guys are going out and competing, trying to move the ball down the field for this offense.”

On playing on the same field as Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and how they are alike and different:

“Obviously, another Heisman Trophy winner, a guy that I’ve got to know a little bit through some Heisman functions and stuff. I think, being a Texas guy, it’s always cool when you’re playing against somebody from the state of Texas who grew up playing Texas high school football and then playing in a school in the state of Texas. You look at ‘RG3’ I think he’s an excellent player, a guy that was a little banged up last year, but we’ll see. Hopefully this year he can get back to the form (of) what he was doing as a rookie. Obviously, a big fan, a guy that’s going to be fun being out on the field with that likes to extend some plays with his legs, which is similar to what I do. He played in this offense, so that’s another thing that matches up, as well. I think he’s an excellent young quarterback.”

On how close he is to just reacting on field opposed to thinking and processing things first:

“I think it’s better and better each day. The more I can tell the more and more the clutter gets out, the more and more that I just go out and snap the ball and don’t have to worry about anything about going through my reads and being extremely decisive. I think that’s the main part is go through my reads, see what’s going on within the defense and then execute and be decisive on that. I think that’s when I’ve been my best, and day by day I think it’s getting more comfortable with that.”

On if he noticed the fans booing in Detroit on Saturday:

“I think any road game, whether it was college – going into LSU, going into Alabama, going into places like that. I didn’t expect it to be any different now that we’re on the biggest stage in the world.”

On how he approaches the next practices until a decision is made on who will be the starting quarterback:

“I’m approaching them the same way. I think I need to just continue to learn, continue to absorb everything I can in this short amount of time, and then go out and at the end it’s just play football. Go out and go through your reads and execute and move the ball down the field and score points. I think whoever does that the best, obviously, is going to have a better chance at the end of the day.”

On if he felt that he got to play his game on Saturday:

“I think I played what our offense does and played to who we are as an offense. I think that’s what I need to continue to do.”

On if Shanahan has shown film of Griffin when implementing the offense:

“Absolutely. We get to see some of the earlier parts where they were just installing some of the stuff too, and you can tell Robert is a little hesitant on some things, too, being a rookie and going through it. At the same time, I think he did a very good job of grasping it and executing it when he was in there his rookie year. We watch a lot of film from Washington and the things that they had to do that year. Always trying to take away as much as I can from being in similar situations with him, as far as being a rookie and going out and trying to execute this offense.”

On if he picked Griffin’s brain about what it was like playing in Shanahan’s offense:

“We talked a little bit at the Heisman House commercial over the summer in Los Angeles, and we were sitting there in between takes just kind of talking about the reads, going through the offense, some stuff that – he obviously went through a whole year with Kyle – just little things on how Kyle was through the year, game planning, getting ready for the games and kind of the things he liked and disliked. There are certain plays that are really a staple of this offense I got a chance to ask him about, as well.”

On if Griffin was helpful with advice about playing in the NFL:

“Yeah. When we get to that point sometimes it’s cool to just sit back and relax and talk about other things other than football. It was good to just be around him and get to know him a little bit better. Obviously, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in the future. It was good to just sit and relax and talk about things outside of football, as well.”

On if there was a point early in camp that he was frustrated because he wasn’t at the point that he hoped he would be:

“Yeah, it gets frustrating. I think anytime that you get into a new system and you’re not 100 percent sure what you’re doing and you’re an extremely competitive person you want to come out and you want to do well. The days that you struggle, I think it’s part of it. At the same time, it’s hard to get over that hump and push through and know that the next day you’ve just got to come out and try and forget about what happened in the past and learn from that and move on. That’s what I’ve tried to do.”

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