Another Preseason Game in the Books and .....

Will Brian Hoyer and the Browns offense improve? What the story with the mediocre play coming from the right side of the offensive line......and more.

- the right-side of the Browns offensive line has not fared well. RT Schwartz continues to be pushed back or beaten off the edge, while RG Greco appears to lack the lateral quickness to be consistently effective in the zone blocking scheme. The problem in Cleveland is, they have absolutely nobody ready to step in - neither Paul McQ or Garrett Gilkey are the answer at this time.

- the play of the QBs against the Rams was improved, but issues remain. Starter Brian Hoyer continues to look tentative and the tendency his displayed a season ago and in camp (throwing the ball into coverage) remains an issue. While Hoyer remains the better versed player at the position right and should improve with reps heading into the season, but I believe the Browns staff will continue to force feed Johnny Manziel and a change will occur, unless Hoyer simply plays at a very high level.

- I believe the Browns offense will look much better when they get to the season opener against the Steelers. The extra work Hoyer, the receivers and unit gains in the coming two weeks is generally as important as any for game prep.

- as for Manziel, quell the excitement for now. The rookie QB does have the ability to keep a play alive, he also continues to rely on approximately three routes in the passing game. Manziel is growing and needs to see live action to keep the on-field development process moving forward.

- the WR position continues to be a sore point when watching this team. Outside of Andrew Hawkins, Miles Auston and Taylor Gabriel, this area of the roster has been terribly inconsistent. Not to say Miles or the others have been terrific, but the Browns receivers as a whole have had issues running precise routes and catching the ball.

- despite the belief OC Kyle Shanahan's offense can be effective without a star WR -- this team is in trouble if they lose WR Josh Gordon for an extended period of time.

- opposing defenses have shown the Browns no respect in the three preseason games to date. Teams have continued to load the box and blitz, showing a complete disregard to the Browns ability to throw the ball.

- when TE/FB MarQueis Gray is targeted time after time, something isn't right inside the Browns offense. The lack of execution is maddening.

- LT Joe Thomas was beaten for a sack -- get over it, it's going to happen to the best of them.

- rookie RB Terrance West is learning that a RB in this league cannot hesitate, though many times he is waiting in his blockers.

- OLB Jabaal Sheard needs to be on the field all the time -- if that means Kruger and Mingo must sit, so be it. Sheard is a complete OLB and simply offers more to the Browns defense overall than the other two, especially Kruger.

- rookie CB Justin Gilbert had his hands full with the Rams receivers. Gilbert has had a good camp, but is going to take his lumps on occasion -- receivers in this league are too good for a rookie to come in a lock each of them down.

- the Browns better hope they don't have an offensive lineman go down this season, the second unit is far from ready for prime-time. You can bet GM Ray Farmer and staff have been scouring the wire for potential replacements.

- RB Isaiah Crowell is missing -- he's in camp but isn't finding the playing field. I sense the Browns are going to attempt to either hide him (IR?).

- after watching rookie QB Connor Shaw in camp, I am still surprised how good he looked against the Redskins in the second preseason game.

- DB Aaron Berry has struggled in camp and the same should be npted in game conditions -- this is a Pettine guy that should not make this team.

- overdraft CB Leon McFadden continues to grab onto receivers, Saturday was an opportunity to shine, for which the CB only fizzled.

- oh how this Browns defense needs Joe Haden, Buster Skrine and Desmond Bryant.

- DE Armonty Bryant is explosive and is going to get allot of run in the 2014 season. He can get to the QB and his recognition of defensing the run has improved.

- the Browns have not shown much of their offensive and defensive strategy in preseason action - -we saw more in camp sessions, but the perception of ineptness has fans on their heels questioning the organization. The problem here is, despite not showing much of their scheme, the things the team did was mediocre -- tacking, coverage, pass blocking, receiving, pass attempts......the execution remains very questionable and an aspect which will kill this team, whether they use their entire playbook or not.

- due to the poor overall performances of the team, the Mike Pettine on the 'hot-seat' crap has begun. Bottom line here is, unless this team completely bombs or Pettine goes off the deep edge, he isn't on the hot-seat.

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