Browns-Saints Preview

Home openers have not been kind to the Browns. Is this the year?

Welcome home, Cleveland Browns.

As you see, since the last time you were at this stadium (for real) it was mid-December 2013.

You had outdated scoreboards, stale food at the concessions, a poor sound system, the inability to tweet or text fellow fans and the league’s best wide receiver.

Renovations have been done and while the finished product is not as drastic as something done by the Property Brothers, you will notice the views, food, and sounds will be much improved and now (allegedly) you can access the Internet with your phone inside these friendly confines. Isn’t technology grand?

Unfortunately the wide receiver did not make the transition, as he opted for a career in car sales, and the actual on-field product appears to be stuck in a winning-less rut.

The Browns officially debut their renovated digs Sunday at 1 p.m. against the New Orleans Saints. The Saints, a trendy Super Bowl pick, is also 0-1. You’re going to hear about how 0-2 teams struggle to make the playoffs. How there is no way the Saints will fall to 0-2. How the Browns struggle in home openers. How the Saints struggle on the road. All these are true.

So what can the Browns do to make Sunday’s experience truly welcoming?

Run the football

Take last Sunday’s result of the equation, watching the Browns’ rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell run the football down the throats of the Steelers that second half was a heavenly vision, no?

The Saints defense isn’t a bunch of world-beaters, either. And we all know that relying on Brian Hoyer to win you a game isn’t the best of ideas. It appeared the Browns went away from then run toward the end of the game. Keep at it, Kyle Shanahan. You may have stumbled onto something great – and it’s damn fun to watch.

Eliminate dumb throws

There were a few times, especially late in last Sunday’s game, where you winced after a Hoyer incompletion. If the Browns are able to run the football there isn’t a need to force things through the air. That’s good news because asking Hoyer to do too much spells doom.

60 minutes

OK, this is a trite phrase used by high school football coaches who want to inspire those acne-covered teenagers. Seeing the difference between the Browns in the first half and second half was startlingly. Hopefully something clicked between those two halves that will carry over into this week’s game and the rest of the season.

It should be a comfortable place for all of us. Hoping for something good to happen is what we’ve been doing plenty of since 1999.

Eat at B Spot

If you are going to the game, head over to the west end zone and grab one of these burgers. This isn’t an advertorial. We’re not getting paid. They’re just damn good burgers. And you know the best way to feel welcome whether the Browns are winning or (probably) losing? Eat a fantastic burger.

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