Chris Tabor Transcript

Tabor on P Spencer Lanning’s comment on the Saints almost blocking the game-winning field goal: “I’ll tell you that guy is really good, and I was going to say that on all field goals, they are all close.

On the missed extra point earlier in the last week’s game against the New Orleans Saints:

“In my world – if something negative happens, I mean, everyone automatically thinks that you had a bad game or something like that. I don’t view it like that. We have to have a short memory. It was a play that, unfortunately, we didn’t execute like we wanted to. Fortunately, our offense did a great job of getting down and putting us right in position to hit the game winner, and that’s all that I was thinking about was executing the next play. The ebb-and-flow of the game, there’s ups and downs. If something bad happens and you concentrate on that, then you’ve lost, in my opinion. I already let it go.”

On P Spencer Lanning’s comment on the Saints almost blocking the game-winning field goal:

“I’ll tell you that guy is really good, and I was going to say that on all field goals, they are all close. In fact my brother called me the other night and said, ‘Boy, that guy was really close.’ I said, ‘He was, and I was close to maybe becoming President of the United States (laughter), but he didn’t.’ Honestly, that’s how we look at it in our world.”

On Saints DB Patrick Robinson timing up the snap of the game-winning field goal attempt:

“He timed it up, and fortunately, one of the big plays in the game that no one really, in my world that I looked at is that we drew him offside early on in the game and ended up getting three points out of the deal. You talk about the one point, I also look at drawing him off and actually banked it off of the bar and he got another opportunity. You got three points out of that deal. We knew going into the game that he was a critical factor along with (DE Cameron Jordan) on the end inside that we had to contain those two players. His get-off is unbelievable, it’s right up there with (New York Giants DB Dominique) Rodgers-Cromartie and those guys: (Arizona Cardinals DB) Patrick Peterson. He’s a special player.”

On using certain schemes to draw Robinson offside:

“There are some subtle things that you can do in the game. It worked out.”

On what he likes about WR Marlon Moore as the No. 1 kick returner:

“I like them all. I like all our guys as I stated last week. With regards to how New Orleans was going and what we kind of installed with the game plan, it kind of suited him. He did some great things for us in the preseason and deserved that opportunity. (WR) Travis (Benjamin)’s role expanded a little bit offensively so we took a little off his plate there, but Travis Benjamin will still also return kicks for us this season.”

On if he’s seen any hesitating from Benjamin because of his knee:

“No, and I know we’re two games in, but at the end of the day, I think he’s only had three opportunities. I have not hit the panic button in any way because I see it every day. I watch him run and watch how he moves around. I still have great confidence in the young man, and in our world sometimes it just takes a little bit of time. I mean (Saints P Thomas) Morstead, who we saw last week, is probably one of the best punters in the league. He hits a 42-yarder at 48.6 that’s going to be a fair catch. He did his job. They asked him to eliminate Travis Benjamin, and he hit it short, hit it high. Therefore, he’s not going to get a return. It’s just when we get an opportunity to return, we want to take advantage of it.”

On wanting to improve on punt coverage:

“We’re still concentrating on all that stuff. Fortunate, the kid, it was one return for -2 yards, but Spence put out a good ball for us. We did a nice job getting down there and covering. It’s going to be the same thing this week. (Ravens WR) JaCoby Jones is electrifying. He’s like (WR) Antonio Brown for the Steelers. He’s a guy who can wreck the game. We worked on it yesterday. We’re going to continue to work on it again today. It’s just one of those things you have to keep working at. Fortunately, our guys take a lot of pride in it so hopefully we’ll keep getting better.”

On if he made any personnel changes:

“We didn’t make any personnel changes. No, the only change was obviously (LB Barkevious) Mingo didn’t play in the game so (LB) Eric Martin, who was down the previous week, came in, stepped right in and did a great job for us. That’s our role is making sure those guys are up and ready, and whenever their time is to go, we’re ready to go.”

On LB K’Waun Williams showing up on defense and special teams last week:

“Good football player. He’s a young man who has bought in. He in position to make some plays, and he’s done that. I think he’ll begin to receive a little bit more attention. We’ll do some things hopefully to help him out in those areas, but I’m real pleased with the way he’s progressing.”

On how the renovations of the stadium have changed the wind patterns and what they’ve been doing to help K Billy Cundiff adjust to the new conditions:

“I think it’s always changing. We just got back from down there. It’s kind of part of our Thursday routine. When we can get down there, we’re going to go down there. Really the wind isn’t blowing a lot today, but when we were down there, there was a nice breeze still going towards our sideline. We’ve just kind of come to the conclusion that there’s always going to be a breeze down there, and it’s just a matter of you’re playing your ball, where he sets his line and those type of things. We’re still getting familiar with it because obviously when we play at home that has to be our home-field advantage for us.”

On Cundiff saying that the game-winning kick in the last game was the fastest get-off time; it was 1.21, if there’s a typical average there and if those 100ths of a second really make a difference there:

“It makes a huge difference. Typically, the number is 1.30. If you can get the ball off 1.30 and under, there’s a pretty good chance they’re not going to block it. Billy knew about 24 (Saints CB Corey White) right over there and he worked quick. It was a good snap. It was a good hold. It was a good execution. That’s what they do.”

On how he gets the special teams unit to shave 100ths of seconds off their get-off:

“Typically during practice, it might be around the 1.3 range or 1.28. In a game when the adrenaline’s flowing, it usually comes down a little bit more.”

On when kickers started kicking eight yards behind the line of scrimmage instead of seven yards:

“It’s been at eight for a while from the standpoint of guys on the inside used to be able to double-push. Now you can’t do that on the field goal block. The one-yard difference made the difference for the kicker to get the ball up in the air. Eight has kind of been the magical number. When I first started coaching special teams, somebody said, ‘You should set the ball at 7.75,’ and I said, ‘What’s three quarters of a yard?’ I’m glad that I stuck with eight.”

On what was going through his mind when they were planning on trying a 57-yard field goal attempt:

“We’re going to make it. (DL) Big Phil Taylor came up to me during the drive and put his big paws on me. I thought somebody was taking me away. He said, ‘Coach, this is going to come down to special teams.’ I said, ‘It is. We’re going to make the field goal,’ and he said, ‘I’m with you ‘Tabs’ (Tabor).’ I’ve got great confidence in Cundiff. If it was going to be a 57-yarder, then he’s going to make it. What’s going through my mind is the protection, where it’s at, how much time is left. I’m in the course of the game and all those things. Then what I’m thinking is after we make it – because I’m going to assume we’re going to make it – is what kind of kickoff are we going to go because there’s still a little time left, and we’ve got to cover this thing.”

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