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What will the Browns do along the offensive line? Can Nick McDonald play? What was the deal with the coaching on Sunday and more.

I mostly blame the offensive line (no pass protection), RBs (do they know how to cut back?) and Shanny's play calling for today's loss. Will McDonald be at center and Greco back to guard any time soon?

LA - Jacksonville keyed on pressuring the Browns up front, and they do so effectively. The Jaguars were basically running down-hill all afternoon, were physical and played a solid game.

The play of McQ was poor for the most part, Greco also struggled. The entire OL was pushed back often.

People want to scream about the play-calling, but the game was close to what we have been seeing from Shanahan -- the major difference, the offense did not execute.

Hoyer was as inaccurate as he ever had been, receivers dropped passes, cut routes short - it was a poor performance.

The talk around the Browns is McDonald being ready, maybe next week -- the Browns will continue to see teams attempt to expose the interior line with such pressure.

Lane, it was my impression that this entire team, including coaches, looked to have no life in them today, with the exception of a select few. See: Gipson, T.

I never thought this game was a gimme, but I certainly didn't expect the bad HC decisions and lackluster play by the majority of the team. This doesn't seem to be an open and shut case of Mack out and a good Jax DL. What is your opinion of what transpired?

Also, based on previous weeks, how do you think this team will respond?

Thanks in advance.

LA - I am of the impression just from what the talk was from those around the Browns was that Jacksonville did exactly what the Browns thought was possible.

Passing on the FG to go up 9-0 was a mistake. The manner which the offense was playing, that failed 4th down was a monumental factor -- you never give a team life and the Browns did just that.

The Jaguars attacked the line of scrimmage, they were physical and were able to pressure the Browns on the interior initially which opened up the ability to take chances on the edges.

Where the Browns failed was their inability to execute. The Browns missed opportunities in the passing game throughout the game, with Hoyer playing as poorly, throwing the ball terribly the entire afternoon.

Next week, the Raiders will attempt to physical up-front, the Browns as a whole received their reality check in Jacksonville. The Raiders will bring the effort, though they are not as talented up-front as the Jaguars.

What's the deal with Rubin and Winn will they be ready next week to help vs run? Was Haslam at the game I assume he's extremely pissed off with the whole freaking team?

LA - The Browns aren't overly surprised due to the injury issues along the offensive and defensive lines -- they thought was happened today could happen, they felt the same a week ago against the Steelers.

When you are stripped of quality and depth with a single injury can cause a ripple reaction -- the Browns have tasted it on each side of the ball in the trenches.

Rubin could be ready, Winn will be questionable again.

Nobody including Haslam is happy with the performance.

Do you think they may look to him (Manziel) if Hoyer struggles in the next couple of games?

LA - If Hoyer continues on this path they will have no alternative but to look at him.

Hoyer's last three games have not been statistically strong, completing less than 50% of his attempts -- the reason this hasn't been a bigger issue is because they have won and want to maintain continuity.

Shocked by some of the boneheadedness exhibited by Pettine and company.

Out of all of them which is the dumbest?

1. Electing to not take the three points

2. Having poyer return the punt instead of lehnrard - like they have done all season

3. The sub play - in theory I get it but with a guy who is starting at center in his first game? Maybe wait a week right?

4. Benching Crowell

An overwhelming amount of coaching issues.

Was it them just getting too cute? This one I find real puzzling because they have been rather smart all season


LA - The 4th down play changed the complexion of the game. With the offense playing poorly, taking an opportunity to take potential points off the board wasn't the smartest of moves. The Browns defense had played well enough where thew team going up two scores would have been in a pretty solid position going into the half.

I was surprised Poyer was in to field the punt. Another poor decision personnel wise, as well as the player attempting to field a punt on the two yard line -- inexcusable.

The Browns were wrecked up front all day, the Jaguars just kept up with their game-plan of being aggressive and physical. When they displayed early the ability to blow up gaps and gain push, they got hungrier and confident. Hoyer only compounded the issue displaying an inability to hit the side of a barn and receiver drops and cutting routes short only compounded the situation.

As for Crowell, I believe the only RB today that was capable of getting positive yardage due to his speed, quickness, vision and tough running.

Any sense of when he'll (Nick McDonald) be ready? The faster we can get Greco back to guard and McQuistian to the bench, the better.

I've always held Mack in the highest regard, but holy hell, I guess it's true you don't know what you got until it's gone.

LA - Talk of next week being possible. I believe due to the poor play up-front will force them to intensify the evaluation early in the week.

I knew losing Mack would be costly, I thought they would feel the loss against the Steelers, but they came through that game -- emotion played a role there.............against Jacksonville, we saw a Jaguars defense just come after the Browns play after play, they did not relent and got hungry and confident when they were successful from the onset.

Lane any reason to think McDonald is even a decent starting center? I see nothing in his resume that makes me think so...I absolutely see the wisdom if putting Greco back at Guard, but is making a play for a starting caliber center via trade out of the question?

LA - He has shown on tape to be capable in this mix.

Obtaining a starting quality center to walk in, know and learn the calls/assignments isn't a player you simply can obtain in this league, especially six games into the season.

I am positive Ray Farmer has been working the angle for the past week.

It's amazing how fans turn quickly negative after one bad game. Down on Hoyer, Down on Petitine ETC. THis is the NFL, Upsets happen, teams have bad games. This was ours... Fans forget about it it's one stinking game. We'll see how this team rebounds after a horrid game like this. Naysayers and Doom and Gloomers will be out in full force on talk radio. I am not going to listen to them. I have not been listening to them at all and I am enjoying this season even better. I did hear about the Brain dead media driven QB controversy the media was drumming up, what a shame.

LA - Browns fans are so accustomed to the worst case, it has become second nature to them.

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