Browns-Colts Preview

Team’s latest quarterback controversy comes to a head this week vs. Colts

Let’s welcome Hoyer vs. Johnny era into the annals of past Cleveland Browns quarterback controversies.

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· Couch vs. Holcomb

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And who won out?

· Despair vs. Hopelessness

This season has developed into another one of the many quarterback controversies that have graced this franchise. What is weird is this year the Browns are actually winning yet they still find themselves in this dilemma. Those previous quarterback debates occurred before a season or when the team was limping to the finish fighting for a high draft pick. This year, the Browns are fighting for a playoff berth.

So why change for the sake of change when the team is still in this? On Wednesday, the Browns announced they would return to Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback. We’ve heard the disappointing numbers from Hoyer in recent weeks. His play clearly isn’t trending upward.

Hoyer isn’t the only reason the team has seven wins. He isn’t the only reason the team has five losses. As you know, quarterbacks get too much credit either way, but Hoyer one of the contributors to a team that has more wins through 13 weeks than they have for six consecutive ENITRE seasons.

This was the right move. That’s not to say I’m condoning what Hoyer has done in previous weeks or I’m anti-Manziel, but I’m also not in the hurry to change quarterbacks. What’s the rush?

Johnny Football will get his shot, but the Browns are actually in a good position this weekend against the Colts. What if Hoyer responds and breaks out of his slump? The Browns will need to rediscover their ability to run the ball and Hoyer needs to get on the same page with Josh Gordon. If that happens, the Browns will win. Now, if Hoyer does not respond, well, that is quite telling and the Browns, out of playoff contention, will turn to Manziel. It’s a clean break. It will be Manziel’s team for the foreseeable future.

Frankly, the debate over the Browns quarterback is growing tiresome. Wouldn’t it be nice — for once — to have some stability at this position? Whether it’s Hoyer or Manziel. I don’t care.

Can you imagine a season in which the head coach’s future or who should be playing quarterback isn’t a topic of discussion? Yes, we all talk about the possibility of the Browns playing in a Super Bowl one day, but at this point I’d prefer stability at quarterback and head coach.

Baby steps.

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